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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Chest Pain

    Have you had a stress test? Is your pain similar to angina? Rick
  2. Have you tried the 20% Urea cream yet? I have suffered with this since I was a child and the Urea based ceram is the only one that's ever helped. I had one place that kept cracking and bleed for two years that has finally healed using this cream. Rick
  3. Yes, I have tinnitus and hearing loss in my left ear only. How did you miss getting diagnosed with Meniere's? Along with going gluten-free I've found several things to eliminate my vertigo attacks but nothing has effected my tinnitus or hearing loss. It seems that the hearing in my left ear isn't as distorted as before but it's still bad. But every little bit helps. Rick
  4. My hands have cracked and bled ever since I can remember. The best thing I have used is Carmol 20 (Carmol10 is probably good also) which is 20%Urea. My son told me about this late last year and I was amazed at how well it helps. I don't think it will cure anything but it will keep my hands moisturiszed for at least 6 hours which keeps them from cracking. Every other cream I've used, even prescription, are usually only good from 30 minutes to an hour max. It's been unbelievable. I have to have Walgreens order it for me and it usually comes in a day or two. I'm sure you can order it online also. I don't know why it's not used by other creams but it's by far the best I've seen. They also make a prescription strength but the 20% has worked so well, I haven't ask for it. Here's a link to the manufacturer. http://www.bradpharm.com/doak/carmol.htm rick
  5. ....Thanks for the replies. I've been gluten-free for about 2 years now. When I would get the vertigo attacks, would be if I ate something gluten on an empty stomach. Within 15 minutes everything would start spinning around me, I couldn't walk, I would sweat gallons, throw up, and people who hadn't seen me go through this before, would think I was dieing. This would go on for 4 to 6 hours. ....When I went gluten free, the vertigo attacks from Gluten (I would still get the occassional vertigo attack from Hypoglycemia) of course stopped but another thing of interest also happened. I was also suffering from constant dizziness, constant fatigue, and what we call at the meniere's board as "brain fog" which is a distant, far away feeling where you feel "detached" from the real world. Within three days of eliminating gluten all these symptoms went away also. I later was tested for a wheat allergy but thast came back negative but later I learned that you need to have ingested gluten for it to show up in an allergy test. I have also learned since then, as someone alluded to, that not only do you need to eat gluten but also have a biopsy done to prove that an allergy or intolerance is present. ....Well, I'll just have to be undiagnosed because I'm not eating gluten again and putting myself through all that. After Identifying the gluten trigger, it wasn't too long before I found the Hypoglycemic trigger. Again I haven't been officially diagnosed with that either, but with the gluten-free and HG diet, I have now gone 15 months without a vertigo attack and when I was at my worst, I was having them 2 times a week. ....The problem with th hypoglycemic diet is that I have put on weight and can't get it off without bringing on the vertigo and dizziness again. so I'll continue to search for answers. One of the reasons that I posted here is that I thought all of this was caused by Meniere's disease since vertigo attacks are a symptom of Meniere's. But I got to thinking that there's no reason to think that just becasue I developed Meniere's that I couldn't develope another chronic condition. I've even found that some of the asthma medications help with my dizziness caused by the Meniere's. So there seems to be a common thread between all the chronic conditions even though I don't know what it is but I would be willing to bet that gluten allergies or intolerances could be a big underlying cause for asthma, CFS, Fibro, Meniere's, and who knows what else. ...I don't know why it took so long to think of coming over here to see if anybody with Celiac disease was having vertigo attacks but if you all don't mind, I will hang around and maybe learn something. Thanks again, Rick
  6. I've found that hypoglycemia will trigger my vertigo attacks just like Gluten. Does anybody here with celiac disease also have a problem with hypoglycemia? Rick
  7. I noticed that these messages are pinned and the one I posted ended up at the very end. Is there a secret to pinning these messages? Thanks, Rick
  8. Has anyone here suffered from vertigo attacks triggered by gluten? I have had to go gluten free because gluten caused vertigo attacks. thanks, Rick