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  1. Yes , I could not believe the quick cure. I feel so good again. I have been gluten free for only 5 weeks. I am happy and energetic again. I was convinced that I had cancer or some serious disease for so long. The doctors put me through so many expensive tests for everything but celiac. I can not believe that most doctors do not test for it. I have been spending a fortune at the gluten free mall and the local health food stores. I am a vegetarian so I was consuming gluten in almost everything I ate. I saw wheat on the label and thought "healthy". I have had to change everything I thought I knew about nutrition. It is so worth it. I will never go back to gluten. I think some doctors do not like to even tell patients about it because there is no pill they can sell you to cure it and you feel so good you will not be in for all those office visits . I feel bad thinking this way but so many doctors misdiagnosed me for so many years, or worse, said that it must all be in my head so try these drugs. Maybe the doctors are not educated enough about the poison that gluten is to us. It is not easy to transition but you must try it. I am new to this and I guess I will need to get new cosmetics and everything. Good luck !