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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Destin Area Restaurants

    We were in Destin last summer and ate at Jim & Nicks BBQ and Pompano Joes and had a great experience at both places. Jim & Nicks (http://www.jimnnicks.com/) doesn't have a gluten-free menu on their website, but if you email them they will email back a very extensive list of what you can eat. The servers were very helpful as well. Pompano Joes is right on the beach and they were very well informed of what I could and could not have. The manager took care of us personally. I had grilled fish and veggies that were really yummy! Hope you have a great time, it's so beautiful there!
  2. Olive Garden

    I have a friend that works at Olive Garden and he said that the meals are frozen, they zap them in the microwave and they have strict instructions to use fresh utensils, etc., so that no cross-contamination occurs. I have eaten it 3 times with no stomach issues, but I did have a waitress look at me like I had 2 heads when I said I needed the gluten-free menu. I remembered it being under garden fare on the website. That made more sense to her, she brought me the garden fare menu and I could point it out and show her what I meant. It isn't that tasty (especially when my husband has regular pasta with marinara and it smells amazing!), but it is nice to have another resturant option to eat at.
  3. Rain Forest Cafe

    I ate at the Rainforest at Downtown Disney in Orlando about a year ago. The staff was very nice, a chef came right out when I told our waiter that I needed something gluten-free. I ate a steak, mashed potatoes (no gravy), and mixed veggies. Now it doesn't sound very exciting, but it was wonderful. Would definately go back, but without my little girls...they were afraid of the thunderstorm
  4. Prenatal Vitamin.......gluten Free?

    Congrats on the pregnancy! I am 16 weeks with baby #3 and I take GNC prenatal vitamins w/ iron. It clearly states No Wheat, No Gluten. I took them with baby #2 as well and have had no problems. They are sold at all GNC stores and are $17.99 (I think!) for 120 caplets.
  5. I'm confused, because according to the Pediasure website and someone I spoke with on the phone, Pediasure does NOT contain gluten. My daugher won't drink straight milk, so we mix it half and half with Pediasure (strawberry) and we have never had any problems.
  6. Try and find some Bell & Evans gluten-free Nuggets. My girls (4 yrs. & 20 months) absolutely love them. I know nuggets aren't the healthiest, but sometimes you just need some, know what I mean? We also love Chick-fil-A. We get the chargrilled filets and cut them into strips to dip into sauce. Makes them feel "normal" because they have something they can dip. Not to mention the fries are awesome! I found that just giving it time (my daughter was 3) and having her realize how much better she feels is what helped the most.
  7. Pei Wei Question

    I guess it would of helped to say they are both gluten-free! Sorry 'bout that...thanks for the feedback on the Sweet and Sour Chicken. Neither one is really picky and if it comes with rice we should be good!
  8. Pei Wei Question

    I have never been to Pei Wei (love P.F. Chang's), but we will be near one next week. I have a 4 year old and an 18 month old. The menu didn't really look kid friendly...is the sweet and sour chicken spicy? Or does it come with veggies or rice? Any thoughts? Thank you!
  9. Been to the Jim 'n Nicks in Destin, FL. Loved it! If you email them they will send you a long list of gluten-free options. Their fried catfish is breaded in cornmeal so it is gluten-free, you just have to double check if it is fried separately. Yummy!
  10. I self diagnosed as well, after having 1 successful pregnancy followed by 2 miscarriages. 2 months after being gluten-free, I was pregnant. Had a wonderful pregnancy and a healthy baby girl! I felt like my periods got normal for the 1st time after being gluten-free and I felt healthy and not nearly so tired. Best of luck to you!
  11. Need Chick-fil-a Fries Feedback

    We eat at our local Chick-Fil-A at least 2 times a week. We have never had a problem. We usually get the same thing, chargrilled chicken breast, fries and fruit. They know us and I feel like they are extra careful with our stuff. We always stop at CFA when we are travelling and I have never had a problem with any CFA. Not to say that they are perfect, they have just always been great for us! :0)
  12. Destin, Fl

    There is a great BBQ resturant in SanDestin called Jim 'n Nicks. If you go on their website they will email you an extensive list of your options. http://www.jimnnicks.com/ We also ate at Pompano Joe's and they had wonderful seafood and were very understanding. Plus they were right on the water, so it had an authentic feel! Have fun!
  13. Disney World - Burger & Fries

    Yay for trips to Disney! It is so much fun to eat there. My family always eats at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe at Magic Kingdom. You have to wait twice as long for your hamburger and fries, but SO worth it. You can pick up gluten-free Brownies and Chocolate Chip cookies at the Main Street Bakery. If you are staying at a Disney hotel, they can provide you with a gluten-free menu. I could have eaten every meal at our hotel. They made gluten-free Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes, which was a huge deal for my 4 yr old. If you call the Disney number (you can find it on the Disney website), ask for info on their gluten-free options and they will email you what you can eat at each counter service at each park. Very helpful! Have a wonderful trip! Happy Eating!
  14. Just thought I would pass this on to all the southerners out there. I just spoke with someone from Dale's Seasoning (marinade) and they assured me it is gluten-free. The company is out of AL, but I live in FL now and we can buy it here too. Our friends in AL use it on everything, so glad to know it is okay!
  15. I buy the Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry ones from Publix all the time. Both my daughters eat one for breakfast every day (pretty much) so we go through lots! I would say half are crumbly and half are not. I have always thought it was because I bought an old package. Yummy either way. And I am so trying them with peanut butter and marmalade now!