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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Las Vegas

    We are taking a trip to Las Vegas next week and are looking for good places to eat. We are actually pescatarians (we eat fish) so seafood places would be okay too. But we are definitely looking for gluten-free that are not chain type restaurants.
  2. My husband's doctor gave him a six week sample of Crestor for his blood pressure. Now he doesn't feel very well. Did he get glutened from it?
  3. My husband, who has Celiac, is thinking about taking this supplement before exercising. I was wondering if anyone has tried this, and if there are any issues we should be aware of. It contains Glutamine, which seems to be a bit contraversial by itself. Thanks!
  4. Remember that in addition to gluten remaining in her pots and pans, it can hide in lots of other places. Any wooden utensils or cutting boards should be replaced right away. You will not be able to get gluten out of a surface like wood. Also, any seasonings that were used before she was diagosed should probably be replaced. They could be contaminated from spoons that had been also used for flour. This also goes for open jars of mayo, mustard, peanut butter, jelly or anything a contaminated utensil could have been used in. Be sure she checks all of her medicines, shampoo, lotions, etc. These can also contain gluten, which can cause problems. It will take some time, and some trial and error, but I'm sure with a sister like you she will see improvement. Good luck to both of you!
  5. I am looking for dryer sheets that are gluten free. I'v searched through other threads, but have not seen a definite answer. Since I don't live in a big city, we don't have a large selection of supermarkets. I'm looking for something fairly common for someone who's not overly sensitive. Thanks!
  6. Sent Home From Work

    I recently experienced pain in the lower abdomen with severe cramps. I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis, and put on a clear liquid diet. I had to stay on it until the pain and uncomfortableness went away. It's not gluten-related that I know of, but it might be your problem. Try sticking to water and gatorade for a few days, and see if it helps. I hope you feel better!
  7. Endoscopy Tomorrow, And Terrified!

    I've had several of them done over the years, and they have always been very easy. About the worst thing I've ever noticed is a slight sore throat afterward from the tube. Great excuse to have some ice cream!
  8. My husband was diagnosed about two years ago, and we decided to have a gluten free house. it was much easier than trying to have two of everything. Since we don't have any kids, it wasn't very difficult to do. Speaking of kids, you may want to have yours tested. Since Celiac is a genetic disease, it can be passed along to your children. It's best to catch this sooner rather than later. As the previous poster said, throw away all of your wooden utensils. Also get rid of plastic bowls and strainers as gluten will have stuck to them no matter how many times you wash them. Good luck!
  9. We are also big Doctor Who fans, and have been for over twenty years. I personally put my money on Rose in any fight betweent the three (Rose, Martha, Donna). I'm a bit confused over the library episode. The heavily implied that David Tenet was going to have an extended future with Dr. River Song. How can they then change to a new doctor, since it was his face that she continued to recognize? Oh well, I just hope that the new doctor will be good. They generally are, but it's definitly a matter of opinion. This will be his ninth re-generation, so they don't have many more new actors they can get to do the role.
  10. Unfortunately, we have one of those "HE" washers, and you're only supposed to use the detergents made for it. I cannot seem to find any off-brand detergents for this type of washer. Please post if you are aware of any. Thanks!
  11. We do most of our shopping at the local Walmart. Their generic brand "Great Value" has a lot of items that are gluten free. Even their soy sauce is gluten free! The labels are clearly marked on the back if an item is gluten free, and we have had a lot of success shopping there.
  12. Idaho Moving To Arizona

    If you're looking for warm weather Yuma, AZ has it. We have very little in the way of college or nightime/social/singles life, but you can't get much warmer and stay in the US.
  13. Anti-anxiety Meds Anyone?

    Just be careful if you decide to go with the Xanex. Some manufacturers use gluten in it, while others don't. Check the gluterfreedrugs.com website for safe manufacturers, and then find out where your pharmacy gets theirs from. You don't want to make yourself sick while you're trying to calm down.
  14. Pf Changs?

    The shrimp in lobster suace is VERY good. Also, if you can afford the calories, the dessert is really great!
  15. O.k., So I Stirred It

    Sorry, I meant to say 110 degrees.