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  1. I'M SHOCKED! hi everyone...i am just getting around to registering here, although i have been a lurker for awhile. i was diagnosed with celiac disease three years ago. for the first year and a half i was religious about remaining gluten free....100%.....then i would slip every now and then, without much obvious consequence...just some constipation and a bit of stomach distress. i never had any of the classic symptoms of celiac...none at all. matter of fact, i only had the small intestine biopsy because the doc wanted to see if i had the bacteria that can cause the ulcers i had. i went to see this doc because of trouble swallowing and pain.....he was shocked too when the results came back positive for celiac.....he didn't believe it at all. thought it was a mistake. then we did the blood work and sure enough, it was a match to the diagnosis. i've had alot of surgeries, the necessity for which was suddenly explained when i ended up in a rheumatologists office three years ago at the suggestion of a podiatrist when my foot just wouldn't heal after foot surgery. months were ticking by and the inflammation was still severe...i required another procedure just to drain the fluid. the rheum doc diagnosed spondyloarthropathy, an inflammatory soft tissue disease.....the diagnosis explained my entire lifetime of pain. i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia many years ago, and myofascial pain syndrome. she put me on sulfasalazine and i now also use bextra.....and it is only now, after shoulder surgery two months ago and inflammation that will not resolve, mostlikely meaning that i will need an arthroscopic procedure to "clean things up", but we won't know for sure til i finish the prednisone pack (5 days)(i'm really babbling here aren't i?)that the rheum doc has started to connect celiac with spondyloarthropathy, saying that they are definitely linked....and that if i eat even one gram of gluten i am causing inflammation throughout my entire system, not just my small intestine. needless to say, i'm a bit taken aback by this news.....not that i am stupid and don't realize that everything is connected, so to speak.....but she seems to be indicating that the celiac caused the spondyloarthropathy situation. anyone out there have any ideas on this issue? thanks in advance.