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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I dont get to post here very often, as life is crazy busy for us. However I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. In a follow-up to the post titled "what could this be?" My daughter was suspected yesterday by ped gastro's at vanderbilt childrens ER in nashville as having spastic colon. What is your thoughts and experiences with this? Does this relate to celiac and how? What are some ways to help ease the pain of this? She was given an rx for levisin, and they recommended probiotics such as activia yogurt. Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. forgot to say, the bloodwork, urine test, and xray all came black clear.
  3. my 12 year old daughter has been gluten free for almost 4 years. starting last monday night, she has been having serious abdominal pain. at first we thought she had pulled a muscle in jazz class that afternoon, so we tried ibuprofin, hot showers, heating pad. tuesday she went to school but was in pain. wednesday she was unable to go to school, i took her to a local fast pace clinic. they ran a urinalisis, bloodwork, and an xray. by thursday still no relief, i took her to her pediatrician, who ordered an ultrasound and told her to get on a low fat diet on top of her gluten free diet. friday was no school, that night she tried to go to a bday party for a classmate, made it 30 minutes and i had to go get her. saturday she and 2 friends went to eat with her bio father, she laid down in the vehicle most of the ride (45 min each way) and left the table a few times during the meal. sunday she made it though church and lunch but then had to lay down most of the afternoon. monday was also unable to go to school. today, tuesday, was finally the day for the ultrasound. it was completed by 9 am. it is 3:15pm right now. i have called the doc office at 1130 and the nurse said she would call the hospital to try to get results. i have not heard back so i called back at 3. if no one has called me by 4, i am going to the office to get them to get me some results, now. we made her go to school today after the ultrasound, took her in around 11am. let her wear a therma-care heat wrap to try to help with the pain. she made it till around 2pm and came home in tears. is now back in the bed. the pain is constant, yet gets worse whenever she eats or drinks anything. this tells me its not an accidental glutening (as of course everyone wants to assume first, myself included) because the pain worsens after eating just an apple or just a drink of tea or sprite.
  4. My youngest child is almost 6 months old. He is exclusively breastfed, only this week have I offered him a few bites of baby food. However his entire life his gas has been extremely nasty, and it is getting worse. I mean almost inhuman! No kidding! His bowel movements are normal for breastfed babies, and they are foul, but they have absolutely nothing on his gas! Should this raise my concern for him also having celiac?
  5. you are very welcome!! i hope this helps you some!! =)
  6. true!! how long does it last? it stinks!!
  7. my daughter is 12, and is just the opposite. at home i think she has add, but her 5th and 6th grade teachers seen no sign of it at school. i have just sent a letter asking her 7th grade teachers if they are seeing any signs of it now, as her grades have slipped this past 9 weeks and she had a couple of missing assignments. not trying to make an excuse for her if she is just being lazy or irresponsible, but if there is an issue then i want to get her help for it. she was diagnosed summer before 5th grade.
  8. i noticed you mentioned it being hard and expensive to send gluten free lunches to school. i wanted to share with you all what i do. since my daughter was the first one and only one in her school with celiac, noone knew anything about it. we agreed that she should not have to eat a cold lunch every day since she wasnt bringing her lunch based on preference but health. she has access to a refrigerator and microwave each day. since she isnt overly sensitive i didnt send her a personal microwave, i would if needed. she usually takes leftovers from meals we have had at home and warms them up for her lunch. this way she gets a good, hot meal, and its cheaper than the prepackaged meals. she was dx summer before 5th grade, so we did this at her elem school and now at middle school. her 5th grade year and first half of her 6th grade year her teachers she had before lunch would even let her leave class a few minutes early to warm her meal.
  9. does your school have a program for students with chronic diseases? ours is starting this this semester. i just got a letter and form about it yesterday. i called the county wide nurse director and she said they would occasionally pull my daughter out during her related arts (not academic) class to discuss her disease (celiac) and ways to cope, things to eat and to stay away from, etc. it is not a required program, but i figured what the heck, its free, give it a try and see if it helps. as long as the info is up to date and correct, it shouldnt hurt. has anyone else's school offered this? what is your experience with it?
  10. With help on breastfeeding and increasing your milk supply, go to kellymom dot com. It is a great forum for moms a d breastfeeding. I would think that keeping baby on just breastmilk vs breastmilk and formula would help settle tummy. Good luck, i know its so hard and frustrating. Especially with all the differing info and hard to dx little ones, it makes me feel helpless on their health at times.
  11. hello all! i am seeking advice, thoughts, information, research, anything. i live in a small town, but would love to open a little shop in which i sell gluten free food items that kroger and walmart dont carry, and serve meals. not a huge restaurant, just a little place with like 6 tables for 4. different menu daily. what are your thoughts on this? also, where would i look for grants?
  12. the following are some products my daughter has been eating with no problems. however, a lady we know has celiac and says she should not be eating these products at all. i dont see anything on the ingredients list, but am i missing something? kellogs corn flakes kellogs rice crispies random brands of hot dogs (we have swapped to only nathans or hebrew national) any fritos or lays products bologna this lady wasnt diagnosed till in her 50's, has dh, diabetic, and several other issues. she has been gluten free 13 years now. i know she is trying to help us. i just wonder if since lacee isnt having problems with these foods, if maybe our friends information is outdated, or if she is more sensitive than lacee, or if she only eats specialty labeled gluten-free products. thanks in advance for all your help!!
  13. Starting Gluten Free While Pregnant

    well, i could go ahead and swap the home over, and then if it turns up that i need extra stuff or just cant manage the cravings, i could always eat those things outside of the home. thank you all so much for the advice so far. keep it coming! i really appreciate it!!
  14. Starting Gluten Free While Pregnant

    i should add that i have never had trouble getting pregnant, i havent been tested for celiac. my daughter has it and my sons show signs. i am hoping that by swapping the whole house over, it will of course banish any chance of CC at home and that my boys will react positively to the change, as well as hubby and myself. i am going to ask my doc to order a celiac panel on me, just to be sure. my pregnancies have been fairly normal, i suppose. 1st i gained 64 lbs, had a 5lb 12 oz baby after emergency csection, cord wrapped around her neck and her heart had stopped. 2nd i gained 28 lbs, he weighed 7lb 7oz scheduled csection. 3rd i gained even less, he weighed 8lbs 7oz, scheduled csection, gestational diabetes went away at birth. i am still over weight, extremely, so i am sure i will be watching my sugar like crazy again. going gluten free could definately help in that aspect (cutting way back on the carbs that is, right).
  15. hello!! i have been planning on switching my house to completely gluten free on feb 1st for a couple months now. found out last night i am pregnant. assuming 6-8weeks along. going to doc in the morning. will it be ok to go ahead and swap during the pregnancy? have any of you done this?