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  1. I didn't have the malabsorption test done on any of us. Doing 6 people at $120 (gluten sensitivity only) a pop was already a stretch. I went in to have the Gastroenterologist to do blood tests on me. I should get the results this week. Given my symptoms, he scheduled a biopsy for the following week. I'm curious how things will turn out. I'm just not sure what to do with the other family members.
  2. I'm curious - has anyone with a Enterolab gluten sensitivity (Fecal antigliadin IgA antibody) score of 15 or less (>= 10 indicates sensitivity to gluten) had a positive blood test or tested positive for celiac disease by way of biopsy? Enterolab says that you either react or you don't like either you're pregnant or your not. Will a person with a low score be at greater risk for celiac? And, what if you go gluten free and for whatever reason return to a normal diet - will you know if you are actually a celiac? Members of my family and extended family had scores of 9, 11, 14 and 14. We're wondering how far to go with blood tests, biopsies, etc. Thanks for your answers!
  3. Hi! Well, I just had myself and two of my kids (twins) tested by Enterolab with the Antigliadin IgA test (normal < 10) with scores of 11, 9 and 14. My son with the 14 had a negative blood test. Of course, we now have a number of questions as to how to proceed. First, I'll give a family history and then I have a bunch of questions. I appreciate whatever help or guidance you