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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. While I agree that as far as gluten free bread goes Udi's is probably the best, I don't think that it's AMAZING. We ordered two cases of it and it was wonderful to have because I didn't have to make bread and it did stay decently soft and didn't go bad as fast as other gluten-free bread. Here are some cons that I wish someone had told me: 1. It's TINY- it's short and the slices are small. If your kids don't like crust, once you have the crust off this bread there isn't much left. Plus, if you get a loaf that is "extra done" the crust is really hard and thick. 2. We had about four loaves out of a case of 8 loaves that had a huge airpocket throughout the whole loaf. It was really annoying because obviously I couldn't make very good sandwiches out of those loaves of bread. I pack my daughters lunch so being able to pack a sandwich that holds up is very important. 3. It's expensive. Sure, it's about the same as a bread mix costs, but I can get twice the amount of bread out of a bread mix. It's a pain to bake bread, but it's really not that bad considering the money saved. All in all the texture is really nice though. It's the closest thing to real bread that I've found thats premade.
  2. As the only person with symptoms in my family at the time, I was surprised when I came up negative but my husband and daughter were both positive with Enterolab (I'm the one with the family history, and all the health issues). They are both gluten free now, and do have symptoms when they have it but it was frustrating trying to convince them that the tests were legit when mine was negative. My mom got a DNA test done that showed she carries two genes, the results explaned that all her children would have at least one. I know that it doesn't mean I'll automatically have Celiac but it's nice to know that there's some paperwork out there somewhere that says that maybe there is a reason I'm so sick.
  3. There's a connection for me. Everytime I have any dairy I break out in those big underground pimples that hurt. It's so frustrating as I'm 30 years old and never really had any acne problems when I was younger.
  4. I can't answer your enzyme question, but I wanted to let you know that you aren't alone in the acne department. I can't use anything with salicylic acid in it or I get those huge underground zits too. And it takes forever for them to go away. I take Lysine for acne, it helps with inflammation in the body. Please post if you find an answer to your issues. Good luck!
  5. Yeah, I'm thinking thyroid issues. I've been on Armour Thyroid for a few months now but recently complained to my doctor that I don't think it's working. It's a very low dose. I had already made an appointment to get my levels checked again before I noticed the finger issue. It's really very annoying. I go in next week so I'll be sure to post again. I'm sure he'll just think I'm crazy!!
  6. So for a while now I've had issues with my fingertips looking wrinkled and shriveled. Almost like when you soak your hands in water for a long time, only they haven't been in water at all and it's not the pads of my fingers, but on the tips. I haven't been doing any work with my hands, and they aren't dry and cracked. They look like little cracks but they aren't, it's wrinkled. Also, it feels like the skin is thinner in that area. I drink a ton of water so I don't think it's dehydration. This has happened off and on and I think it's getting worse. Right now its on my middle finger of my right hand and barely starting on the middle finger of my left hand. Has anyone had any experience in this? I've read on the internet it could be related to hypothyroidism?
  7. I vote for the Kichen Aid Mixer as well. I had a super expensive bread maker and it lasted for about six months before the pan got stuck in the groove and I had to use spatulas to get the bread out and pry the pan out after it cooled. I looked it up and that's a common thing to happen. It also has begun to show rust already in the pan and it makes funny noises. I've always taken good care of it. The Kitchen Aid is easy to use and easy to clean. And, it's fun to make other things in it. The trick for me with bread mixes is to mix it for a long time (about 20 minutes) and it rises and bakes great!
  8. Ahhh... you got the typical response for CYA. I hate those! I got the same response from them regarding their choc covered espresso beans. My mom and I drink their brewed coffee with no gluten issues. She's extremely symptomatic, I am not. She's never had a problem so far. Other than that I can't say what else is safe. Good luck!
  9. You sound exactly like me! I am SO upset over my coffee making me sick. It's been this way for three years for me now... I'll stay away from it for awhile and then I'll give in and have it. The first couple of days are awesome, I'll feel wonderful and energetic. Then slowly it catches up to me. All over horrible body pain, fatigue, grumpiness, sick to my stomach, then extreme fatigue, brain fog, etc. I seem to be ok when I drink pop but I don't want pop. I WANT coffee. I've tried all different brands, as well as decaf, changed the way I make it and what I added to it. Nothing worked. I'd always be ok for a few days then *bam* I'd be sick again. Here are my theories: A) I have leaky gut and the coffee beans are making it much worse. The caffeinne is too much for me in coffee, which is why pop seems to be ok for me. C) My adrenal glands are shot and coffee makes them worse. D) All the above I'm pretty sure it's theory D for me. Right now, I'm feeling like crap after having coffee for the last couple of weeks. I'm wondering how much of this I can take. Like I said, I have been dealing with this for THREE YEARS. I've gone to 13 different doctors and so far all my tests are normal. So, on the days I am strong I truly have to put it in perspective... is coffee worth it?? And the answer is no. Other days though I pout and think to myself that it's not fair. I've already given up gluten... why coffee too? So for today I am going to be strong and tell myself my affair with coffee is once again over. Tomorrow morning I'll drink Stash brand Double Chai Spice Tea and while it's not the same, it's strong enough tea that it doesn't feel like I'm just drinking hot water. I try to always have a few bags in my purse so that when I'm out and about I can just order a cup of hot water for it. At first it was embarrassing to order but really, no one cares if that's all you order. I'm thinking there should be a support group for people trying to give up coffee. If you find something that works for you, let me know!
  10. I have a HUGE problem with coffee in general. It started about 3 years ago, right before I got pregnant with my second child. I shrugged it all off on pregnancy tiredness. After my daughter was born I had major issues with fatigue and PAIN. Weird horrible pain all over my body like it was fibro but I didn't have the pressure points Dr's diagnose with. I'll spare you all the details but after going to 13 different doctors about it, and all but one insisting I was depressed I finally said enough is enough. I had noticed that the more coffee I drank the worse the pain was. I have been on pain meds daily for almost two years now. I gave coffee up almost two weeks ago and have not had ANY pain since about three days ago. I had tried everything from B12, vit D, trying paleo but drinking black coffee, etc. It started slow, problems with Starbucks. I think it was because Starbucks coffee is brewed so strong. Then I noticed it was getting worse even with weak coffee. So far, I'm ok with other types of caffienne, but I'm sure that might change. So, it's clear to me that coffee was my issue this WHOLE time. I can't tell you the pain emotionally and physically that I went through trying to figure out what my problem was. I HATED having to give it up because I was HOOKED. but I like feeling good even better!
  11. Gluten-free In Kuna, Boise, Idaho

    wow thanks for the info. it's always good to have more choices. my husband is newly gluten-free. i'm sure he'd love to have a beer!
  12. Meridian, Idaho- Chicago Connection

    I think it's pretty cool that we have choices now! We can go to Louie's for a more "regular" style pizza or Chicago Connection for a thin crust style. I'm not really sure what I prefer yet as Louie's changed their crust and it's pretty dry now. But it is nice to have both styles!
  13. Meridian, Idaho- Chicago Connection

    I think it's pretty cool that we have choices now! We can go to Louie's for a more "regular" style pizza or Chicago Connection for a thin crust style. I'm not really sure what I prefer yet as Louie's changed their crust and it's pretty dry now. But it is nice to have both styles!
  14. Meridian, Idaho- Chicago Connection

    Hey just an update- Hubby and I ate there tonight. It was really yummy too. The gluten-free crusts are 10" and they are the thin crust style, so they are pretty thin. I asked our waitress what brand they were but she wasn't sure. She thought they got them from Food Services but who knows. Next time I'm going to ask the manager. I would have asked them tonight but he wasn't there. Hubby really liked the crust- it had almost a buttery flavor to it I thought. He preferred it over Louie's pizza and it was about the same price as Louie's only at Louie's their crust is about 7" but thicker (and more dry I think). I think I do prefer Chicago Connection because the atmosphere is more laid back too. But I like how you can get pasta at Louie's. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble but just wanted to let you all know about it!
  15. I just got an email from my MIL who lives in Meridian. She said she drove by Chicago Connection and there was a sign that said they now have Gluten Free crusts. I've never eaten there and I have no idea about their cross contamination preventions, but I thought that was pretty neat! Just thought I'd pass the information on. Has anyone had their pizza yet? If so let us know if it was any good!