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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. still trying to encourage my father to eliminate at least wheat and dairy due to esophageal and sinus issues. are there any recommended gastroenterologists (those willing to experiment with diet b4 surgical intervention) within two hours of el paso texas? thanks in advance.
  2. my father and mother are finally willing to consider altering their diet due to multiple swallowing, digestive, inflammatory issues after my father had his stomach punctured while the doctor was attempting to dilate his esophagus just this weekend. i'm wondering if it is possible to have him begin a gluten/casein free trial while still in the hospital to potentially speed the healing from both the puncture and the repair surgery. they are in el paso, tx and could use a physician referral of someone who is conscious of food intolerances. thanks in advance for any advice whatsoever.
  3. my parents are finally willing to try avoiding gluten and dairy after my poor father just this weekend had his stomach perforated while his doctor was trying to 'stretch' his esophagus due to hiatal hernia. he will be intravenously fed in the hospital now for quite some time but i need to jump on their new willingness to consider food intolerances as causing many of his inflammatory, phlegm, and itching problems. please, advise me. i am afraid he will get much worse without altering his diet, especially during the healing phase. is there such thing as gluten and casein free intravenous food? thanks for 'listening'.
  4. thanks much, i appreciate your reply and advice. i'll take your advice and repost during a weekday.
  5. please advise me if you can. my father just last night, after having had a doctor attempt to 'stretch' his esopagus (supposedly due to hiatal hernia) suffered from a gastric perforation/puncture due to the procedure. they then were forced to perform emergency gastric repair and used part of his stomach to add to his esophagus. anyway, he will have to be fed intravenously now and he and mom are finally willing to consider going gluten and dairy free after this latest episode. i'm not certain, however, if there is an option and if the doctors can or will honor that request. i am almost certain that his life long worsening symptoms are due to food intolerances. and they are finally willing to follow up. they live in el paso texas and need a gastroenterologist who will get on board with prevention rather than more surgical intervention. i am new to this forum but have been gluten and dairy free myself for 6 months. if anyone has a better way to list my question so it will get more attention, perhaps from the medical community please advise me or move my subject. i am not terribly computer literate so i haven't figured out how to manipulate this site well yet. thank you in advance soo much.