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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. You must read every label of items you pick up. If it says Wheat flour, wheat starch, rye, malt, barley or undistilled vinegar-PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELVE. If you become used to using a product-recheck it every 3 months, as the manufacturers will change where they get their products. I don't know if you have a Hy-Vee in your area, but they have a very good list of Gluten-Free foods. I am sure any of the bigger groceries have the same thing. The University of Iowa puts out a booklet of Gluten-Free foods and what to avoid. And contacting the companies always works. I spent days on the computer doing this! Also contact a health food store in your area-they are always very helpful. When you are still eating Gluten-you are defeating yourself, and braking down your immune system, which will only lead to trouble down the road for you. My Mother and baby Sister both died from cancer, because they didn't know they had Celiac disease. Hopefully, with my diagnoises I will be able to spare my family, and my generations to come unneeded medical worrys. Since my diagnois, my Daughter and Granddaughter have both tested positive. Best of luck to you Theresa
  2. I have been gluten-free since January 04. It took 3 days for things to change. The first two weeks I only ate veggies, and fruit, as I still couldn't tolerate meat. Then I started to introduce meat, breads and pasta and snacks into the diet. I am 55 years old, and have extensive damage of a lifetime of eating gluten. Dr. said I would be one of the unforunate ones and it would probably by five years to repair all the damage, much will never repair itself, as some of my villa was shaved. Last December, I couldn't tell you my name I had brain fog so bad, I could barely walk. I was bacially waiting to be called home! I am so improved, I really didn't know how sick I was. I no longer am on any meds, and have very little pain in the joints and muscles. For those who are not improving, I would suggest starting over with the basic diet, make sure your kitchen is gluten free. You can also develop other allergies after going gluten free-your Dr. should be running more tests to see if this is the case. I have to add, it took 14 years of Cat scans, ultra-sounds, x-rays, blood tests, and numerous Doctors before I was diagnoised. I have been on so much medication over the years, I could start my own drug store. I was so depressed from Drs. telling me I was crazy, and was making up the pain in my head. Guess you know they all got letters from me-I tried to be nice! I can't say I don't have reactions from time to time. Eating out is so dangerous, and prepared foods are just as bad. Sometimes I get a little down when I can't grab something to eat on the run, but, I never want to feel like I have for the last 14 years. You just have to plan ahead with Celiac. I try to set one day a week to prepare for the week ahead. I bake my breads and desserts, and plan my meals. Plus, I have a great support group here in town! From a Celia who has had convulsions, anemia, big D, constipation, infertility, miscarriages, tumors and cysts, skin cancer, sinistitus, vertigo, Rhymitoid Arthritis, Degenerate Arthritis, severe headaches, poor vision, head tremors, early menopause, lose of strength, clumziness. Sure glad I am a postive person or I would never have gotten through this ordeal. And remember, everything can't be related to Celiac. We will still get sick with other things. The diet isn't a cure all, just makes life easier, and may prevent cancers down the road, and give us a better life for now. Just keep telling yourself, you can do this, and it works. Have a great day, I plan on it. T-Bell
  3. I would like to thank everyone for the welcome to the forum. I haven't posted lately, because I could get on the boards-looks like I finally have that problem cleared up. My Son won't be tested for Celiac too. He says he doesn't want to know, and doesn't want to change his lifestyle. But, I know he carries the gene, because his 7 year old Daughter has tested postitive. So, being a Mother I will just watch him for any signs. But, I hate the fact he will develop Arthritis, and he is so sports minded. Hopefully, he will change his mind. My Daughter has her endo on the 26th of this month. Then she will be able to start the gluten-free diet. She is so thrilled-Not! Her 2 boys will be tested later this month. Her oldest son has OCD, and I am wondering if the gluten-free diet would be of help for him? Guess I better get off here-we are having a bad storm in Cedar Rapids right now. Talk Later T-Bell
  4. Introductions

    Hi, my name is Theresa. I am 55 years of age. I am married with two adult children(Son and Daughter). I have four Grandbabes. Ages 13, 7, 6 and 3. I have been in home daycare for the pass 31 years, and own an alterations business. I was diagnoised in January of 2004, after 14 long and miserable years of illness. The Doctor has said he thought I was probably born with it, knowing my medical history and the looks of my Villa. I started very early with convulsions at 18 months. Then followed by anemia for 8 years. Then I seemed to go into remission until puberty, at which time I had a bout with the big D for 3 months and lost 60 pounds. Then it eased up except for always having bloating, vomiting and constipation.(Could never wear jeans, as they put too much pressure on the tummy). When I married, I had a hard time conceiving, along with 4 miscarriages. I have had cysts and tumors removed over the years. I have 2 forms of Arthritis. I have had heat stokes, skin cancer (right now I have a tumor on my Thyroid), sinistitus, hair loss, constant pain, brain fog , until I couldn't tell you my name. July of last year I contacted Giartia, and even after treatment the big D did not reside. I was loosing 1 to 1/2 pounds per day. I had no strength left. By end of December I could barely walk. At that time the Doctor decided to preform a biopsy, thinking I was full of cancer of the liver, as my liver emzmes had been unusually high for the past 3 years. What a blessing this was. I am a new person now, and have my life back. I grieve for the fact I lost my Mother and baby Sister to cancer, which could possibly been prevented if we would have known. My Daughter and my Granddaughter have both tested positive so far. I only hope they will have an easier go of it than I did. My oldest Grandson gave me a beautiful compliment the other day. He said "It is sure good to have the old Grandma back, who likes to play with us, and isn't a grouch and sick all the time." I almost cried. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. Please make sure you write your story in a journal to remember. As we get well, we forget too easily how sick we actually were. And the journal will be valuable information to generations to come. T-Bell48
  5. Thank you everyone for the oatmeal! This is the one thing I have been missing from my diet. I used to eat it every morning-now I can have it again. My husband loves oatmeal cookies. But, the last time I baked them for him, it bothered me. Maybe he will not have to suffer without his cookies! I will have to ask our Hy-Vee store to carry it. They have been just great about getting products for me. Theresa
  6. Celebrities With Celiac?

    Can you die from Celiac disease? My Doctor said no! But, if left untreated you can die from the diseases it causes. The Villa is there to protect your organs from forming tumors and cysts. When the Villa is destroyed, then these tumors and cysts can grow and attach to vital organs, causing forms of cancer. Bowel, Thyroid, Lymphoma and etc. We believe this is how I lost my Mother and Sister, because they didn't know they had Celiac, and the Cancer was formed. I have had cysts and tumors removed for the past 14 years, and finally found a new GI Doctor who knew what he was looking at. Hopefully, my prognoisis will be better as the years go on, as my Villa has almost been destroyed over my 55 years with Celiac . I am not quoting text, or begin to know all the answers(Don't even know if this information is correct), just going by what the Doctor has related to me. I just know in 55 years of life, since starting the gluten-free diet, I am feeling alive once again! Bless you all Theresa
  7. Support Group

    Stacie, Thank you so much for the list. The group in Iowa City is not far from me. I will contact them. I know Iowa City has one of 2 Celiac Doctors in the state of Iowa also. Thank you again Theresa
  8. Gf Eating Out In Iowa

    Kel, I am new to this too. A group of gal friends went out to eat at Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano the other day. Thinking I would be eating my usual salad, was I surprised when our greeter told me the chef could make almost anything on the menu gluten-free. Boy, did I have fun eating for a change. Some of the gals in my group, looking out for me, said should you be eating that? Also, I have found the most wonderful bread, pizza, hot dog and hamburger mix. It is Manna from Anna. It is made in Iowa City-and new to the market. It makes wonderful sandwiches, and toasts great! Here is her website: www.glutenevolution.com I am so glad to hear from someone from Iowa. I was beginning to think I was the only one! I have one more question for everyone. What does everyone do for communion at their churches? At first I was igorning the bread, but I don't feel that is right. Help Theresa
  9. Support Group

    Hi I am from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and I diffenitly need a support group. If only I could find one person to talk to. I am so confused, and getting no where with the Doctors and Dietians in this area. I have been doing very well with the gluten-free diet for the past 2 months. Now the diarhea is back, and stomach is feeling bloated again. I know this must mean I am getting gluten somewhere, but haven't been able to find the source. I am knew to this site, and not sure how to navigate it. I have posted a couple of times, but have seen no reply, and don't even see my posting. I keep reading everything posted, and I find satisfaction in this, knowing I am not alone. I am so feed up with the Doctors responses! T-Bell in C.R.
  10. It has taken the Doctors 14 years to diagnois me. I have been told I have Lupus, MS, too much stress(I hate that word), I am crazy, and need to see a head Dr. With each diagnois, my depression was growing. Finally, I said LOOK, I am not stressed. Made them take a stress test (no stress), and I am not crazy, I am really sick, and my systems are REAL. Now the story has changed. Boy, we are sorry. You have probably had CF all your life as it is inherited. I have rhumitoid arthritis and a tumor on the thyroid they are watching, not to mention something swollen under my right chin the size of a ping pong ball(it has been this way for 3 years.) Three different doctors have looked at the same CAT scan, and each one says it is something different. One said it is a cluster of Lymph nodes, one said it is a bone, and one said it is saliva glands which have melfultioned because of the arthritis. Anyone know a good Celiac Doctor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? Theresa
  11. Racing Pulse?

    Hi, this is my first time on this site. I was diagnoised 2 months ago with Celiac Sprue disease. Mine was found with an upper and lower GI. Yes, this is important to have done. My body has been producing tumors and cysts from this disease for years, and no Dr. has picked up on it, until now. My intestines and stomach linings are in very bad shape, as my Villa is flat from years of eating wheat products. I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and am having a very hard time finding any information about the disease. Our Drs here seem to not know much about it, or just blow it off as no big deal. My 31 year old daughter was just tested over her Drs. objections, and her Anti-gliadin ABS IgG levels were very high. But, her Dr. told her not to worry about it, because he didn't really know what that means anyway. She has asthma, skin disorders, and many more systems of CF. I told her to get on the diet immediately. I still don't understand all the test results, and what they mean to my Celiac. I just had another blood test, and the level was 42, Dr. said he would like to see it at about 20. I guess I am asking for some friendly advice as to where to turn to find answers, and to actually no what is going on in my body with Celiac Sprue disease. Thanks for listening Theresa