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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you both for your answers. It is good to know that not everyone comes back positive. It does make sense that most negatives won't visitif you get a negative result you're not going to spend much time here. This whole thing has been so frustrating. It seems my entire family is in denial about this disease and the issues it can cause. I just wish I could find a Dr. that was knowlegeable that they might listen to and that actually know something about Celiac. It took my school nurse and me to diagnose my older daughter. My husband had so many of the same symptoms growing up but still denies that it's an issue for him. And with my younger daughter, her biggest issues are irritability and lack of focus which could just be her personality. :-) None of them believe that this can really cause them damage. Okay, no more ranting. Thanks for validating what I already thought I knew. :-) They are back on the diet starting Sunday. Monday is going to be a long day. Best to you too (two). Tiki
  2. So, how confident are you in entrolab tests? We have had such a hard finding a dr. with knowledge so had the tests...but most of my family is very skeptical. Thanks,
  3. Just saw something like this on another thread... Has anyone had their gastro symptoms go away during their teen years and if so, if and when did they come back. 2 years ago my daughter then 12 was having gastro issues. After seeing a lot of drs that knew nothing and a negative panel/biopsy I put her on a gluten-free diet and the problems went away. For the 1st year of the diet, if she accidentally ate any gluten she would have bad stomach problems and headaches for about 48 hours. After the first year, she started occassionally cheating and didn't have any noticable problems. So this Christmas (after several huge heated family discussions) we decided to let her eat whatever she wanted to see if she would have issues. So far she has not. Celiac runs in my husbands family. His sister was diagnosed in the 70s. He was diagnosed by entrolabs last march and my other daughter (only ADD type issues) had a positive test from entrolabs at christmas. Right now noone is gluten-free. Also, has anyone had a negative result from entrolabs???
  4. Frustrated Mom

    You are NOT way off base. The doctor can order a celiac panel. The problem is so many doctors are misinformed about this disease. They think it is rare when it really isn't. From what you have described your daughter has a lot of the symptoms. You might want to take her to a pedi gastro dr. who is knowledgable about celiac....otherwise they will probably say it is IBS or due to stress...(been there, done that). Good luck.
  5. Try Gluten Again?

    She has been gluten-free since October 2003 with just a few slip ups. If she would of had a firm diagnosis I wouldn't even consider thinking about letting her eat gluten. I understand the damage that it can cause even if she doesn't have symptoms. Basically I diagnosed my daughter so I guess it had me ( and her) doubting just a little bit. Celiac runs on my husbands side. His sister had a diagnoses in the 70s. I think he has it too. He had a lot of the same health history that my daughter has....threw up a lot as a baby. He had diarehea...she had constipation. He's had elevated liver count....and has not felt good for about the last 18 years!!!!! We have a enterolab test sitting at home for him to take. It arrived last week. Hopefully he will take it soon and we will have some answers on him. I should probably have her gene tested too. thanks!
  6. Try Gluten Again?

    Wow, I had never thought of that. She started having strong symtoms when she was 11. I think it was because she started intense training for soccer. This was towards the beginning of her adolecense....we're not quite thru it yet. I think she probably had mild symtoms for years....just nothing bad enough to really worry about. I've just found it strange that 4 months ago if she got a trace of gluten she was sick for 2 days and now it seems she can eat small amounts with no reaction. That might be it.....also might explain some of the things with my husband. I think he has it too. I'm still working on getting him tested. He was quite short in high school. He grew about 6 inches his senior year. Is that something that would be common with this?? Celiac taking a rest for a few years???
  7. Try Gluten Again?

    Thanks, For the first 8-9 months of being gluten free she did have severe reactions when she had a slip. Stomach aches, head aches,,,,really felt crummy for at least 2 days after eating it. Her aunt (now deceased) used to eat gluten but in small amounts because she didn't have pain from it. I don't think the dr. (or she) realized at the time the other ramifications of eating small amounts. My biggest fear is that my daughter does have celiac but just isn't reacting the same way that she used to with it and that if she does eat gluten now it's going to cause big problems later. I think the best bet is to find a dr. that actually knows something about this disease. That can be hard to do. Most I've talked with seem to continue to think it's rare and know so little about it. Thanks for your help. Tiki
  8. I need some opinions here please... First some history.... My husbands sister was diagnosed with celiac in the late 70s. My 12 year old daughter was having stomach problems last year. We went to a pedi gastro. They were basically of no help. We had a celiac panel that had one number slightly above range and an endoscopy which showed an ulcer at the opening to her duodenum but nothing else. After several more weeks of stomach pain we put her on a gluten-free diet and within 2 weeks her stomach pains went away. After she went gluten-free we had a few slip ups. Each time she had severe reaction to the gluten (throwing up, diarehea, head aches and stomach pain). She was never formally diagnosed with celiac After being gluten-free for the better part of a year, she decided to eat chicken nuggets at school (when I was not around). These were not heavily crusted but did have some coating on them. She didn't get sick from them. Then last week we goofed and she ate part of a flour taco shell from a taco salad and didn't get a reaction. She now wants to eat gluten. I know that you don't always have stomach issues with celiac....and that if she truly has celiac she should never have gluten again whether she has stomach pain or not. Question.... Have any of you had stomach (intestinal) pain when you (with a confirmed diagnosis of celiac) slip up and then suddenly no longer have stomach pain when you slip up. I guess what I am wondering is...could she merely have had a gluten allergy that she has out grown or could this still be celiac, however it just doesn't cause stomach pain any longer? thanks!
  9. And think about it....if Jesus would have been born in the far east, we'd all have rice wafers for communion!!!!!!
  10. My daughter had a negative biospy and negative panel results. After an additional month of stomach pain we put her on a gluten free diet and within weeks she was better. She's been gluten-free since last october and is good unless we have a slip up. Biospies are not always accurate because sometimes the damage is spotty. If they don't take the samples where the damage is, it will come up negative. Also, depends on how good the lab is.
  11. Neuropathy

    I know a 13 year old undiagnosed celiac disease that had neuropathy so bad they had to pull her out of school. It was so painful she couldn't even lay a sheet on her legs. The dr. kept say it was stress/in her head. They tested her a second time for celiac disease, came back positive and she went gluten-free. Her neuropathy improved within weeks of going on a gluten-free diet. Hope the diet will soon help you too.
  12. Genetics

    My sister-in-law was diagnosed in the 70's, my daughter didn't get a formal dx but it's obvious that she has it based on improvement on a gluten-free diet and the reaction she has to gluten. My husband has soooo many signs but wants to eat his donuts so I am having a difficult time getting him to test. His mother just broke her ankle this past weekend, has ostoperiosis, R. Arthritis, brusies if you press on her skin and had a blood transfusion due to anemia while in the hospital this past weekend but is in complete denial. My niece had a kidney stone (calcium) at the age of 15 which is very rare but has not been tested. With the far reaching problems this disease can cause it amazes me that they don't want to test.
  13. Communion

    I'm Methodist and we receive the bread and grape juice too. I talked with the pastor about and now they offer a corn tortilla to dip in the grape juice for my daughter. She said it doesn't taste that great but it is better than being sick...And I guess taste is not the real purpose of communion anyway.
  14. Pediactric Gi Doctor In Dallas?

    Hi LisaP, Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. I will say some prayers for you. Dr. Whitney was our first GI dr. She didn't diagnose my daughter with celiac disease but from my understanding there are several members of the North Dallas Rock group that she did diagnose. I will put your family and Dr. Whitney in my prayers tonight. Let me know how it goes. Tiffany, Sorry to hear your son is having to go thru more tests. I know how difficult that is on both of you. I sure hope they figure it out soon. I hated that helpless feeling of not knowing. The bread my daughter likes the best is the Italian Tapica Bread made by Kinnikinnik. I've also heard their cheese bread is good too. Do let me know what you find out. I'll add you to my prayer list too. Take it easy and take care. Tiki Ps. Michelle welcome to Texas too!
  15. Do any of you with celiac also have degenerative disk disease(DDD)? Could this be related to celiac?