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  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!! Without a doubt, every single time without exception. I ache for days after sometimes. My husband does not understand and to be honest I have made him suffer for it. It just is not pleasurable for me and nor is it thrilling for him when I say tell him. So add this to the list of my complaints. But I certainly hope this is not related to celiac disease. I personally believe that it's to do with the shifting of my uterus and other organs as a result of pregancy (though you'd think that 3 years after birth everything should be back to whnere it belongs). Talk to your gynae. My insides feel like they are "bruised". I never used to have this problem before I had my last child. Could potentially be a marriage breaker. I dread having sex because I know I'm going to feel like crap after, plus I get Urinary tract infections and yeast infections at the drop of a hat and my husband gets really upset when I tell him it's b/c of him. As I am writing I have a UTI and yeast infection. My doctor told my husband that he needs to be scrupulously clean before he touches me. If it ain't one thing- it's another Good luck to you, SharonP (Miami, FL)
  2. Dear Ruth and Karina, The commonalties we share are quite surprising to me and a relief at the same time. It is very difficult when you have an infant and your health is decling for reasons you don't understand. I nursed my last for almost a year as well. For me, I couldn't wait until the pregnancies came to an end. I hated being pregnant from the minute of conception to birth. I was sick 24/7. People always tell me they can't believe I have 3 kids etc., it's either good genes or bad immune system or both! I will get my endo/colonoscopy results next Thursday when I go back for a follow-up visit. I'm just praying the biopsy comes back negative and that there's a good explanation why my IGA was positive. Though when an antibody show's up it usually means that you've got it or you're going to get it. My daughter is 10 and she too has had a lot of Gasto problems. She is severly lactose intolerant. She weighs a whopping 541bs and looks like a stick! She had and endo/Colonoscopy last year to check for Celiac but the biopsies came back negative although there were several areas in the colon that we flat and or smooth. I don't recall her Dr. doing a Celiac panel and when I mentioned it my doctor, she told me to tell her Dr. to do one. My daughter is a very picky eater and her lactose intolerance doesn't make things easier. Her cousins who are the same age are starting to go thru puberty but she is not. She is a little unhappy about it and I wonder if her failure to put on weight will delay her. I guess these are questions I should direct to her pediatrician. One other thing I forgot to ask is - does anyone have these tiny bumps on their palms and soles of their feet that just just come, break and go- sometimes in clusters? They look like teeny tiny warts. I have a few in each of my palms especially around the thumb area - itches too. I would understand if it were just my hand 'cos I use a lot or harsh detergents and cleaners without gloves sometimes but they are on my feet so, there goes that theory. What next I wonder. Thanks for listening, SharonP
  3. Hi Karina, Sorry to hear that you are suffering some of the same ails and then some.... I rarely have headaches so I'm thankful for that. It can't be easy with a 2 year old. My son is three and I feel my symptoms got worse after I had him, not to mention I went into pre-term labor at 32 weeks and had him 10 days later. My body just couldn't tolerate the pregnancy anymore. I have always been on the weak side, with fainting, blackouts, dizziness - heck I'm permanently light-headed. Never did any sports or go to the gym, though I have considered strength training. I developed pregancy induced Carpel Tunnell in boths wrist, which has weakened them further. It is pathetic - can't even open a bottle of pasta sauce! You sound like you have been thru the ringer as well and have not found a satisfactory explanation either. I've also had MRI's, Cat Scans, Ultrasounds, Nuclear Scans, you name it, I've probably done it over the years. You obviously have a very fast metabolism and probably lost your baby weight the next day. It was easy for me as well and I have 3 kids. So many other conditions are related to celiac disease and one of them is thyroid disease. I urge everyone who has celiac disease to have their thyroid levels checked. You Thyroid controls so many functions. I am prone to infections (bladder and yeast) but haven't had a cold in ages. It's weird. I hope your biopsy results come back negative as well as mine. I'm not too I understand the meaning of the two different antibodyies. On my Celiac panel, one was in range and other other was a very high positive and indicative of sprue (is there a difference between Celiac Disease and Celiac sprue? Good luck Karina, Best, SharonP
  4. Hello Kelly, Have you had your thyroid levels checked lately? Have thyroid problems myself, I know that swollen ankles and feet are a one of the symptoms, as are bowel problems as of course are palpitations, weight gain or loss depending on hyper or hypo. Best of luck to you. SharonP
  5. Dear Ruth, I see you are a newbie too - welcome to you. It is indeed a relief to see that others have/are experiencing the same symptoms as me. I forgot to mention in my original post that my memory is REALLY bad. I have very poor concentration as well. Is this a symptom of celiac disease? I know it is related to Hashimoto's disease. I am just frustrated at having to go to some many different physicians. One for my thyroid, one for my blood, one for celiac disease and my Primary Care Physcian for everything else. Is there any such thing as a Immunologist? I'd prefer to go to a doctor who can treat and help me manage all of my problems, because, it seems like they are not all on the same page. What is my main condition and what are the other underlying conditions? I want to know if one thing exarcerbates another. I find it so very hard to believe that gluten can make someone have all these symptoms. I am so pleased you feel "normal". I hope I can get there one day too. At 38, I feel that I am going to have a future of chronic ailments and I am pretty depressed about it, but life goes on. Have a great day, SharonP
  6. Hi Laura, Thank you for responding to my post. Yes I am miserable..... Although, none of my ailments are life-threatening they do take a toll, especially when you think you are becoming a hypocondriac(sp) and wonder if all my symptoms are in my head. You are afraid of reporting all your aches, pains and concerns to your Dr b/c he may just think your nuts. For 10 years, I ate Halls cough drops, craved them like someone would crave drugs. All the doctors I told just laughed and told me it was a weired habit to have but I was serious when I told them my concern. Not one of them told me that I was probably due to my anemia and this type of behaviour is called PICA. When I first went to my haematologist a couple of months back, he was the first person to ask me if I ate anything wierd like ice or dirt. I was releaved to know that my cravings for Halls was beyond my control and now a couple of months later, I can't stand to even smell someone eating anything menthol. Yesterday, my stomach was churning all day. I don't know what I ate, I was so uncomfortable. I used to take Immodium everyday as a prophylaxis b/c I knew my stomach would act up. Over the years, I have had, upper GI's, lower GI's and Small Bowel series tests, nothing ever showed. I was thought to have IBS or Ulcrative Colitis (UC runs prevalent in my family as well). I just find it hard to accept that gluten could have been the culprit all these years, but my symptoms were sporadic, in that it would come and go. I guess, I am going to have to make some adjustments one way or another. I;m sure my husband is going to sick and tired of me and my complaints sooner or later - sigh.... Take care, Sharon
  7. Hi Laura, Thank you for your welcome. I really appreciate that. Part of me just doesn't want to accept that I have something else wrong with me. I hardly eat bread, I hate all cereals, I don't much like food-period, so I know my diet is a contributing factor to my ails, as is genetics. Thanks for the info in the cookies, I'll definitely ask my supermarket to point me in the right direction. I also know that stress compounds everything and maybe I should learn to "chill out". My family is going thru another crisis, in that my niece (my brother's daughter') is the first reported case of Mad Cow Disease in the US. Her story has been in the news media alot. My brother relys in me do get as much publicity about this disease and her tremdenous suffering, and I think, I am just am pretty much overwhelmed by alot of things. My father is another, who is having a really hard time with Rhematoid Arthritis. Sunday marked the fourth year anniversary of my sister's death who died from Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, another autoimmune disease. Phew, that was a mouthful. I am pleased I came across this website. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post, Sharon
  8. Hello, I have just registered with this board. I am currently being "worked-up" for Celiac Sprue after a positve antibody test. The result of this test was a total suprise tome and my doctor since I am not of the "typical" group that usually gets celiac disease, in that I am East Indian. I have had a problem with anemia since I was in my teens and have been on oral iron therapy for decades without much success (I'm 38 now). I carry Thalassemia Minor trait, so it was not uncomman for me to be anemic. My doctor decided to do the test just for the heck of it because we were not achieving any results from the oral iron (which I was taking double doses of). I have since been referred to a specialist and last week had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. I have not had a follow visit yet, so do not know the biopsy results, though I was advised to start a gluten-free diet. I also have Haishimoto's Thyroiditis and take Synthroid. In the last 3 months I have had a tremendous pain on my right hip and shoulder, especially at night. My legs feel like lead when I am lying down. I don't have the same range in motion that I used to have on that side. I have lost my sense of taste. Everthing tastes different now. My father has Rheumatoid arthritis and I am very worried that I have that also. All my aliments are auto-immune related and I'm just waiting for something else to go wrong with me. I was born in England and I have had a diet of biscuits and tea for the better part of 38 years. Sometimes, I don't even eat food but I must have my biscuits (cookies) and tea. I can't function with them. How does one deal with this? I am receivng Iron intraveneously 3 times a week for 7 weeks. My teeth are another story in itself. I used a flouride treatment daily. I have terrible tooth decay. I am extremely weak and have no muscle mass. I am clumsy and can barely hold a pair of kitchen tongs without pain in my hands and wrists - I am a complete MESS! My head does not feel that it is attached to body! Any advise on dealing with this is most appreciated. Please feel free to contact me via email at: ss214@cornell.edu Thank you for your time, SharonP