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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. does anyone have any recommendations for either specific restaurants in santa fe and surrounding areas? also, any recs for specific dishes that would either normally be made gluten-free or those i should be on the look out to avoid? thanks!
  2. Eating In Nyc

    Tons! Risotteria lilli & loo (not my fave but still good) bistango (make reservations if you can!) Tribeca grill -- not expressly gluten-free but they are quite knowledgeable pala - east village off of houston street - gluten-free pizzas, excellent
  3. Santa Fe, Nm

    I wish I did! I'll be going there myself soon!
  4. Looks like your original question got a little lost. I could make a few suggestions that may help you in your future social events -- there's no reason you can't join in and have a good time with your friends. As noted by other responders, "wine coolers" will be malt beverages. Perhaps you were thinking of a wine 'spritzer' - which is simply wine with seltzer. Wine, champagne, port, most liqueurs will be gluten-free. You could try a gin & tonic which is both safe and simple. If you don't want to drink alcohol and want to avoid soda you can try having: Seltzer (or club soda) with a lime wedge. You'll avoid the HFCS and sugar that way. As for finding a drink you might like, or finding out what common ingredients go into drinks I found this site -- http://www.drinksmixer.com/ You'll find in different 'bartender's bibles' different ratios of ingredients in drinks, but it gives you a rough idea. good luck!
  5. What To Bring? How To Discuss?

    Thanks to everyone for the responses. I think I will try make-ahead foods, and pack some soups, as you have suggested, and ask about a fridge/microwave. I would so much like to be able to just eat with everyone else, since it is a group thing (we'll be taking classes together, et cetera), so I am hoping the catering manager confirms that they will be having some simple, safe foods. The grill idea sounds great, (and delicious) but it is a bit complicated for me -- I don't own a grill (we live in a small NYC apartment), but it is a great idea for future reference.
  6. What To Bring? How To Discuss?

    That never occurred to me, to request a microwave or fridge. Thanks I'll look into it. What foods would you recommend? Crackers and energy bars, yes, but I figure I'll want more than that?
  7. This is the first time I'm dealing with this. Could use any helpful hints! I am going to a resort in a few weeks for a group event (kind of like craft camp for grown ups). :-) The resort is not officially the host, so I called the organizer today. I explained that I needed to speak to someone, probably a catering manager about the food b/c I have celiac disease and must avoid specific foods. They were confused (which I understand) about why I couldn't just *look* at the food and see if I could avoid it. I gave them a very brief explanation, and said the menu doesn't need to change I just need to know in advance if I can eat it. At any rate, they said to call back in a week when the menu is set and then she'll tell me who to call. Anyone BTDT, am I better off just randomly calling the resort and finding the catering manager? So in the meantime, what snacks, foods I can make in a hotel room, should I plan on bringing with me? We will be in the resort, relying on their foods for the entire length of the stay, so unlike a vacation where you stay in a hotel and spend all day out and about, I have to bring it with me or eat what's there at the resort. Thanks!!
  8. Can You Wash A Salad?

    Thank you for everyone's responses. I liked the poison ivy idea, except well, I'm not allergic to poison ivy, so it isn't scary to me. :-o I had never considered the salad washing plan prior to last week. And yes, foolishly I did it. Did I have a reaction? Hard to tell but days later I had a reaction to *something* but that may be entirely unrelated.
  9. Ok, prepare yourselves for this unusual question: you get a salad. No dressing. Just lettuce, cherry tomatoes, onions... and croutons. If the croutons are removed, and the remaining salad is washed vigorously in water, do you think gluten still remains?
  10. Anyone here had any experiences, good or bad with taking antispasmodics (like hyoscyamine, Bentyl, et al) for a glutening? Or any other medication? If you had a positive experience, what do you take and how often?
  11. Worst Pain Ever -- Help!

    Thanks for the tips. I eventually took 2 Aleve and used a heating pad, which helped some, but spent the rest of the night in pain. :-( How much aloe vera do you drink and how often?
  12. Vitamin D

    Tarnalberry- that's excellent! I was tested only by 2 docs, and one was to check for hypo/hyperparathyroidism (or to rule it out) and the other was follow-ups with celiac specialists. I know more awareness is growing about the role Vit D has in many diseases and physical symptoms, so hopefully more people will get as comprehensive testing as you did.
  13. Worst Pain Ever -- Help!

    Anyone? I'm truly at a loss as to what to do that will bring about some fairly immediate relief from the pain and cramping.
  14. Vitamin D

    Vit D & calcium will help with bone density. Supplemental levels are guided by what your starting levels are. My doctor had me take a prescription of D3 when my very low levels were first found. Since stabilizing and going gluten-free, I am now on a lower maintenance dose that is available OTC.