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  1. Okay, I guess I won't either.
  2. I don't want floppy guts. It's bad enough I have bubble guts everyday.
  3. Hey everyone, JUst wanted to tell everyone to have a happy thanksgiving early since I won't have access to a computer tomorrow or thursday. Yes I will be making a turkey, pumpkin pies, persimmon cookies, stuffing and gravy. Yes I will eat some of it and yes I will be telling myself I will never do that again when I probably will. I am thinking of starting the SCD thing soon, but it's so hard with the holidays and holiday parties. P.s. don't eat anything I would.
  4. epsom salts I don't know, Rachel might have posted this already. Here's some good info I picked up on the use of epsom salts. It shows how you can make your own creams. Sorry about all that junk going on Rachel. Your mom's condo, your FRIEND leaving and stuff. Well they say bad things happen in three's. At least your brownies were rescued. Which brownies are those? Do you make them or are they pre made? Where have the J's been? Julie and Jin? My mom came home today from work. She has been sick for awhile. I am starting to get a little worried. She had a mild stroke a few months ago. She caught a bug last week and this week she feels nauseaded. Last week was just sinus stuff like sore throat, cough and stuff runny nose. Hope she is okay for Thanksgiving next week. I don't want her to feel bad or anyone for that matter on the holiday's. I have a christmas concert here in the valley that I am singing in in a few weeks. Anyone want to come?
  5. Okay Rachel, but I need to give you a 33% WARNING!
  6. I get this way when I am around mold. My grandma's house has mold and now that she is putting the wall heater on because it's cold here in the morning I am reacting again. But instead of the dry mouth I salivate more. It smells musty too. I hate that. But my grandma's house is old. Yeah I get those symptoms first thing in the morning. I took an epsom salt bath yesterday and my whole body aches today but I don't feel toxic. I almost vomited and passed out in the bath though. I think I stayed a little too long in the bath because when I got up I felt dizzy and my heart and throat were pounding 2,000 times a minute. I will never do that again. I think my heart is still affecting me today. I am going to get some zeolite and agarigold today, yay. Oh and I got a job starting Feb 2, 2009 at the IRS. I will be a tax examiner, so nobody from California better cheat on thier taxes!
  7. Persimmon cookies= diarrhea, nausea, bloating, tingling tongue, etc. etc. etc.......... I can't believe I ate about 15 of them.. Donna I am glad everything is okay with you. You are a tough cookie. Rachel hope you have fun this week with your friend.
  8. Andrea, the funny thing is that my food also smells. My mom says my food smells bad when I cook it on my period. I wonder if it's a toxic period gas coming off my body? I think my jouney with toxic food and candy bars and ice cream will be coming to an end. I haven't had my waiora zeolite either for 2 months so I think the toxicans are back full force. Nora did you have to buy a special foot detox spa to use?
  9. Okay so I discovered something new. And you can take it for what it's worth but here it goes, how come evertime I get my regular my food taste like, well, gross. Like rotten meat.....
  10. Hey everyone I had a job interview today and I think it went pretty good. The lady was impressed by how much I knew about organic foods and meats. It's a gourmet pizza place called Pizza F usion. Ever eat at one? They make gluten free pizza and organic pizza's, sandwiches and salads. They even have gluten free beer paula called redbridge I think. They deliver pizza's in hybrid cars as well. I asked the lady what kind of cleaners they use at the store and she said they are eco friendly green cleaners. Nothing with toxins. Cool huh? So I have a second interview with the owner and store manager. She passed me with the first interview. Only the people she feels good about she says she passes. The store is brand new. Opening on Dec 16 of this year. So we had our interview at Starbucks across the street. I hope that I get the job. Waiora is slow and so is the catering. So well see. Oh p.s. Hershey's chocolate is constipating but cheap.
  11. I couldn't tolerate Flagyl. Uhuh, no way. I felt so sick, nausea, diarrhea, body aches and chills. I tolerated cipro better than flagy. I don' t think Rachel tolerated it either. I stopped taking mine after five days. They gave it to me for BV, but that's due to the lyme. It didn't work. Didn't clear up the infection.
  12. I need oral mag for bowel issues. A bath or cream won't cut it.
  13. Yay, I just voted an hour ago. In my small city of Parlier CA., no line, I just walked right in and voted. I got two stickers, so does that mean two free coffees? Just kidding. I never voted before in my life!! It felt good, like my vote made a big impact. My voice was heard today. So yeah it was good.
  14. Wow Rachel, that's crazy that you had to take those prep. drugs. The only ones I took were progesterone because of my periods, but they didn't help and nystatin, that didn't help either. I was writin off about 10 different RX's but I knew in the back of my head that they wouldn't really help. I was prescribed nuerontin, lythium, romeron, zelnorm for C, elmiron for bladder and 12 treatments with a catheter up my urethra with elmiron. That wasn't fun. Cymbalta and other depression and anxiety drugs. Oh and vesicare for bladder spasms but that worsened my C. I got worse when I took antibiotics for a so called bladder infection. I did take these: amoxicillin, ciproflaxin and flagyl. My constipation and gut got worse. Are you taking anything for the yeast? I heard that diflucan is good? Ugh I feel sick, too much candy last night! I helped out at my church with game booths and there was cake and candy everywhere!