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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey guys . It's that time again, I really need new make up, especially lip products. I recently realized the covergirl lipgloss i was using contains tocopheral which is derived from wheat, so into the can it goes. I've searched through the old posts to try and see if anyone posted about any lipsticks that are both gluten and soy free, but i couldnt' find anything. It seems like every lipstick i come across has either or both :/. Does anyone have recommendations?
  2. Soy Intolerance

    Soy is evil :/...it gives me terrible diarrhea, in fact one that lasts longer than if i get glutened. yesterday, i had minor surgery and the anestesia they put in through an iv worked "wonders" on my stomach today if youu know what i mean :/
  3. I know how you feel. Food didn't bother me so much before, and i have understanding friends, but lately i've been so sick from all food i literally can eat nothing but rice, potatoes fish and meat and the site of people eating anything else, particularly cakes or sweets makes me want to claw their eyes out
  4. Double Dq1s-what's Your Story?

    subtype 5,5 I started getting stomach trouble when i was 10 right around the time i had mono. But they'd be really rare. Then in beginning of 2004, things got bad. Everyday, It was either constipation or diarrhea, and lots of mucous a long with both :/. i've also had panic attacks,depression and was recently diagnosed with hoshimoto's. everything went away after going gluten free but now came back in full swing, after 9 months about :/
  5. i quit smoking for half a year about 2 years before going gluten freee and i felt terrible. My symptoms were at their worst. I find that when my stomach hurts smoking calms it down a bit.
  6. Is it possible to have a bad reaction to Armour? I read over the different thyroid meds and Armour definately sounded the best, and my doctor didn't mind giving it to me. I'm on the lowest dose possible. I didn't associate this with armour at first,and maybe it has nothing to do with it, but for the time period that i've been taking it all my GI symptoms returned majorly. I've been having a problem with them, i'm not sure if i have something on top of gluten intolerance or cross contamination or whatever, but the problem is i've been feeling better and since starting Armour i've gotten a lot worse. And today, i woke up with my right elbow covered in blister like sores that burn and itch. I can't pin this down to anything else so i'm wondering if this could be a possible reaction to armour? is that even possible? Thanks for anyfeedback
  7. activated charcoal works really good if you can get it!
  8. So on my last post i said i've been feeling really crappy (literally ) and then it got better for a week and then it got really bad AGAIN. The past week has just been terrible, i haven't been this bad in awhile. Constant diarrhea, stomach cramps (you guys no the deal) and i've been eating nothing but rice and boiled chicken. It's gotten so bad i've actually scheduled a colonoscopy for as soon as school is over to see if i have crohn's or colitis (god i hope i don't). But today, when i felt strong enough to get on the computer i started researching my make up products. I've been using physician's formula foundation and L'oreal infallible foundation. I haven't been able to find anything on lorea'ls infallible , but there was a post here from awhile ago that said Physician's formula isn't gluten free . I called them and they said they'll get back to me but haven't yet. I checked the ingredients for the specific foundation that i have and it doesn't seem to have any obvious gluten ingredients but it does have hydrolized soy protien. Is that dangerous to use if i'm soy intolerant? i read somewhere that hydrolized protein is safe...i think i'm starting to lose my mind, its all so confusing...
  9. Cheating

    LOL i like that
  10. Feeling bad (what Else Is New)

    LOL true. well i'm not leaving him alone till he gives me it, and if anything i'll just order it and the hell with him. The thing about your weight, i see that you had your gallbladder removed. I know that it's especially difficult to lose weight when you don't have a gall bladder so that might also be the cause.
  11. 10 Things I Hate About Celiac

    UGh yeah we are definately lucky. I think Fibercon was what he gave me. He was such a uesless doctor
  12. Feeling bad (what Else Is New)

    I live in the States so thankfully i can get it. I'm pretty sure i'll have to argue wit hthe doctor to get it but hopefully it won't be too hard. Doctors are so dense IF anything, are you able to order it from the above link?
  13. Feeling bad (what Else Is New)

    It is actually! http://www.inhousepharmacy.com/general/armour-thyroid.html
  14. Feeling bad (what Else Is New)

    you're sweet <3. That's exactly how i feel. I was actually doing pretty good for like a month or so. I was in the best of moods and then BAAAAM. it's just such a downer and i do feel awfully helpless. I am glad for this board though, otherwise i'd be seriously lost.
  15. Feeling bad (what Else Is New)

    THanks so much. I'm glad you're feeling better!! & I'll definately find the book. I'm pretty desperate to start feeling betterfast. i'm trying to stop smoking too, which is hard right now (when i'm hungry and my stomach hurts so i can't eat i just smoke instead..terrible,i'm trying desperately to quit) but anyway, no beer for me. That's actually the thing that prompted me finding out about everything, I got really really really sick last summer after drinking.