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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Michelle, We chatted a few times last year our daughters were diagnosed about the same time and are the same age. I am struggling with the same problem with Amy as well. Her tummy has even started to swell. We too are awaiting blood test results. One thing we found out was she was coming into contact with play doh at school. Our dr also said that one gluen accident can produce symptoms that last 2 to 4 weeks (the physical appearance that is). Good luck. I hope that she is going to bounce back quickly. Paula
  2. I am looking for any advice you may be able to provide. My daughter has been gluten-free since April 2004. She had been looking so good, no enlarged tummy, great color, no black circles under her eyes, loads of energy etc. Thursday evening my husband and I took her to swimming lessons and when she stood next to the other kids I almost died. Her tummy is back, not to mention that all of a sudden she is very pale and today she even has black circles re appearing under her eyes. I know that the tummy was gone in August when she last wore this swimsuit and being that this is the 1st time she had put it on I was horrified. Her color has been nice and pink all along it really was only in the last 2 weeks that I noticed that it was not as "healthy." She weighed 31 and a half lbs last December (at 4 yrs old) went on the gluten-free diet and weighs 38 and a half lbs this am. I am not sure what this means. I had called her GI and we go on Tuesday. Could this be refractory celiac disease? I was told that with refractory you do not improve and then get sick again. I also was in her classroom yesterday and spoke with the teacher. Her french class has play doh in it. It is the home made variety with reg flour. Can this be absorbed through the skin? The teacher also mentioned that she is more tired and less interested this week. I make all her own bread, muffins etc. The only couple of things I thought of I called on. One being those listerene pocket pack breath strips. THey couldn't tell me. The other being a pizza sauce and its fine. Thanks in advance for any in sight you may provide. Paula
  3. Wow, I have been away from the board for a few days and I just checked in. RaeAnn thanks for all the recipes. I can't wait to try them. I am just going to start dinner. Hope you are all having a good week. Will update later about my week. Paula
  4. Hello Michelle and RaeAnn, I have been away for the weekend and just got to checking the board. Looks like Amy may have gotten some gluten or maybe a flu bug she had diarrhea and nausea all day Saturday. I can't figure out where it could have come from though. The good news is that it only lasted the day. As far as my biopsy goes I am meeting with my family doctor on Wednesday to get a referal to a GI so I can then have the biopsy. I have been feeling awful since I started eating gluten again. I have opted to keep it to a minimum. Michelle I think that the reaction is because I do in fact have celiac disease as my blood tests is positive and Amy has it I believe that its pretty much inevitable. RaeAnn, I am finding that I am at a loss for quick and easy meals. I hope it gets a little easier. Do either of you happen to have a good vanilla cake recipe? I am looking to make something for this weekend for Mother's day that everyone will enjoy? Have a great day. Paula
  5. Thanks RaeAnn and Michelle for your responses. It has been 2 weeks yesterday that my daughter has been gluten-free. I started the same time however with an upcoming biopsy I have had to re-introduce gluten to my diet. I have become very sick. I am so shocked that I am feeling so crappy because I never noticed it before. I am also finding that I never seem to leave the kitchen. I have to admit that I was pretty much a "prepared" purchaser in that everything I bought was all ready to go. Now I am left to do that myself so I spend all morning and most of each afternoon making things. I have done bread, pancakes, cookies, a banana chocolate cake (yum), muffins and this afternoon I am tackling pizza dough. I need a hobby (lol). Anyways, I'd love to hear how you handle all the time this way of life seems to take. Paula
  6. Hi RaeAnn, Its been difficult to say the least. However we are getting by. My daughter's biopsy came back positive and I just received a call saying my blood test is positive. I am still awaiting the results of my younger daughter's blood test. I am guessing that it won't matter as we are already eating gluten free. It seem to be the easiest way to keep my daughter eating. How old is your daughter? How soon did you notice a difference in her? I am so anxious to see her belly disappear. Thanks for the reply. Take care. Paula
  7. Hello there, my 4 year old daughter has tested positive with a blood test (IGG I think) I am still awaiting the results of a second blood test. I read somewhere that the IGG test may be postive but the person may not have Celiac disease. Her level was 57. The GI specialist we are seeing wants her to have the biopsy on Monday and doesn't feel it necessary to wait for the other results. Can someone please clarify if its not Celiacs what else it could be and whether or not its a good idea to wait for the other test result. My huband and I have no prior knowledge of this disease and things are moving so fast. I really appreciate any advice you may have to offer. Thanks. Paula
  8. What a long process this has been. My daughter has been suffering with very low iron (2) since last July. At that time my dr felt that it was related to her diet. A very good friend recommended that she have a blood test for Celiac disease but my dr said that she didn't have that. Long story short after months of pleading and lots of sleepless nights we just found out her blood test was positive. I am scared because my dr still feels that my daughter doesn't have celiac disease. She has never has diahera (sp) or any complication to gluten. She does have a big belly and is very small but contiues to gain weight. The level was 57 in her blood (told normal was 0-10) so I am pretty sure that this is what it is but am wondering if anyone elses child has presented with low iron and it the gluten-free diet has made a difference. Thanks. Paula