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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Bodybuilders Diet Advice Please

    Hey! I have been body building for the past 6 months and I've been diagnosed celiac for past 3 months. In the past few months, after going gluten free, I've managed to gain 14 lbs (~6.5 kg). The key is to increase your calorie intake, increase your protein intake (minimum 100 grams/day if you are trying to build muscle). Also, you should be eating every 2-3 hours, so approximately 5-6 times a day. If you don't eat for more than 3 hours, your body goes into catabolic state where it starts breaking down usually muscle to get energy it needs. Bad news if you are bodybuilding and trying to gain weight. Did you suddlenly start losing weight? How old are you? Did you have a hard time gaining weight in the past??? The advice I give you is very general - I am not sure what your situation is, so I can't be of more help
  2. Indian Food

    When in doubt, do without. I donated my curry dish to nonceliacs and they loved it! I guess I better buy some spices where the ingridients are clearly listed.
  3. As I was eating my curry dish and reading "Gluten Free Food Guide for Celiac Patients", I read that curry powder is on the "not allowed" list!!! The curry dish I made was delicious, and I used lots of curry powder. The brand I used is imported from India (Flower Brand, Curry Powder - Hot). When I looked at the ingridients, it listed: coriander, turmeric, chilli, fengugreek, mustard and OTHER SPICES???? Can wheat/barley/rye/oats be considered as other spices??? Why would the publication (printed in 1996) even list curry powder as gluten containing spice??? Is the jury out on curry powder??? I thought that indian food was mostly gluten free (except naans, etc)...
  4. I stopped drinking Red Bull as soon as I suspected it was causing problems... Right now I'm just playing scientist by trying to notice patterns. I've had cramps, D, and many other symptoms for years, so in my mind, that was "the norm". Gfp, thanks for the comments, it helps putting things into perspective... I think my problem is unintentional CC, as I live in a household that consumes gluten (plus my dad owns a bakery and a small store, and when he comes home from work, he always has wheat flour on his clothes - how ironic that his son has celiac disease!) Celiacs can tolerate up to 20 ppm, so eating a crumb of wheat bread could cause the symptoms. CC and airborne wheat/gluten shouldn't be a problem once I get my own place in less than a month. My entire kitchen will be gluten-free!!! My gastroenterologist was not very helpful, and I have an appointment with another one in May. I will make sure I discuss casein and other potenial allergies/intolerances... For someone that's been gluten-free for a long, how long does it take for symtoms of glutening to show up??? The same day? Again, thanks everyone for sharing their experiences/knowledge.
  5. I do consume milk, but it's lactose free milk. Other than that, I have no idea what's causing my celiac symptoms. I'm starting to look for patterns, and so far the only food/dring that seems to bother me is red bull, which I drink on almost daily basis?!?! It's good to know that other people are going through the same experience. I would love to hear more about other peoples' experiences as well. I understand that this topic is a little bit uncofortable to discuss publically, but I'd much rather have insight/more information than stay in my comfort zone...
  6. Alcohol

    I stick to tequilla, rum, wine and gluten-free beer. Vodka does not sit well with me (prolly non gluten related). When I hang out at the bar, I am also slightly concerned about CC ( All of the used glasses and steins are washed in the same soapy water ). What drinks/mixers are off limits, other than obviously most beers. I have not heard of any mixed drink that celiacs should stay away from...
  7. Cross-contamination

    I am a new Celiac and I prefer SHG over CC! Job well done!
  8. I was diagnosed with celiac disease this year in Feb. and I've been gluten-free since then. Occasionally (once or twice a week) I will have frequent bowel movements (not quiet D), several during a course of day (same symptoms I had before going gluten-free), and stomach cramps. My stool is also a bit oily, so I'm assuming that the fats in my diet are still not being absorbed. The question I have for people that have gone through this initial phase of becoming gluten-free, is how long does it take for villi to recover and for symptoms to go away. People that don't have celiac disease occasionally have the symptoms I described so how do I know if my symptoms are symptoms of accidental glutening vs. normal GI problems. How can one know if they got glutened??? The gluten-free diet was amazing in the beginning, but now that I am starting to have symptoms again, I am worried and discouraged. Does anyone have any advice or insight into my situation? Thanks a ton!
  9. Sweetfudge, what are the benefits of colon hydrotherapy??? I was diagnosed in Feb, and I still have GI symptoms? Does hydrotherapy help with them??? Can you give me the contact info of the person that does this in Utah (I'm in SLC). Thanks.
  10. Body Building, Protein Bars/shakes

    Coltrane, are you a diagnosed celiac? I was in the same boat, and like I said, it was impossible for me to get past 180lbs. If you do have celiac and are on gluten free diet, your villi (which are finger like projections in your small intestine - their function is to absorb nutrients and provide some enzymes for digestion) will start regenerating and you'll be able to absorb the nutrients from your food. Before going gluten free, I would eat ridicilous amount of protein, minimal amount of simple carbs like sugar with no results... I would also suggest taking Centrum Multivitimin to help with any possible nutritional deficienies... I found Odyssey protein bars (I have actually consumed them before going gluten free) . They taste decent and are gluten-free, but are processed in a plant that processes wheat??? Should I be concerned about cross-contamination???
  11. Let's talk about restaurants in Salt Lake area, both celiac friendly and unfriendly... THE GOOD: Rodizio's Grill - Excellent service, gluten-free menu available. Manager even approched me and told me that I can't have pork (it was on gluten-free menu) because they added an ingridient that had gluten in it. Food was delicious - carnivore's heaven. Google Rodizios for more info, they are online. Mazza - Middle Eastern Restaurant (15th S, 15th E). gluten-free menu available. Tasty food. Aware staff. Strongly recommend this little restaurant. (They are moving to 9th S and 9th E location - not sure when). Google them, they are online. THE BAD: Bombay House in Salt Lake was the worst last week. Before going there, my date ("restaurant industry insider") made a phone call and talked to the manager about gluten. We were told that the majority of the food is gluten free and that we should not worry. When we got there, the waiter was rude, didn't answer my question and didn't seem to care at all. Finally, I spoke with someone else. The other person, not sure what his title is, was just as unresponsive. In the end, I ordered chicken curry and hoped that I don't get glutened. I'm not going again. This experience was not pleasent to say the least.
  12. Las Vegas, Buffets

    I disagree.
  13. Las Vegas, Buffets

    All the comments that have been posted so far have been very helpful.... When my friends and I eat at a buffet, it's usually the pricier ones on the strip that we go to. So maybe those have less cross-contamination issues... So far I've decided to bring lots of protein bars (that I haven't found yet - opinion on Odyssey, anyone? They are gluten-free, but processed in a plant that processes wheat) and get a lot of calories/protein from them... Oh yeah, and booze at night. Buffets will be unavoidable on this trip-and I'm still not sure if I want to avoid them or not. At home I am very strict about my gluten-free diet and temptation will not be an issue. Getting glutened by accident will be the problem, if I chose to eat at a buffet. Ignoring cross-contamination issues, what foods are safe bets??? Seafood? Carving station?
  14. Las Vegas, Buffets

    What about roast beef, turkey and ham? Are they gluten free most of the time??? I know turkey basting is a potential problem, but I have no idea how they prepare meat. As long as I can have some protein, I should be fine.
  15. Like a lot of celiacs, I've always been skinny and it's been impossible for me to get my weight above 180 lbs (I'm 25 yo and 6'3"). After being on gluten free diet for almost two months, and lifting weights for 4 months, I finally gained 11 lbs of muscle. I discovered an excellent protein powder that I mix with lactose free milk. It's Essential Natural 100% protein made by Iron-Tek (www.iron-tek.com) and it has 22 grams of protein per serving. It tastes great, especially if you add some fresh or frozen fruits. The bottle it comes in even says "NO: yeast, wheat, gluten, preservatives, artificial flavors, artificail sweeteners or artificial color" Now I'm seaching for high protein, low sugar bars and I can't find any that are gluten free? Any advice?