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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello Georgie:) Iam waiting to go back to Barts for Pituitary MRI and other tests aswell, Aldersterone etc... Its been a nightmare as been going on for so long now that some specialist pay more attention to the last doctor than to what you are saying ....but I am sure ill get there in the end..4 years now lost my first part of my 30's.. Iam also seeing an intestinal infection specialist for the candidas but i dont think it will go until they sort my hormones out..seem to have to jump through hoops before they actually take you seriously sometimes!! Either that or they dont like to tread on previous endos toes.. Ive seen 3 endos but was on the pill, also I smoke and that was also affected tests where teh smoking raises metabulisum..also my diet alters the tests.. If I dont do candidas diet, dont smoke my TSH is very low T3 and t4..but if I smoke before, drink caffine and stay on teh diet its highish tsh... Dont get it!! Thanks for your response xx
  2. Ive also got systemic infection I was told by a gastro that you can only have a systemic fungal infection if you have: Autoimune disease, imune deficency, cancer or hormone disease!!! I was fobbed off with this just a shame no one went on to investigate other reasons why I would have it!! I am now waiting to see a intestional infection specialist..mine went mad after 3 courses of antibiotics but i think probably due to something wrong with me any way!
  3. Hello.. Just coming back to add to this from more recent tests and my TSH : 0.68 T4: 13.2 (12-22) T3: 3.5(4-6.8) My prolactin is half of what it was when i posted this and i have had an adrenal crisis, ended up in hospital last week with it. My growth hormone is low and my sex hormones are low aswell.. x
  4. HI, Iam being investigated for endocrine problems, I do have big problems with foods, bread, yeast, fats etc but have been tested via biopsy and donthave celiac. I do have a systemic candidas intestinal infection. When i ate a gluten free / candida diet drunk coffee and smoked a cigarette before blood test my tsh was high 2.94 low T4 Every time ive eaten gluten / caniddas foods my tsh has been low 0.60 low T4 and low T3 BUT I also didnt smoke before tests or drink any caffine So I dont know if the smoking and coffee elevated my tsh / metabulsium as i know smoking raises cortisol etc and coffee. ALSO I had a bad infection last week, started antibiotics and then had flu symptoms, dioreah and suddenly started have pain in my tum. Admitted to hospital, put me on a drip as infection was so bad and I got even worse - dioreah, pain in stoamah every 20 mins and vomiting aswell, lost weight too.. I also had high amylase indicating pancreatitis but when they stopped teh antibiotics it seemed to go back to normal!!! I was on a gyne ward and thay said that it was a endocrine problem and didnt help any further as Iam under the care of a london hospital (supposed to be anyway).. Id really appreciate your thoughts, I know AI can go hand in hand with celiac but its hard to know whats causing what, especially when you have a negative celiac biopsy and blood tests. They think I ve ended up with servere candias due to so many antibiotics at the begining. Thank you for listening to me Mandyx
  5. Embarrassing Question

    Hi, Thanks for your replies. I dont have PCOS. I do have cysts on my ovaries but have been tol dI dont have it and also my tesosterone is low, estrogen low, dhea low..my skin isnt greasy its dehydrated, thin I do get spots / boils but not greasy skin. So, it just dont add up.. Barts have mentioned Cushings food induced or maybe cycling cushings also need thyroid scan and parathyroid tests or something.. I just wondered if any one on here knows what could cause High Androsteninone (male steroid hormone).. Maybe my food problems are just all hormonal then i know it upsets the balance..maybe my problem is more candidas..
  6. Foods To Eat

    I think the yeast does benifit you with B-Vitamins Ive just ordered Bio care again tops vitamins easy to absorb. You would probabaly be missing the yeast unless you have marmite on your potatoes!!
  7. Hello, Ive not been well a few years now but got worse two years ago with right sided spasm on my body. Ive had biopsy, 7 blood tests but have been on and off the diet..However, I also have a low TSH, Low t3 and low t4, they have just found i have high androsteninone (male hormone), Low tesosterone (but cysts on ovaries), low DHEA, Low Estrogen I also have big probelms with food and normally follow gluten free, fruit free, low gi veggies, candida type diet but find i do best with hardly any carbs.. Ive been down as sick of waiting Iam being investigated for cushings, thyroid scan and pituitary stuff.. So, Cheated agin on diet ate toast last night and sugar puffs. Today feel like have hangover, very moody swollen hard belly (always got belly fat) all my normal symoptoms..but what i wanted to ask about is: When i do cheat i notice Iam very dry down below, when i got aroused it was very painful and ive had this everytime ive eaten wrong!! I dont have a libido oftern any way but it felt as though my bits down tehre were trying to work but its was causing really bad pain inside around the bone of vagina..can this be something from gluten or do you think its candidas from my hormone stuff Thanks for listening Iam worried
  8. Thanks ever so much.. I will avoid the soya and chickpeas and eat some of the veggies ill just make sure they are very well cooked.. I do notice a difference when i eat carrotts i crave food more after wards..weird.. @
  9. Confused With More Problems

    Hello Thanks for your help guys... Iam bumping this up again as Iam now waiting for a pituitary MRI scan... The only thing thats confusing is my tsh is different on two sets of blood tests: Thyroid Tests TSH.....2.94 (0.27 - 4-20) OCTOBER FT4.....13.6 (12.0 - 22.0) *only 16% in range TSH:.......0.68 (0.27 - 4.20)NOVEMBER FT4.........13.2 (12.0 - 22.0) *only 12% in range FT3...........3.5 (4.0 - 6.8) *deficient TGAbs.....<0.9 (0-4.9) *Negative TPOAbs..<0.25 (<9) *Negative October tests were done at 4pm which ive been told is not a good time of day to do it anay way and i had been drinking lots of coffee to function and smoking - i think this alters the test??? The second one NOVEMBER - was at 1.10 pm and i hadnt drunk any caffine.. I have beentold taht these tests shold be done in the morning really tahts when they are at there lowest and before drinking caffine etc???? If thats the case my November test would be even lower.. Thanks sorry only just come back to reply not been so good xxxx
  10. Hi Iam following candida, gluten free and low gi, no carbs diet (low blood sugar aswell)... Iam havingthyroid / hormone problems and need to be able to eat vegteables as i cant eat fruit but keep being told more and more veggioes I cant eat now I dont know what to eat anymore What Veggies can I eat for HYpothyroid? I cant eat carrotts, potatoes, sweetcorn etc as they are high gi... Ive been eating peppers for there vit C as I cant eat fruit, runner beans, onions, spinach, asparagus, sugar snap peas...I need more green veggies but have been told i cant eat brussels, cabbage, brocoli, cauliflower...Iam getting very down as i dont know what to eat.. I was eating a few butter beans as my carbs are they okay??? Are pulses okay ?? I know chic pease are a problem so ive stopped them.. Ive also stopped soya milk as it affects thyroid.. I have tuna 2-3 times a week Please can some one tell me which veggies I can have as Iam struggling with eating now... Thanks so much XXXXX
  11. Addisons Disease?

    Ive just thought of something..ignore me if this sounds silly..XX Addisons has high potassium right!! Well, due to such bad candidas, swelling, nausea..etc..anxiety, change in personality..i stay away from candida foods.. Well, all my symptoms sound like addisons even got the black freckles didnt realise til last few days that was a symptom..but my potassium is bottom of the range..so i thouhgt it cant be.. I googled potassium foods and i dont have any apart from chicken and i dont have that everyday..so could i be treating it and messing tests..i eat lots of sea salt and no potassium foods!!!!! What do you think..and thinking about it..the symptoms iam getting when i do eat them foods is swelling, muscle weakness, spasm, nausea change in personality..etc.. Maybe its tme i started eating bananas!!!! xxTHanks for listening Mand
  12. Addisons Disease?

    Well at the bgeining I went to a homeopath for 8 months she took everything out that i had problems with but I was having bad cases of hypoglycemia and tiered etc.. I know i cant eat: sunflower oil, wheat etc, processed foods, tomatoes, carrotts (I seem to really react with hi gu stuff) sometimes i even get up in the night needing sugar thats hypoglycemia.. I have a low thyroid and deficent estrogen tried using soya to get my estrogen up but then I have thyroid problems more, feel cold etc..but soya is a goitrogen..so its affecting my thyroid, which ive been taking armour for.. My skin problems etc came about whilst doing gluten challenged and stopping birth control this is what tells me even more so its hormones. The hospital in london said its Ovartian Failure or pit problem as my estrogen is at menopause levels and has been for a few years.. The right sided muscle problem isnt just a little spasm here and there its locked has been since june 207..but its does fluctuate with the fatigue that comes on..if i try and excerise I dont sweat really and afterwards it wipes me out and i notice the cravings for salt even more must be dehydration.. Iam constantly going for a wee 15 times a day..i think I have gluten intolerance not celiac. MY brother has been ested for celiac and he hasnt got it via bloods, he has been having problems also dioreah and some foods affect him. We just did gluten free and its not celiac..he has problems when stressed or when he has a cold it makes him very ill for a t least a month..looses weight etc..and he has the jaw problems aswell Thanks hun..going to take some more bvits anyway like you said but my diet that seems to make me okay is meat, veggies (no carrot or stachy veggies), eggs, fish, pumkin seeds, oilive oil, olives cant eat any fruit!! I cant eat like this forever!!! Thanks hunx
  13. Amennorhea & Celiac

    I think MIllet is high GI and if you have PCOS you have insulin reisistance whilst your insulin is high it will effect pcos..i reckon you stablised your blood sugar / insulin with diet change!!
  14. Hi guys..I am waiting to go into barts havent been here a while thought i had celiac but now had 7 blood tests and a biopsy..they think its relating to endocrine..maybe its the candida giving me the food probs dunno what do yuou think: Addisons?? Estrogen very low 33 yearsold no period for 1.5 years Thyoid low Diagnosed systemic candidas by GP - in finger nails, bottom, thrush, oral thrush and feet.. Fatigued Nausea Thin Distsned belly (more so wjhen very teired (which i get on gluten free) so I think its low cortisol Sudden shock last year : Right side of face spasm causing facial weakness, neck spasm, spasm arm and leg right side causing weakness Dioreah weight loss looked anorexic Tremors Out of it Change in personality Back pain right side back bottom of ribs area nausea I keep getting espisodes noticed more so wheni am stressed muscle weakness, nausea, dizzy.. If excersise my salt craving is very bad feel bit better once eaten some salt.. Have to keep drinking tea for energy I am not sure whether I have just gluten intolerance or whether the foods I eat making me ill are affecting me if iam an addion patient!! So confused:( My nan ha had problems for years collpasing with shock, fainting with upset, allergies to foods, anemia, big swollen belly, very thin etc.. and now my brother is showing signs also been tested for celiac he is worse with stress, dioreah, lossing weight, tired fatgued, weak, some times a bit constipated feeling..symptoms all worse with stress.. I think we have polyglandular automiune disease with candida, addisons and parapthyroid But has anyone heard of the spasms?? xxx
  15. Do you think this could be due to the high potassium content in bananas? I thought addisons affects your electrolytes and potassium / sodium?? I think I have addisons, I have been tested 6 times for celiac and a biopsy, been diagnosed with systemic candida and waiting to go endocrine at barts as have deficent estrogen and low thyroid.. I ve had a spasm which has caused weakness in my right side face, arm, leg since june 2007 which was triggered by a big shock, i suffered chronic dioreah, tremors, lost weight very fast, anxiety, change in personality, nausea, dizzy ..also suffer bad hypoglycemic episodes and had seizure.. Ive had a scan and its not a stroke so I cant help but think I have polyendocrine .. My weakness fluctuates with my fatigue that comes on ..i crave salt very badly especially when ive tried to excersise aswell.. Iam going into barts for testing should i eat gluten free do yuou reckon? Dont want to screw the results. Docs were gonna put me on hrt (32yearsold) but they then deciede this will screw my results and endocrine i went to 2 years ago never took me off pill which masked my low estrogen.. ASny addisons with spasm, constant..?? xx