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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Clayton, Ga

    I know a bunch of you said that you lived in and around Atlanta. I live in Gwinnett but need to go to Clayton in a few weeks. Do any of you who live in GA know of any restaurants around there that might help with the gluten-free thing? PS - I'm trying out the Beechwood Inn, they accomodate gluten-free breakfasts. I'll let you know how it is. Michelle
  2. Gf B And B's?

    Hey I've been to a bed and breakfast that was gluten free and was great. I found it on http://www.innseekers.com/ you can go to this website and choose your desired state then choose the gluten free listings. You can choose gluten-free, animal friendly, etc. this website will list your options for you. Hope this helps! Michelle
  3. I'll be traveling to Jackson Hole, Wyoming later this winter and was hoping somebody had been there. I'm not sure how you would eat in a ski lodge, or what restaurants they have around. Does anybody know of anything besides just eating plain meat and vegetables? Thanks, Michelle
  4. Dining In Atlanta

    Kim, Is Phuket Tai really ok to eat at? I quit eating there, I just assumed I couldn't. Please tell me what you know about there food, I would love to go back! Thanks, Michelle
  5. I would also be very inerested in finding out. Thanks
  6. I wrote to Post and Kellogg's about two weeks ago, and with both places I got the same response. That none of the cereals at this time were known to be completly safe for a gluten-free diet, because of ingredients and high rates of cross contamination. I've noticed everywhere on this board that people are eating these cereals though. So did I get wrong information? Are these cereals safe? I know Corn Pops just changed over but they said none of their cereals were gluten-free, same with Post. Post said that all cereals are processed on machines with other wheat products and the machined are not entirely cleaned between runs, so they cannot recommend eating their cereal at this time. I'm mainly wondering because I don't want contaminated but I'm tired of buying more expensive cereals. Thanks, murda
  7. Somebody posted a while ago asking whether cigarettes were gluten-free. I couldn't find that posting to respond, so I'll post here. I recently got the gluten-free food guide from Clan Thompson and it says under hidden sources of gluten that not all cigarette papers are gluten-free. It didn't list brands or anything but it might be something to look into. Granny I think this was in response to your question but I can't remember. Hope this helps, MURDA
  8. Gf In Costa Rica?

    I'm traveling to Costa Rica in August and was wondering if anybody knew of any gluten-free restaurants? I realize with the seafood I probably won't have that hard of a time, but a restaurant that recognizes gluten always makes me feel better. Any help is appreciated Thanks. MURDA
  9. On-line Support

    Thank you very much both of you. I am out of Gwinnett County so I contacted Patsy, and will hopefully get some information soon. Thanks again! MURDA
  10. Ashley462 Make sure that when you pick up food it says "gluten-free". I learned the hard way at first that wheat-free does not mean gluten-free. Good luck with your learning. This site is the best for finding out answers to any questions you might have. I learn more and more everyday on this site, and after almost two years you would think I had it all figured out. Everyday gets easier, and with time you have less accidents. MURDA
  11. I have seen in other replies throughout this board where people say they learned something in their other groups. Are there any other sites like this one or good sites to get more information? I would love to be part of an online group. I'm always so busy and have never had time to find a support group in my area that meets. Anybody know of any good online groups or other sites, or celiac groups in Atlanta? Thanks, MURDA
  12. When I get sick from an accidental dose of gluten I am down for a few days. My doctor recommended that I get this stuff called VERATRUM ALBUM 30. I found it in my health food store. It's a vial of little tiny pills, it helps with the diarrhea, vomiting, and sweating (i get severe fevers). When I get sick I take a dose of these pills and it helps the symptoms go away quicker. Granted they are still there, this is not a cure all drug, but a I will live through this drug. My doctor made sure that I understood that just because this eases my pain some I still have the physical damage done. I don't know if this will help, but it might be worth asking your doctors about. Besides that I try to sleep and I usually eat some chicken soup that I keep frozen for occassions such as those. MURDA
  13. Judy04 - Where do you get those Clan Thompson books? They sound like something I would be interested in carrying around. Thanks MURDA
  14. Granny - I heard through the grapevine that cigarette papers contain trace amounts of gluten. Whether this is true or not I am not sure. Like I said I didn't hear it from a doctor or manufacturer just a friend commenting on it. Sorry I don't know for sure or have more information. If you find out let me know because I'm around smokers all the time, and it would be a nice thing to know. Sorry I can't help more! MURDA
  15. Here is a response I got back from Better than Bouillon... In response to your question, all of the Better Than Bouillon bases are gluten-free. Some of the Crockery Gourmet packets are gluten-free as well but not all. Gluten free Crockery Gourmet flavors: BBQ CHICKEN SOUTHWEST ITALIAN PORK AND BEEF ARE NOT GLUTEN FREE. -Carla Martinez Internet Sales I've tried the chili bouillon base and the chicken and they are both good. I pick them up at the farmers market. You can look at them online if you wish, just search better than bouillon. Hope this helps anybody! MURDA