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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. You simply are not in the right place at the right time with the right person. Bob
  3. Casein Intolerance

    What about me & the Tillamook cheese (a business client) and Crater Lake Blue. I miss my diary quite a bit - just teasing, but I do miss my dairy. I've narrowed it to casein with me. I've talked to a bunch of cheese mongers over the years. Goat & Sheep casiens are smaller, thus easier to digest. Just the past 4-6 weeks I have been able to tollerate about 1/4cup of goat yogurt every morning with little reactive issues. That is after about 6 years dairy free. Bob
  4. Move, Changes & I'm Back

    Thanks all Next step for me is another round of tests to see what there is to see from that venue. Bob
  5. Move, Changes & I'm Back

    I'm back (not that anyone missed me terribly). I resigned my high pay, forest service job in Tahoe and moved back to Oregon. Medford (SW corner - bot not on the coast). My health - - well I boasted being at 60% a while back (while asleep at the wheel with my government job). After moving two households and staring up my appraisal business again, I'd say 40-50% operational in more like it. Found a great internest, educated and willing to work with me. After 3 months finally got my insturance fiasco straightened out with the Forest Service. Had a mello - as planned - holiday. Best things so far: Food 4 Less (you must be a NW USA resident) in Medford has a fantastic gluten-free & food allergy section. For those that know, this is pretty amazing. I can be Kinninknick, local gluten-free breads and goodies, Glutino, & more. I actually disocvered an Oreo cookie (yellow package) that is actually really good crunchy - not tooth breaking (now all I ned to do is be able to add dairy). F4Less also has organic wines, organic meats, organic produce & local produce. Then, I found a fish monger. The best yest - he is located in a small trashy looking place, but has fresh (really fresh) fish 3 times a week and essentially wholesale prices ($5-10/lb less than I paid at lake tahoe - but what can you expect). Bob
  6. Canker sores in mouth - - rinse mouth with Aloe Vera juice = sores gone in 24 hours. At least that's how I've dealt with mouth sores for the past 10+- years. I'll have to start paying more attention to when they pop out - which is rarely any more. Bob
  7. GIG has two gluten-free camps also. One on Vashon Island outside Seattle, WA. The other is upper mid-west? - lakes area? Cynthia is always looking for volunteer cooks (I've done it twice - it's really nice to see the reaction when you say YES, you may eat that). My kids (15,17) just got home from 10 days of fun in the sun at GIG camp. They've been going for the past 7-8 years. Bob
  8. ART - Please Could one of you (Rachel??) please explain what ART is, or a link. I'd really appreciate it. You can PM me, or reply here - I'll check (assuming you don't generate 3 pages of forum overnight ). OK - I give, I'll check even if you generate a few pages :) ART is suggested as 1 of 3 alternative therapies for tendenosis. Short summary: gluten-free-8 years now, DF/Egg/Nightshade free. Familial history of celiac, horrible sleep -drugs only & body pain (too many years of this now). Endo/Colon negative except for some off bacteria. For now negative IGenex Lyme and I'd like to deal with my shoulder pain - non invasive and no more drugs. Thank you, Bob
  9. I'm about to move back to Oregon, thus I'm stalling until I get locationally stable to start anything long term. Then I'll start looking for a good practitioner and move forward with figuring things out further. Are the Herx a regular thing (like menstruation), or are they what/when/wherever? I haven't recognized any set pattern of higher distress - versus - lower distress over the past 10+ years (which includes food/feelings diary for over two years). I got the 24 day cycle thing from the OMG thread, but that doesn't appear to fit me/my body. It still sucks being patient, or The patient, but it is fascinating to learn about my body. Bob
  10. I'm still Yippee. One thing off the list - for now, in the process of eliminating things and getting to the bottom of what makes me go around. Time to make an appt. with the Internest (the king of referrals) and go to the next step of tests. My imune system was shot, really shot about 7-9 years ago. On the surface - - it's pretty good right now - - but that might not mean anything more than I'm able to tread water now -rather than drowning. Bob
  11. YIPPEE - - from the guy who lives/works with ticks all the time. Bob
  12. Here are my results, what do you all think, is it all in my head for real, or for make believe? NO I'm teasing, don't want to start on that subject - we've all been there before. IFA, B BURGDORFERI G/M/A <1:40 TITER LYME IgG WESTERN BLOT 18 kDa - 22 kDa - ** 23-25 kDa - 28 kDa - 30 kDa - ** 31 kDa - **34 kDa - ** 39 kDa - **41 kDa IND 45 kDa - 58 kDa - 66 kDa - 73 kDa - **83-93 kDa - LYME IgM WESTERN BLOT 18 kDa. - 22 kDa. - **23-25 kDa - 28 kDa. - 30 kDa. - **31 kDa. - **34 kDa. - **39 kDa. - **41 kDa - 45 kDa. - 58 kDa. - 66 kDa. + 73,kDa. - ** 83-93 kDa - Bob
  13. Just a quick note, as I'm really busy and need to be out of town again for a few days. The IGeneX test is back - as per my orthopedic. Their interpretation is No Lyme, but they don't fully understand -a 3 page report. They are supposed to fax it to me, but it hasn't arrived yet. So, we'll see, so far so good. Bob
  14. Endo Results

    Same outcome I had - minor inflamation at bottom of esphagus, call me in two weeks, thats' it. And yes I take prescript. drugs, and no I don't have any symptoms of reflux or Gerd. Bob