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  1. hey, everyone. I was diagnosed with celiac disease seven months ago, went gluten-free and I was cool for awhile. Then all my symptoms started coming back: headaches, sleepiness, and extreme irritability/moodiness/agitation. I went back to my doctor and was told I had lyme disease. Neither of these were really a surprise as I have three family members with celiac disease and two with lyme (well, one treated and one in the process). My father (who has celiac and is being treated for the lyme) hasn't been completely gluten-free, and my doctor says that is probably why it's taking him so long to recover. I'm nervous about having to go through treatment, but I'm also looking forward to starting to feel healthy again. So mostly I was just wondering: has anyone else been diagnosed with celiac disease and lyme? Or maybe another disease? Does it really affect your immune system that much? Anyone have any experiences at all with this? steph