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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Lisa, Thank you for the info on the R.O.C.K. I wish we a had a chapter around here. i will give them a call...never know what can happen. There are some kind of support groups here but we haven't tried them yet. I bought Danna Korn's book and am really enjoying reading it. I highly recommend it!! Hope your appointment went well today. I'm looking forward to hearing about it. Please keep us posted on your progress with your new doctor and my prayers are with you too. Michelle, I have been to Henderson a few times, not to much there but a nice little town. (I like the bigger city myself). I agree it would be nice to be around family. That great that you have opened your home to adopt a son. I have a co-woker who's Pedi is a female, Dr Robertson. I have heard from many that she is very attentive. There is also a PA in town, Dr. Russell, that my friend just loved!! Tiki, Thanks for the bread tip. I've seen the Kinnikinnik web site and have been tempted to order the sampler basket...maybe soon. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We found out today that there is a clear path in the intestines with no blockages so we can go ahead with our procedure Monday. And I was just hoping he had swallowed a marble and all this would be over with Red
  2. just a thought, An employee at the health food store once told me that red meats (steak, pork chops) are a purer type of meat. The stomach cannot break them down like chicken, fish, hamburger meat, etc.... There is an OTC enzyme made to help digest food just like the one for milk products. I've not used it yet but others may know about it. we found out the hard way, my son likes porkchops and was getting a stomach every time he ate them.
  3. uh oh. why not take it with calcium? My GYN wants me to take iron (otc) for awhile but never mentioned not with calcium and i was taking them at the same time. Leah Your daughter has Celiac and Crohns. is the niferex helping the iron levels? My son (12) takes niferex also. The Dr. has ruled out Celiac but he will remain gluten-free. We are now testing further for the Crohns.
  4. Hi Tiki Found another treat!! Blizzards at DQ. after the day we had today he deserved one. Not crazy about that much milk product but it didn't seem to affect him. The Dr told us that that the Promethues panel he ran was very acurate and he rules out Celiac. We will still continue our gluten-free diet as it has helped. He can be gluten intolerant in addition to??? We had more testing today...he is looking at possible Crohns . That thought is scary. We have the Capsule Endo on Mon. it seems like way to much testing for a 12 yr old. he's so spent...but until the pain can subside we will keep looking. I'm thinking a trip to Dallas will be worth it for food. We have family in the Carrollton area to stay with and we love to go to malls, etc... We haven't met anyone else that he can relate to with this. I tried to get him to surf the net looking for info and talking to others...not interested yet. If you have a fav brand of bread items please let me know. everything bread so far has been yuk. Hi Michelle I think I am the one who jumped the track This thread started abouts docs. I'm just a big rambler A big welcome to East Texas. We are here in Longview. We have a lot of great pedi's here and our GI is staying right there with us working for a acurate diagnosis. I don't know any Dr's in Tyler but I would be happy to tell you our Dr.'s if your looking in Longview. May I ask how old you daughter is? Do you have a preference (male/female) for a Pedi? Tiffany
  5. Hey Tiki, Don't worry , I didn't take you wrong. Thanks for your concern We were told to stay away fom lactose in the beginning and could reintroduce it first of April. I have only used small amounts in cooking. I'm not ready for him to drink whole regular milk yet. We have found our special treats in the waffle fries at Chick-Fila Even last night he didn't get to excited when i mentioned them though. Our health food store doesn't stock a variety of things. The waffles he likes. I have thought about coming to Dallas to shop at Whole Foods Market. Are they a good store? lots of items? Actually right now we are having a reaction of depression. He seems so down all the time. The Dr. recognized this and attributes the lack of food interest to it. We are discussing alternatives. Red
  6. Hi tiki,Thanks for you reply. I'm starting to second guess our dx. Our GI that did the neg. Biopsy sent lab work to Prometheus and it returned with no genetic markers. Do we really have Celiac?? His symptoms were stomach/chest pain, and anemia. His iron level has dropped despite taking iron by RX. so it seems we do. (no know relatives with a dx) My statement major improvements now seem overestimated. He was doing better and now seems to be regressing. At the Dr. office yesterday he weighed in at 77 (started at 93). He won't eat anything now. We have so many foods that haven't changed, but he is simply not hungry. We have (and still are) stuck to the diet with no know accidental ingestions. Now we are having new stomach pains. He says these feel different. I certainly don't want to overlook anything else. The only Dr. that is concerned is his regular Pediatrician. He also was dx with a (non relating) mild case of scoliosis. I'm so glad you have found a Good Pedi GI and that your daughter is improving. If we receive no relief with our GI, I will keep Dr. Baker in mind as we are still looking for answers. I can't sit by and see him continue to lose weight. He has gone from a healthy, happy, active boy who plays sports to one who can barely make it to school each day . LisaP did you find a Dr. yet?
  7. My 12 yr old son has also been taking iron by RX and his levels are lower than when he started taking them and being gluten-free 6 weeks ago. At what level can iron be without great concern for a iron transfusion? We tried to take them with Vit C and the inside of his mouth broke out and looked scalded. Does anyone else have these problems? any suggestions?
  8. ok this is my first post so bear with me.... I have a 12 year old son that was dx in Feb. His biopsy was neg. but all the systoms seem to be in line with Celiac. He has have been Gluten Free since with major improvements. I am also considering looking for a Pedi GI in the Dallas area (we live in East Texas) I am very concerned about things like nutrition. He has lost 12 lbs since Jan. Was Dr. Baker very helpful in this area?