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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well, my mom and I decided to try eating MDs fries to see. The first time we had some we were perfectly fine. The second time we both immediately had an awful reaction. I'm still getting over it. It just isn't worth the risk to us!
  2. Peanuts?

    I definately can't do peanuts! I seem to have a gluten type reaction whenever I eat them. I feel like I'm allergic to everything!
  3. Ack, my mom just looked at the package and it had barley malt in it and it wasn't even 'sprouted'. I'm afraid I'm going to really pay for this one later!
  4. Shoot! My mom and I both ate a slice, too. We should have checked the package before assuming. Well, I'm definately not going to eat it again!
  5. Yes, I'm curious too! My mom just bought Ezekiel (SP?) Bread, and I've heard that it's gluten-free. Is that true?
  6. Thank you, celiac3270! I'm going to go check my vitamins right now, too.
  7. I am taking vitamins that I haven't checked, but every other single thing I've checked and am doing right! I even wash my hands after feeding my pets because their food contains gluten. Thanks for your replies!
  8. I've been gluten-free for about 3 months now, and I'm still not feeling much better! I feel like my energy level is at 0 most the time! I'm still having stomach problems, menstrual problems, sleeping problems, etc. Could there possibly be something I'm missing that's still getting to me?
  9. I've been still having tummy trouble, and I'm wondering if it's that Lactaid milk I'm drinking. Is that gluten free? Has anyone else had trouble with it?
  10. I've been somewhat gluten/dairy free for a few weeks now, and unfourtunately I had to eat out over the weekened because I had company. I chose things that were as gluten/dairy free as possible, but I'm sure there was still some of it in there. I'm still suffering! I seem to be having stomach problems after every meal wether it contained gluten/dairy or not. Is that normal?
  11. On Saturday night we had company coming, so my family ate out. I foolishly ate croutons, and half of a piece of bread. I was perfectly fine that night (except a few stomach problems)! Yesterday, as we were taking company around we ate out again. I had grilled chicken with BBQ sauce. (it was a BBQ place so everything had BBQ sauce!) It was either eat and risk gluten or starve (and I was SO hungry!). My mom who has Celiac said she was fine! I, on the other had knew immediately after eating the meal, that there was gluten/wheat in it somewhere. I had the usual twinge in my stomach right after I ate it! I was fine until we drove to the beach later. Before we left, all I had was and iced coffe with lactaid milk in it and sugar. I started feeling sick in the car. I got REALLY dizzy! Then as we got the the beach I got nausea, and I started feeling weak/my arms and legs got heavy. As we were walking back from the beach I felt like I could not breath and was going to pass out in the sand! I made it back to the car though, but my hands were shaking like crazy! My face also got really flushed (I felt almost like I had a fever!). I've gotten this several times before now. Is this from the gluten/wheat, or is it from caffiene? I'mjust so confused! My mom just thinks I didn't eat enough, but I ate alot yesterday!
  12. I was just wondering if anyone else has reacted to Trident gum? I've been completely gluten-free and milk/lactose free for awhile now, and today I had two pieces of Trident. I'm feeling pretty icky tonight! I thought Trident was okay?
  13. Thanks for your replies! I'll skip the juice for a few days (I think I'll stick to sparkling water!). I can't see how you couldn't feel just a little weird when first going gluten-free. That's a pretty big change after eating gluten for so many years. I'll just keep at it!
  14. I've been gluten free for two days, and I'm still feeling AWFUL! I don't know what to do. I'm sitting here right now (just ate) with a racing heartbeat, and nausea/stomach problems. Here's what I've eaten so far today: For breakfast: Tiny half of jimmy dean sausage 1 egg Some hashbrowns peanut butter Envirokids Bar (Gluten free) Orange Juicebox Mixed fruuit juice (everything was gluten free as far as I know) For Lunch: steak and red peppers grape juice and starburst (also gluten-free as far as I know) Is normal to still feel icky after the first few day? I was told you should feel at least a difference the first few days, but I almost feel worse!