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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Communion

    Hi, Since I was diagnosed almost 3 months ago, I haven't taken the bread at communion, only the wine. I didn't think about the contamination aspect of the wine though. I'm Episcopalian and in our church everyone drinks out of the same cup, and some people choose to dip their communion wafer, now I have to really think about not drinking the wine besides not taking the communion wafer. More and more I am learning what to do and what not to do from all you great people who write in and give advice. Thanks! Tye-Kon
  2. Stacie: I had the same thing happen to me with french fries, but these were from a MacDonald's. I had ordered french fries several times at different MacDonald's locations and never had a gluten reaction, but this was a MacDonald's I had never eaten at since being gluten-free. I ate the french fries and within 30 minutes I knew, boy did I know, I was sick for about 4 days. I'm afraid to go to MacDonald's again after that. Maybe I should have gotten a clue after opening up the box my burger was in and it had on it ketchup, mustard, and onions after specifically ordering a plain meat patty! I learned from that experience to check what the food looks like before driving away!HaHa Tye-Kon
  3. Karina I too have a similar story, as a child I always felt sick, but became worse off and on in my twenties and thirties. I had a surgery about 5 years ago and bam, I started with the back door trots for months and months. Went to a GI doctor, he couldn't explain it, gave me an antibiotic for parasites and the symptoms went away for awhile but came back with a vengence. I am now 46 and the only real reason I found out I had Celiacs is due to an article I read in Feb 04 issue of Woman's Day. I went back to my GI doctor and told him I wanted to be tested for Celiacs, he said sure he would do it, but didn't think I had the disease. Low and behold I did, and boy was he shocked!! I wasn't, and now my dad who is 82 just recently was diaognosed with it having Celiacs after having open heart surgery. It's funny how surgery can trigger the disease in a big way. Take care of yourself Tye-Kon
  4. pt: I know exacty what you're saying. A lot of times I don't feel like eating cause everything makes my stomach upset. It is wonderful to have this posting site, at least I know that its not all in my head and other people have the same situation. It is difficult at times to get up and get going, especially to work when you just don't feel up to it. I keep eating the right foods and hopefully soon I'll feel better. I hope you do the same. Tye-Kon
  5. I feel like I'm in the Stephen King Novel "Thinner", seems like whatever I eat has been going right through me lately. As I have said in earlier posts, I was feeling really great at first on the gluten-free diet, but lately I've been feeling so sick and seem to be weaker than when I first started the diet. I go back to my GI guy in early May, so hopefully he has some suggestions. I have read some posts here about Digestive Enzymes. Can anyone give me some names of some Digestive Enzymes. I looked in my Nutrition store for UDO's Choice Ultimate Digestive Enzyme Blend, but didn't see it. I'm taking gluten free Women's Multi Vit, Vit B, and Calcuim. Maybe its iron I need, are all iron vitamins gluten-free? Please, if anyone has any suggestions I would deeply appreciate it. Tye-Kon
  6. Vision

    I was diognosed a few months ago and since then have been on a gluten free diet. I have noticed that I can see better at night and my vision isn't as blurry as it use to be, especially when I first wake up in the morning. I also have dry itchy eyes that become watery for no reason. I thought it was my allergies, I guess its just one more symptom of Celiacs! I wish my stomach problems would go away as quick as my vision problem did!HaHa Tye-kon
  7. Bob I also have a pounding heart after eating, I thought I was going nuts! There are times during the day I get dizzy on the right side of my head and at that time I also experience headaches. I do feel somewhat better after eating when this happens. I know I sound like I'm complaining, but does anyone else get a nagging pulling pain under the right shoulder which goes up into the neck and head? There are times when I don't have the symtoms, then out of the air, my shoulder, neck, and head pain comes back. I know its from Celiacs, but I can't figure out why its happening. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Tye-Kon
  8. Dessa, Thank you for the feed back. I will cut out the rice for awhile and see what happens and then the fruit. I was wondering maybe it is the fruit and that my body isn't ready to digest it yet. Yes, I do cook from scratch and watch my food intake carefully. I've been taking Calcium and Women's GNC vitamins that are gluten free and didn't know if the vitamins were the problem. My gastro doctor told me to stop taking them which I did, but I started to feel very tired and had reccurance of muscle and joint pain. I started taking them again and the joint pain went away. Can't win for losing(HaHa) I feel so much better knowing I'm not alone with this disease! Thanks to everyone who posts questions and answers. Tye-Kon
  9. Hi, I was diagnosed with Celiacs alittle over 2 months ago and at first being on a gluten free diet I was feeling great. But, recently I started to have diarrhea again and loosing weight. I am 5 ft tall and weigh only 89 lbs. I eat only meats, fruits,rice,potatoes, and vegetables. I cannot tolerate dairy products along with the wheat and gluten. I am very frustrated and would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you Tye-Kon