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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Restaurants In Fort Myers, Florida Area

    There is a new pizza restaurant in the Fort Myers area, in the Gulf Coast Town Center right off I-75. Their regular pizza is a little expensive but their gluten-free is the best pizza I've had, period. http://www.aureliospizza.com/aurelios/swfl...rm&Cat1=LA1 They don't make any big deal about it. You don't even need to ask for a gluten-free menu. Just go in, sit down, and look at your menu. Their "personal" sized pizza is available in a gluten-free crust. It's thick and has the familiar flavor of a good gluten-free bread (they use Kinnickinick crust). They've only been open a few weeks. I was over there on Day #2 and have been back once a week since then. I've dragged all my co-workers (literally) in with me and we've all had a nice lunch every time. I like adding an extra layer of cheese to my pizza, so I can't say how it is without the extra cheese. My insides are extremely sensitive; no hint of a reaction in this restaurant says a great deal about the cleanliness of their kitchen. I don't get onto this forum often. If you'd like additional information about local places, you can e-mail my login on the AOL network. Pizza! ::droooool:: -Donna
  2. Pogirl, It sounds like you may still have a source of gluten in your diet. If your intestines were still badly damaged, you'd be reacting all the time rather than having "some bad days." My suggestion is that it isn't stress; it's gluten causing the continued problems. If you are taking vitamins or medication of any type, I'd look there to start. Even if the ingredient list doesn't show one of the triggers, it's STILL possible that flour is being used in the equipment. Processed foods of any kind should be examined very, very closely with a tremendous amount of suspicion. You'd be shocked how many things have gluten hidden in them. It only takes a miniscule amount to knock an intolerant person completely for a loop. If you aren't aiming for ZERO gluten, you are going to continue to poison yourself. This is a diet in which you simply cannot cheat. It's all or nothing. Luck to you, -Donna