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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just got back my results... ...and they are negative! I was tested for trans-glutaminase. I definitely have some kind of reaction to gluten...(vicious, evil painful C & D) I feel so much better gluten-free. (no bloating, no skin rash, no vicious painful C & D) My doc is sending me for a barium Xray of my stomach next... her logic is that a specialist won't make it a priority to see me without some kind of positive test. In the meanwhile I have been viciously ill this week, despite not eating anything gluten-y, except a sprinkling of shake n bake someone accidentally put on my chicken a few days ago. Just wondering, I thought there was more than one possible antibody they can test for in the blood?
  2. Thank you all for replying so quickly! The doctor ordered a bunch of blood tests - ferritin/iron, various B vitamins, anti-gliadin/trans-glutaminase. The results should be in on Monday. I have only been off gluten (except some soy sauce) for 5 days and my skin is clearing up - FAST! For anyone else that has the skin problem, I started using L'Oreal's microdermabrasion kit awhile ago. It comes with a special after-moisturizer that also cleared up those nasty little patches around my mouth... but they just kept coming back... I knew my skin got worse when I drank... I knew it got better when I ate healthy - less carbs, more veggies I knew I got "gut-rot" from drinking... I have had this abnormally bloated belly since my teens, even though I was very thin back then.... I thought my always achy belly was from stress... There were so many clues... At the end of the day I am happy to be diagnosed if it means no more sore, bloated belly, gut-rot, D's and skinrash... Here's to better days!
  3. So... After realising that I didn't give all my friends food poisoning.... ... and realizing that I was the only person violently ill after my big pasta dinner I went for some tests. I am still waiting on the results but in the meantime I am doing some reading. I have had episodes of D very frequently, but as they were often related to drinking (beer), I didn' t think it was too serious, just part of the hangover... but it has been getting worse... just thought I was wearing out and getting old! (At 26!) I have the rash too... have had it for years and the doctors have just said it's dermatitis. I also tried the Atkins diet in the past and my stomach felt great - no bloating for once in my life! I had a dream last night the Eggo waffles in my freezer were made with rice flour... they're not. I have been trying to eat gluten free as I wait for the test results. I only get violently ill if I eat a big plate of pasta and nothing else, or drink copious amounts of beer... I can avoid bread and pasta but I am not really willing (or able to afford) making a huge lifestyle change. So my question is... can any of you eat soy sauce and small amounts of other things that have a small amount of gluten without getting sick?