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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Newport, Ri

    We are going to be staying in Newport, RI this summer for 5 nights. I searched gluten free restaurants on google and these boards but there wasn't much about it. Does anyone know any good gluten free restaurants in the area or any places that can accommodate allergies? Any response will be helpful.
  2. My family and I are worried about vacationing because we are afraid it will be hard to communicate our allergy, especially because we are very sensitive to gluten. We figured maybe an all inclusive resort would be our best best bet. Maybe some place where the chefs and waiters are already knowledgeable about Celiac disease. Does anyone have any suggestions about overall resorts we could visit? We were thinking of traveling to the Caribbean or a nice island some where else. Any great experiences? Also we have only been to Disney world since we were diagnosed so we are already quite spoiled
  3. Another Great Disney World Experience

    Does anyone know what gluten free options are available at tutto italia (is there any gluten free pasta)? Also, which restaurant(of these two) are better gluten free--Ohana or Kona Cafe(both at the Polynesian). Any information about gluten free at Tempa Edo or Le Cellier Steakhouse would also be appreciated--thank-you
  4. I am going to be making a cake for my sister's birthday and I don't have any of my own gluten free flour mix on hand. So I was wondering, instead of making my own, if there were any good gluten free flour mixes all ready made that I could buy?
  5. I recently got back from my Disney World vacation and just wanted to let everyone know it was even better then I imagined. I had heard wonderful things about Disney World but there was still that part of me that was nervous about eating out for every meal. However, I had no reason to worry. Not only did every chef come out to talk to us at all our restaurants, but at 5 out of our 6 dinner we had gluten free bread!! Every day was more amazing. We stayed at the grand Floridian and at the little lunch place the chef made me a gluten free sandwich and I also had gluten free pancakes one morning. I never got sick and I never had any problems. I had better food there then at home and I even had gluten free brownies and cookies. Everyone was willing to help and the best part was everyone knew what i was talking about. It was fantastic, i want to go back already.
  6. The Gluten Free Market 7-09 Fairlawn Avenue Fairlawn, NJ 07410-1823 201-703-5500 This was listed as a store that sold Joan's gluten free great bakes. It was fairly close to me so I decided to go there. It is amazing. It has the best gluten free products including Joan's and different foods from "everybody eats" in new york. It has ravioli, perogies, cakes ( real birthday cakes, they look exactly like ones you'd find in the supermarket), cookies, sauces, and fresh baked bread. It was so exciting to see so many good gluten-free foods. It is very expensive but it is a very nice treat if anyone lives close to there, i would definitely recommend going over there and seeing if there was anything you would want to buy.
  7. I was just thinking about thanksgiving and realized how much i would miss my favorite thanksgiving food-stuffing. Does anyone know a good stuffing recipe?
  8. about 6 months since I was diagnosed.
  9. I'm from New Jersey, but I live fairly close to New York City.
  10. We're Going To Disney World!

    We are going to Disney World in about 2 weeks and I was wondering if anyone new the place I email to get lists of the gluten free food in the parks. Thanks in advance.
  11. I agree. They tast almost exactly like the real thing. I really like them.
  12. Hi everyone, I am new to the boards and I was just wondering, if a body lotion has gluten in it can I brake out from it? I recently have been very sensitive to most lotions and was just wondering if that has to do with gluten or that maybe I am allergic to something else in the product. Thanks in advance.