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  1. Kelly Your lightbulb sounds like mine! I'm going to see about having my daughter tested as well. I have heard from the doc at work, though, that even though in most cases it's genetic, it can be brought on by extreme situations of stress. I did an experiment tonight that I'm wishing I hadn't. Not only did I have Orzo (a wheat pasta), but I also had a large slice of rye bread with butter with my dinner. Immediately my heart began to race. Cheryl
  2. I am so glad I found this forum. I just read about this disease and I think I may have found what my problem has been for 7 years! I started having symptoms when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was under a great deal of stress. The doctore said I had IBS, but after reading what the symptoms are, I'm going to be tested for celiac disease. I have problems with diarrhea, constipation, sudden and unexplained foot cramps, abdominal cramps, gasiness, weight loss, headaches, occasional shakiness, fatique, and the scariest thing is a racing heart or palpitations. I do believe these things are caused by more than IBS. I work for an alternative health care facility and the doctor and I are going to read up on the disease next week. How hard is the diet to follow? Is it costly to buy products without the dreaded symptom causing ingrediants? I think my daughter may also be afflicted. She has sudden mood swings, shakiness, cramping. The doctor told her she has an anxiety disorder and put her on paxil, but I'm beginning to wonder if she may have celiac as well. Thank you for this forum! Cheryl