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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. There are no dedicated Gluten Free bakeries in DFW that I am aware of since Laura's closed. On something as important as your wedding cake and on a day as big as your wedding day, I probably would not chance it with a regular bakery - too much cc. If it were me, my entire wedding would be Gluten free, just because it is my special day and I wouldn't want to stress about it. You might contact the owner of The Chocolate Angel - she doesn't specifically advertising cakes, but she does cater and her daughter is Celiac. http://www.chocolateangel.com/richardson/index.php?page=home Or The owner of the Kozy Kitchen http://www.twigproductive.com/kozy/ has celiac and might be able to recommend someone for you.
  2. I second the Justmommies.com forums - the nicest group of ladies on any TTC forum. I also agree that patience is key - depending on age, genetic factors, timing and just plain luck, it is not as easy to get pregnant as we always believed it to be. I read somewhere that the average is 6-8 months after coming off hormone forms of birth control. Kat.
  3. I am so sorry your original post/question got derailed. I will be happy to provide you with some of my bar coping strategies that may help you in the future. If I am in a bar, I tend to stick to the simple. I don't want to quiz the bartender when they are very busy. Most unflavored liquers are gluten free. Watch out for the flavored or "girly" drinks as DH calls them. Almost all of the bottled wine cooler type drinks are malted - smirnoff ices, mike's hard lemonade etc. Not all hard ciders are gluten free, so unless you know which brands are gluten-free I would avoid them. Malibu and Pineapple juice(clear, coconut flavored rum)- also a lower content alcohol so good choice for you Wine, though the alcohol content is a little heavy for someone who doesn't drink often, so the wine spritzer Vodka Tonic - ask for it light on the vodka Cosmopolitan (vodka, triple sec, cranberry & lemon twist) - specify your vodka to ensure it is not flavored If I am in a resturant and it is not the dinner rush, I will quiz the bartender a little more on a margarita. Most top shelf's are not from a mix and would be safe. I also like vodka martini's dirty - but it is a strong drink. I am not much on the mixed, fruity flavored drinks. The sweetness really does a number on my blood sugar the next day and that usually = one nasty hangover. Something that really helped me when I first started the diet - I would save notes in my phone with cheat notes because chances are I am not going to remember when I am at the resturant or bar. Kat.
  4. Fireside Pies - Plano, Tx

    The wait is long and they don't take reservations. We took our pager next door to Fox Sports Grill to watch the Mavs. game while we waited. Kat.
  5. If you are willing to travel to Dallas the Dr. listed below are endorsed by DFW Celiac. I have not used any of the dr.'s but my Endocrinoligist is in the Dallas Diagnostics Group and I have been very impressed with them so far. Dr. John Secor 8221 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, TX Suite 214, LB 1 214-368-6707 http://www.dhat.com/physicians/secor/secor.asp Dr. Steven Wilkofsky 5934 Harry Hines Blvd. #700 Dallas, TX 75235 214-879-6900. Dr. Peter Loeb, MD, Internal Medicine 8230 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 610 Dallas, TX 75231 214-345-7398 Dr. Tya-Mae Julien, MD, Dallas Diagnostic Association Baylor Medical Pavilion I 4708 Alliance Blvd, Suite 200 Plano, TX 75093 972-758-6000 or 972-758-4600
  6. Fireside Pies - Plano, Tx

    I wanted to add my two cents. I found out they had gluten free pizza earlier this month and just made it out last night. It was worth it - and by far the best gluten free pizza I have had to date. The one at Legacy just started stocking Red Bridge beer, also. While Red Bridge is not my favorite gluten-free beer - it was priceless to order beer and pizza at a resturant! Kat.
  7. If you want hard answers, then you will need to go through either an elimination diet or testing. For years I tracked my food to see what was bothering - pizza, spaghetti, some BBQ and sandwhiches. If I had my guess, it would have been tomatoes. Nope - it was wheat. My uncle is diagnosed with biopsy and blood test. His reaciton is quick and swift. He will throw up within the hour of eating gluten and then will have diarhea until it passes. My reactions are more delayed - usually by 24 hours. Most of the reactions you listed - Headache, muscle fatigue, joint aches etc are more of a long term reaction and are a direct result of vitamin and mineral defieciencies caused by years of damage. Chances are, if you are celiac and continue to eat gluten you will have the same reactions in time. Some people need the testing to convince themselves, others do not. Only you can decide which one is you.
  8. A Bit Stressed Today

    Jason, I changed jobs about 2 years ago and I am expected to go to lunches and dinners with clients, co-workers and my bosses. It used to be so nerve wracking for me to eat out with other people - I was intimidated and embarassed. I have since discovered that most people don't think twice about it after the waiter leaves and no body has thought less of me because my body rejects wheat. I have developed a couple of coping different strategies that have kept me safe so far. 1) almost any high end resturant with a chef will be able to accommodate you. I smile sweetly and explain that I have some food allergies and would like know if they will be able to accommodate me. If they say no or I am not comfortable with the response, I will simply pass on eating and explain I am there for the company, not the food. 2) When you can, give choices of resturants that you know are safe. 3) Travel - learn the chains. I always stay at Hilton's because I have confidence in the breakfast buffet. Almost all of them have omlet chefs, where I can see my food being cooked and lots of fresh fruit.
  9. I handle it different at each house. My MIL is very considerate and saves every wrapper/container and always includes me in the menu planning before hand. She is also the only house that feels guilty if I cannot eat EVERYTHING. I usually do a lot of the cooking over there and I enjoy it. My FIL's house and his wife - while they have the biggest hearts they just don't get it and probably won't. I will bring a couple of dishes for everyone and usually only it those dishes. Prime example - this year they were frying a turkey and cooking a roast. I all ready know the turkey is out from previous years, so maybe the roast. All week before we kept asking - how do you season it? I can help you modify it and I kept getting salt and pepper only. Double check - no soup mix, seasonings? Nope, salt and pepper. I get there and she says - You can eat the roast it just has salt, pepper and some buillon cubes. Glad I didn't take her word on it - bold letters on the label - wheat. At my parent's house - my stepmom won't let anyone bring anything, so I hover - a lot and go behind and read labels and avoid any suspect items. I have to use the "I am not a big fan of X" card a lot there, but it works. Kat.
  10. I'm So Tired!

    Hopefully you are on the tail end of it. I glutened myself on Christmas day (Yea - it was a dumb mistake too) and I am back to myself today. Still a little tired, but coming out of the fog. It has been a long time since I was zinged this much, it has only been cc issues and just a couple of them in the past two years. It usually takes about a week for me to get back to normal. Hope you feel better soon.
  11. Severe Knee Pain

    I am a fellow soccer player with Celiac! I have been gluten free for over 2 years, but when I do get glutened - all my inflamation responses flare - shin splints, IT Band (Has you AT checked your IT - mine will kill me from over use after a tourney), you name it it flares. It does subside with time, ice and Arnica Gel. It is also possible you truly hurt it in the tourney, hard to say over the internet. If your AT is comfortable that it is not a tear, then you may just need time. Arnica Gel is my magic gel. I sprained my foot a month ago in a game and it is the only thing that keeps me walking and on the field. The most interesting thing for me about going gluten-free and soccer is my coordination and skills improved soooo much gluten-free. I can always tell when I have been gluten b/c my ball control is way off. Good luck! Kat.
  12. Elizabeth - Did the Kix say Gluten Free on the Box? I looked at a box in Central Market (H-E- and noticed it no longer contained oats or barley, but didn't buy them because I wasn't 100% sure. The Honey Nut Chex pre gluten free used Almond, hopefully that won't change.
  13. Dallas Or Plano Texas Great Restaurant

    It was Delicious n Fit when it was on Parker road. Laura just moved locations next to the Pancake house on 75 the name changed to Laura's Bistro. I haven't been to the new location yet, but we went to the old location on a regular basis. She always bakes my birthday cakes every year and I buy graham crackers in bulk during the holidays for pie crusts. The entire staff is also good with additional intolerances. I love to encourage all Celiacs in DFW to support her business. She is also very kind on top of a great cook. Kat.
  14. I know this is probably too late for your trip, but I travel to Tampa a lot. I eat at Capital Grill in the International Plaza Mall. The Chef is always so accomodating. He has even made me flourless chocolate cake, off the menu. The waitress even pointed out he dusted the pan with cocoa. The food is excellent and the service is always outstanding. Kat.
  15. Gatorade is Gluten Free, I drink it a lot. Dextrose is another name for sugar. It is very high on the GI index, so it could be insulin that is causing the crash and burn. As far as fueling for long rides/runs - I am training for a marathon and currently at 40 miles per week. Any run over 8 miles, I use Cytomax Gels and Cytomax pre-mixed drink. Both are gluten-free. I used the Accelerade Gels - they are also gluten-free, but the dairy bothered me too bad. I also make sure to fuel up before heading out - usually Glutino Bagel, with sun flower seed butter and syrup (my allergy, food intolerance modified Waffles and PB)