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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks to all who have responded. It's good to know I am not alone. RJ, thanks for saying what I've been thinking. Stinking, stupid gluten!!! Why does it have to be in so many of the vegan foods it took me *years* to find and learn to work with? But yes, you are right. I've been a label-reader for many years, and that part of going gluten-free is second nature for me. I think I've been able to keep gluten out of my diet successfully for the past couple of weeks, although I'll double-check everything I'm ingesting to make sure I'm not getting hidden gluten. BTW, for any other vegans/vegetarians/interested persons, I did find a web-site with quite a few vegan foods: www.dixiediner.com Lots of textured soy protein products and even some gluten-free vegan broth mixes. Another source is www.healthy-eating.com, but I've had to do some asking about their products, because they label them if they are "wheat free", which doesn't quite cut it, as you all know well!! I've been revisiting my vegan/vegetarian cookbooks, and have rediscovered some kinds of ethnic cooking that is by nature gluten-free. I made an Indian vegetarian meal last night, and didn't even have to do *one* substitution! Middle Eastern cooking has some possibilities, too, as does Chinese cooking. I just have to be careful to use Eden Wheat-Free Tamari and rice noodles or rice. So I'm feeling more positive about a gluten-free diet in the last few days. Gerri, as for a soy allergy, all I can say is URK! If I am allergic to soy, I am in deep trouble! Right now, it is a major source of protein for me, and I've had to use even more since going gluten-free. But I'll try giving up soy for a few days and see if I have any improvement. The GI symptoms continue, although I'm happy to report that I've lost 2 pounds, which I haven't been able to do for months (I am very active, and baffled by my sudden inability to lose weight. Yep, I already had a full thyroid panel done. LOL!) In the last couple of days, the GI symptoms seem to have shifted to about 2 to 2-1/2 hours after eating. Sigh. Thanks all again and I'll keep ya posted on my progress. Becky
  2. For those of you who had GI symptoms, how long did it take for them to abate when you went gluten-free? My GI symptoms are bloating, gas, cramping, lots of GURGLING and RUMBLING in my guts and occasional diarrhea, but more often just fecal urgency. Most of my symptoms appear shortly after eating. I've also had trouble losing weight, unlike a lot of other gluten-sensitive people. I went gluten-free 2 weeks ago, and thought my GI symptoms would quickly disappear, but they haven't. Just wondering what others' experience was. Also, I am a vegan, and have found the gluten-free diet very depressing, even though I am an experienced cook. Most of my vegan meat alternatives contain wheat gluten, so they are now out of my diet. None of the gluten-free cookbooks I bought have been much help, as they all assume I am a carnivore. At this point, between the GI symptoms (usually right after I eat) and the lack of vegan gluten-free foods, I am finding food very depressing and I'm beginning to not want to eat at all. Thanks for any help you can offer! Becky