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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Gillian sorry for the bad news but, now that you know your headed in the right direction. I am the mother of a 13year old with Crohn's and Ceilac. We were told in August also that she had both through colonoscopy. All of this came about because of anemia........ To answer some of your questions: Yes - all are autoimmune. My understanding is Colistis - effects the large intestines-rectum. Crohns - effects the whole or any part of the digestive tract. both diseses have some serious consequences if you dont treat them. Including, the chance of getting more autoimmune diseases. for now we are lucky she is responding to the meds trying to keep the crohns under control but, it does take time. As for the question is this common? Our doctor said NO but after being on this board there is quite a few of us out there diagnosed and Im afraid alot more may get it if they dont take Celiac and the diet serious. Please remember now that you know look ahead and take care of yourself. My daughter hasn't slowed down much at all (then again) we didn't know anything was the matter with her. I had never even heared about Celiac till July 2003 and all those little signs came together. the only sign of sickness that I see now is she is still small, pale skin, and gets tired by the time the week-end rolls around. Between playing soccer and running up to two miles a day Im tired just keeping up with her.......... Hope this helps, Leah Jacie's mom
  2. My daughter has anemia also, that was the first sign we had that somthing was the matter. After trying over the counter iron with no improvement the doctor sent us to a gi. after being tested and comfirmed for celiac and crohns she is now on niferex (iron) and folic acid both rx. She is also on other med. for the crohns but i think that the folic acid is what has improved her levels we go Tuesday for more blood work in hopes that we can get off the iron. as long as there is improvment we will be happy. Leah Jacie's mom (13)
  3. Hi Steve, Sorry for the dx. but you are not alone my 13 yr old has both. She hasn't been put on stereroids yet and hoping thats a long way off. but, she is on asecol(8) a day niferex (2) folic acid (1) acidophilus (2) a good muti vitamin and calcium I think the secret is the folic acid. She is doing great right now. She has never had any pain!!!! she is waiting for that to start. We dont know what to expect, I guess that is the scary part about crohn's. Celiac is the hard part she knows if she has messed up within 2 hours although the mistakes with the gluten free diet are fewer and fewer. Hang in there its a long waiting game with the good news being if you are controlling the diesese's you will be waiting a long time Take care, Leah Jacie's mom