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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Any Celiac Athletes?

    I'm proud to be the second ballerina to post on this thread (I found it because I was curious if any other celiac ballerinas were feeling a bit lost with managing this condition). I was wondering if any of you have come up with a strategy to go to practice when you've been poisoned? I've had one success with Maalox Gas-Ex when I was in so much pain from intestinal gas (yeay!) and it definately helped. I don't want to overdo that stuff, though and would rather find healthier treatment options to get me comfortable enough to be able to dance. It doesn't seem like psylium is moving it out of my system any faster. I've recently been getting low level contamination just because I am really sensitive and had been trying too many new products at once. I feel completely messed up. Right now I'm missing one of my ballet classes and will have to (and WANT to) make up for it tonight at an adult class, which I hope to God I won't be totally bloated and raspberry-ing my way through. And then we have rehearsal! It makes me depressed to lose my classtime, but I really can't get the right line in my body and support from my core muscles when my abdominals are completely full of gasses. It's lousy. Today I tried lemon juice and that does seem to help settle it down (I think the reaction is making my intestines really acidic, but I don't know; I have too much time to overthink this and don't want to get caught up in a hypochondriatic spiral. But oh well.) Are there any soothing foods or herbs that have comforted you enough to enjoy your training even though you aren't 100%? I can deal with the other symptoms and energy drop, but the distress in my intestines is just too distracting and makes it so hard to feel the muscles I need to dance with! PS I LOVE Hammer Nutrition. All gluten-free. Their energy gel packets are FABULOUS. Makes me a boundless ball of energy for class! -Janiebelle gluten-free since 2005
  2. I just bought two boxes of kaboom. Okay. Here's the problem: I appear to be having a reaction to something I ate today, but the ingredients of kaboom were fine according to the box (I share a kitchen with my non-celiac family so sometimes I will have a little episode from that alone. And then there was the highly suspicious mexican cheese I snacked on with the really odd rind). I think it was the freaky cheese (or it could have been some issue with the knife used to cut it prior to me or the cutting surface itself etc etc etc) as I felt fine for a number of hours after breakfast. Has anyone else had it and no reaction? I guess I will wait a few days and try it again.