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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Rice Krispy Treats

    I just made krispie treats last week for a Bunco night treat. Followed the basic recipe above, using gluten-free rice krispies. I also put in a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter (very scientific measurement, I know!) with the melting marshmallows and then a couple handfuls of chocolate chips in the final mixture. I'm the only Celiac out of 12 women and the treats were almost all gone by the end of the night and got rave reviews. Good luck! Michelle
  2. Has anyone been to this resort specifically? Or more generally, how about Mexico? Looking forward to authentic Mexican food and I'd think it'd be less contaminated, but maybe not. I'm going to email the resort to see about their gluten free menu items, but thought I'd also post here. Thanks for any info or tips!
  3. I just logged into Yahoo and one of the top stories staring me in the face is on Celiac Disease! The link to the story is below. The quote I find most interesting... 'At Wal-Mart, "gluten-free" products are hitting the shelves this month. The retailing giant is requiring suppliers to identify whenever gluten is used in its private-label products, said Bob Anderson, general merchandise manager of the company's Great Value brand. So far, 982 of the company's 1,254 products have been identified as gluten-free.' That means 78% of their food items should be ok for us to eat. I'll be looking to see if they also introduce actual gluten-free food (breads, cookies) or if it'll just be 'normal' items like applesauce and canned veggies etc. Either way, once a big retailer starts a trend the others generally follow suit, so one more small battle won for us Celiac's! http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=...fit_gluten_free
  4. Article In Fitness Magazine

    I have a subscription to Fitness (although, as a completely unrelated side note...letting Fitness run out and now I'm getting the new Women's Health - much better magazine in my opinion.) Anyway, I was extremely happy to see the article on Celiac and was also impressed that all facts were correct. I emailed them a thank you. Hopefully we'll see other articles in mainstream magazines as well.
  5. Salsa

    Chachie's clearly labels their salsa containers with 'gluten free'. Can't miss it as it's the only other wording on the top and front of the container besides their company name and the 'hotness' of the salsa. Just picked up a container of the mild last night (I'm a big wimp and don't like spicy food!), made gluten-free enchiladas with it and also had some chips and salsa. Wonderful flavor! Emailed the company this morning with my thanks for labeling so clearly. Honestly, I had another brand in my cart and the Chachies just jumped out at me. http://www.chachies.com Michelle in IL
  6. Denver, Co

    Just wondering if there are any celiac disease friendly restaurants and grocery stores in and around the Denver area. My husband and I are considering moving there and will be visiting for a long wknd soon, then will decide about a permanent move. I live in the Chicago 'burbs now and the selection of restaurants and grocery stores that stock food I can eat is really great. Hoping for the same out west. Thanks in advance!
  7. Not sure if this is the right category for this, but last night, my husband and I were talking about how we want to donate our organs if we would unfortunately no longer need them. Morbid subject, but hey, it's a necessary one! He asked me if I'd be able to donate my intestines because of my celiac disease. I'm not even sure a person can donate their intestines, but if so, can Celiacs? And are there any other organ donation restrictions we have - either giving or receiving? If anyone knows, that would be great! Hope everyone is having a great Turkey Day! Michelle
  8. I actually saw this the other night as well. Flipping channels at the gym (both the Cubs game and Olympics were on commercial break!) and actually passed the channel, but the line at the bottom caught my eye. Said something about the little girl couldn't have communion. Turned back and found the whole interview to be very accurate and compelling. Unfortunately, as I looked around the gym, not one other tv was turned to this station, but oh well. If even one more person was educated... Happy Thursday everyone! Michelle in IL
  9. Saw this in Sunday's Tribune...here's the link... http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/hea...1,3316940.story Michelle in IL
  10. Vegas - Paris Hotel Buffet

    Thanks for the response, Kim! Yes, we will be at Paris for dinner. A couple years ago we were in Vegas at the Aladdin and the head chef there was extremely helpful, so I spose I'll just contact the chef at Paris. Just thought I'd post in case someone had been there very recently so I could have an idea of specific dishes. They probably change pretty often anyway. Definitely not expecting 20 items I can eat, but a couple would be nice. Good tip about the 'cheap French food', I will for sure stay away from anything looking creamy - which I do anyway, actually. And if/when I ever get over to experience the REAL food, I'll look forward to eating as much as possible. And ensure my gym membership is up to date for when I come back! Yes, I hope we both win this wknd - well, I'd settle for coming close to breaking even actually! Michelle
  11. Vegas - Paris Hotel Buffet

    We'll be going to the Paris hotel buffet in Las Vegas this upcoming weekend as part of a wedding party/reception. I emailed the hotel this morning, but wondered if anyone had visited there recently? I also realize in general that buffets are not the best for Celiacs, but it's a part of the wedding reception, so it's not like I can't go. And I gotta believe there's at least one thing there that I could eat! Michelle in IL
  12. I know there's a support group in Wheaton, but that's kinda a hike, especially on a weeknight. I also read there was a group that met monthly at the Soup to Nuts store in Geneva, but that they quit meeting. Anyone know of another in that area? Thanks! Michelle in IL