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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. oh and yeah.. i quit after 2 shifts haha.
  2. Hi, i recently worked at a cafe/ cake shop, which which was not a gluten free environment at all. i dont know why but i assumed i wouldnt get any side effects, if i didnt eat the food. anyway..just working around the food made me break out into all kinds of reactions, inclding rashes, swelling, nausea migranes, stomach pains.. the whole shabang.. like id just eaten some massive gluten packed meal.. i was wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation, or even been able to handle working in such an envirnment.. the only good thing about this is that im not tempted by gluten cakes at all.. every time i smell a cake now, it makes me feel like throwing up.
  3. hey, yeha im 17 and im sick of feeling like an old woman too.. ive been really sick for the past yr, and its suppose to improve a bit within a couple of years, im not sure if it has to do with the long term substance abuse (ie gluten). ive nly been gluten free (and lactose free) for about a 2 yrs and fairly recently been diagnosed as having celiac disease.. its annoying because i dont think friends understand it and its kind of hard to explain it to them, always having to go back to "im allergic to bread rolls, they make me sick" etc really simplifying it. i know what you mean when you feel absolutly exhausted from nothing, and if you have the tiniest bit of gluten you feel terrible.. do you get really bad stomach pains?. i feel like my 'teenage years' are wasting away from being sick on the dreaded GLUTEN. meh. im glad ive got the chance to talk to other ppl suffering from celiac disease.
  4. Hi Everyone

    hi, yeah im your age from australia also. i read your story, and its so similar to mine! its good to hear other peoples stories, so you know ur not the only one going through this. yeah some doctors and gastroenterologists(dunno how to spell it hah) refuse to accept you have it when you clearly do. and yeah haha when all your freidns go somewhere and you just drink water it isnt so good.. but its getting easier with age. are you doing the final exam/hsc for high school this yr?? ive been so sick with this im going to go so bad i hardly turn up to school anymore.. so any times ive been tempted to drop out.
  5. australia... finally some other ppl this age who have it.. seems like everyones adults.......
  6. yeah it might have something to do with coeliac disease. i spoke to a doctor about it and he said it has something to do with the digestion of food, and cause coeliacs bodies arent working all that well... a lot of ppl will feel really sick at night while all the food is processing... hope that helps i get it ,sucks so bad. but yeah if your eating any gluten and your a celiac..you will feel sick.