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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Daughter In The Newspaper

    Thanks everyone. This insidious disease is much more common than people want to believe. My partner died in July, having Celiac Disease and Herpetiformis. His family still doesn't believe Celiac is life threatening. His having to stay away from gluten was a joke with them. While I was cleaning up his hospital room, he was transported home. When I got home, his family had, already, bought beer, and gave it to him. Yes, he was sick with liver disease and complications from pain medication, but, how could they give him beer?????????? he did pass away 5 days later. No amount of discussion helped. They said he was going to die anyway and encouraged him to drink beer. Perhaps, if, articles like these had been printed in our area, they might have listened to me better. I will save this article, because, his daughter, soon to be married, may have a child someday, who could be at risk. Sometimes, I think of not coming to this site anymore, because it doesn't involve me, anymore. But, you know, it does involve all of us. I have come to the conclusion that I need to keep abreast of what's going on. Someday, I may be able to help someone with my information. Thanks Celiac Message Board for helping vent and grieve. Faith
  2. These Are Really Cool...

    Thanks, Karen. I will get some of those posters and pass them out. The love of my life died on July 24, 2004 of complications due to liver failure. He only learned of his Celiac Disease a year ago. Because, of Celiac, though, his liver was more easily comprised when he took pain medication with codeine, due to a surgery. I placed an awareness ad in our local Blues Society paper, but, because of a computer glitch the whole ad was printed extremely badly. I will, probably, use this sites information next year. So, now, I don't feel quite so hopeless. Thanks, Faith
  3. Dandruff

    What did you you mean by having a gluten accident? Does that mean you ate or drank something with gluten in it? My fiance had Celiac Sprue and Celiac Herpetiformis, and, he broke out externally and internally with bloody sores, but, it only happened when he was unfaithful about his diet.........................He died July 24. 2004, he was 54. Some think, like Randy did, it isn't that serious, because, it can be controlled by diet. Hope this doesn't scare you, but, this is a very, very serious disease.
  4. My fiance has this problem, but, it is especially a nuisance at night. His sleep his disturbed every 2 hours. He is 54 years old, so, I recommended he take saw palmetto, which is for the prostate. It helped, so, it wasn't every hour, but, it hasn't gotten any better. He has been to the urinary doctor, and, he says to quit alcohol, but, he doesn't believe it will help. So, I was wondering, if, Celiac Disease could, also, be a contributing factor. He mostly is gluten free, however, sometimes, he succumbs to drinking beer. So, if, someone knew that frequent urination could be, also, caused by gluten ingestion, maybe, it would give him even more reason to quit beer entirely. Response to this delicate subject will be appreciated. Faith
  5. Insomnia

    Just a note to say melatonin helped my fiance be able to sleep deeper on the very first night. He still woke up often, but, was able to go back to sleep quickly, whereas, before, he was up a long time. Of course, he has only taken it for 2 nights, so, I hope he will even do better as time goes on.
  6. Insomnia

    Alexa, thank you, so very much for responding and telling us about Melatonin. My fiance has severe Celiac disease and is in dire need of sleep. I will go to the health food store, today, so, he can try it. I had learned about Melatonin, some years ago, but, forgot all about it. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it. Thanks again, Alexa. Faith
  7. Trouble With Bread

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, but, the one from you, Kathleen, I am printing, as I type. Thanks so much. Faith
  8. Welda! You're Famous!

    Will this book be available in bookstores? Faith
  9. Celebrities With Celiac?

    I was watching Dr. Phil, some months ago, and his wife mentioned she eats gluten free. So, I was thinking she had Celiac Sprue disease, but, I can't know, for sure. Faith
  10. Problems With Spouse Cause Of Celiac

    I do think, after, you stick 100 per cent to eating and drinking gluten free, your diarhea and stomach pains will go away. I'm sure, everyone is different, as to how long it takes, but, my fiance, improved within days and continued. Hang in there and your health will improve. Now, to address the issue of your husband. If, I may suggest, that you make an appointment with the doctor that diagnosed your Celiac Sprue disease and bring your husband with you. It would be worth the cost of an office visit to have your husband learn from the horses mouth that you have a DISEASE, not, just some allergy. If, it had gone undiagnosed for a long time, it can kill you. My fiance is terminal. All the villi in his intestines are atrophed. He gets very little nourishment from the food he eats. He is dying from malnutrition.Your DISEASE is most serious. My husband, divorced me one and a half years ago, after 38 years of marriage, because, he wanted to teach me a lesson about money. He earned the money, so, I could only have money from him, if, he liked whatever I was going to use it for. He wouldn't allow me to WORK, but, working at home raising 2 children and all that it entails isn't a REAL job. That isn't a marriage, it's an employee relationship. In a marriage, all funds belong to each partner. If, your husband objects to paying your medical bills, perhaps, he and you would consider counseling. If, the shoe were on the other foot and he wasn't able to work, but, you could, and was able to support him in sickness, I doubt it very much, if, he would think the funds were being spent frivously. I see danger signs in what you say and I don't mean any harm. Please, forgive me, if, my comments smart. But, I think your husband has the problem. My heart goes out to you. Faith
  11. Ilive in the Redding area of northern California. I learned about Celiac Disease in May of 2003. I have been cooking gluten-free, since then, for my dear friend. Finally, he has even quit beer. He would love to go out and eat, and, I have, recently, learned that Outback has a gluten-free menu, so, that is wonderful. More and more, he is realizing Celiac Disease is really a disease, not just an allergy. He has slowly discovered others that have the same disease and that has helped him, immensely. Ever since I've learned about Celiac Sprue disease, I wished someone would write a human interest story for our newspaper, to enlighten the public, as well as, help the community of Restaurants see how there is a real need to have gluten free food available on their menus. I thought, perhaps, someone has, already, written an article and wouldn't mind me offering it to our Record Searchlight newspaper. Perhaps, someone, has the ability to outline an article and/or give me suggestions THANKS
  12. Dear Kelley, The love of my love was diagnosed with Celiac disease 6 months, ago. He, evidently, had this disease for, at least, the last 12 years, and, perhaps, for 20 years. After, researching, a tremendous amount, on the internet, I have discovered, the U.S. is the worst country to have Celiac Disease diagnosed. In, Italy, I have learned, all children are tested by the age of 6, because, of their realization of how prevalent it is. In the U.S. it takes, on the average, 12 years, to eliminate iritible bowel syndrome, acid reflux disease, etc. to, finally, consider, Celiac. Without getting the biopsy, I would suggest, eliminating all gluten products from your diet for 2 weeks, and, see how you feel. If, you feel better, ask your doctor for the biopsy. My love's villi in his colon is petrified, please, consider, a biopsy, or complete diet change, before, it is, too, late. Sincerely, Faith
  13. Just wanted everyone to know that I did get the e-mail that Lisa sent me about Ramapo Brewing Co. I, really, appreciate, how much support is out there. Thanks, again. Faith
  14. Please, e-mail me with the e-mail address and/or the telephone number of this gluten-free beer place. faithtisdale@pcmagic.net. Thank you, Faith Tisdale
  15. Please, e-mail me with the e-mail address and/or the telephone number of this gluten-free beer place. Thank you, Faith Tisdale