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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. A couple of times I bought a bag of lentils and found wheat. Secondly a gluten-free pasta I like from Costco really upsets my stomach. It is made of red lentils and nothing else. What are your experiences with lentils.
  2. I am learning the gluten-free label doesn't mean much. Some things say safe from gluten or naturally gluten free. I also find supplements unless checked by a third party the gluten-free status means nothing. I also joined a new site called gluten free watch dogs via Facebook. They actually will test things with lab testing. The gluten-free test kit we use at home is not sensitive to barley
  3. I just called talenti gelato and they said the formulas haven't changed but they are removing the gluten-free label from their product. They are not made on separate lines by the way. They continue too provide a gluten free list online. I wrote to them about how disappointing it is for them to remove all their allergy labels. Really don't feel any confidence in thier products. Obviously there's a couple a contamination issue.
  4. No matter how hard i try at some point i get contaminated. Even 5 years into this diet. Wondering how i can buy glutenase... I am canadian but willing to figure out ways to get my hands on it. Is there an online site etc....
  5. Fort Lauderdale Restaurant

    Pistache in west palm beach is amazing!!! Ate there several times.
  6. gluten-free In Miami?

  7. Just wanted to share that a year ago i travelled to west palm beach and ate at a lovely french bistro called Pistache in the Clematis area. First of all it is reasonably priced considering it is fine dining and the very expensive area. Secondly, i ate there several times and did not get sick. Even though they were super busy as this place gets full quickly they were able to accommodate my gluten allergy without a problem. I even got to enjoy the creme brulee. I suggest going to dinner earlier so that u can sort it out with the waiters before they get too busy. They are all very knowledgeable and i had many wonderful experiences there. There is another little italian restaurant just a few stores down, they were good too. I do'nt remember the name
  8. Anyone know of restaurants you can eat at in NOrth Miami/Sunny Isles... I am vacationing here for a week???
  9. West Palm Beach

    Can anyone recommend any restaurants in the west palm beach area? Will be vacationing there very soon.
  10. Can anyone recommend a cheese/brand that is gluten free. I'd like to buy some cheddar and swiss chess....
  11. Shampoo?

    I try to use gluten free lipstics and facial lotions that are gluten free because those have a way of getting into ur mouth and so forth. I use bobby brown lipsticks. They are pricey but since i only own 5 lipsticks its worth it.
  12. I buy a brand of president's choice that i called in about. This one is ok. I often have b. vinegar on my salad when we go out. When i don't know what to order i stick with salad with b vinegar, and i have come home sick. So could it be???
  13. Montana's gluten-free Menu?

    I recently went and got the ribs without steak spice. It was great!
  14. Montana's gluten-free Menu?

    I recently went and got the ribs without steak spice with slaw and potato. It was great!
  15. do all coscos do this or just the one in your area. thats great!!