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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Top Five Reasons To Get A New Doctor

    As a health professional, this sickens me. I am sorry this happened to you. He was completely out of line with that comment.
  2. Priest Almost Glutened Me!

    No need for to wait to talk to a priest. You can go online and read what the Church teaches in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Straight from the horse's mouth and more reliable than wikipedia. You can search transubstantiation and you'll get all the listings about it.
  3. Priest Almost Glutened Me!

    K8ling, I'd like to share some thoughts and solutions with you privately. Would that be okay? I am a catechist and have many resources at hand.
  4. Priest Almost Glutened Me!

    It is truly the living Body of Christ. It retains the elements of the bread that is used. It's a miracle and not bound by 21st century logic. K8ling your priest doesn't have the authority to make that kind of decision and could face serious repercussions from this. Very sad that there is so little understanding.
  5. Just Called Post

    I bought the cupcake ones for my kids and they thought they were super-sweet and tasted funny. I actually threw them out--which I rarely do. BUT--they do smell exactly like bakery cupcakes and you are pg, so they may hit the spot for you! Once I watched my dh eat a whole box of Cocoa Pebbles in a sitting on a dare. We were younger then...
  6. Gelatin is a natural substance that forms when animal bones are boiled. Every time you eat a pot roast, roasted chicken or even anything made with broth, you are consuming gelatin in varying quantities. I'm not saying there isn't something bothering you, but I wouldn't be too quick to point to gelatin. Chicken feet, by the way, made the richest, most flavorful broth imaginable. They are tasty on their own as well, as millions of Chinese people will testify.
  7. To Go To China Or Not ... Help!

    GO! GO! GO! If you were my kid, that's what I'd tell you. Eating plain rice and vegetables would hurt you at all for just one month. You can work it out. Don't let fear guide your decisions. Educate yourself and GO!
  8. Feeling Hopeless

    It is very gradual. I noticed recently that after three years of gluten-free life, I haven't had a bathroom issue in a long time. I go, I'm done, I don't think about it again. The ridges in my nails are almost completely gone. My face has a shape now. I don't look like a blob in pictures. Lots of small things that have become consistently better and better. I don't feel exhausted much anymore. I did give up dairy and all the processed gluten-free goodies for about a year. I was very strict about the dairy and not so much with the goodies all the time. I did have my gall bladder out in year two. I still have b12 shots and iron infusions. But I don't have any other food issues. It's frustrating. We've all been there. I kept reminding myself I was sick for 10 years, so maybe allow half that at least to get better. Three years seems like a long time, but I'm glad I stuck it out. Hang in there!
  9. Had To Share

    Dip your Glutino pretzels in it. mmmmm!
  10. Never Had A "last Meal"

    I have thought of that, too. I remember leaving the drs office SO FREAKING GLAD that something so simple was what made me sick for so long. I would have had an everything bagel from my local bakery, but oh well.
  11. I'll give it another try. I didn't care for it before because it was too sweet. Green's I had to pitch--painfully because it was $8!
  12. Pizza Crusts

    Potato starch is a fine sub for tapioca. I like Irish Dave's recipe BUT I always let it rise overnight in the fridge. It makes a much better dough for me. I coat with olive oil and put in a big bowl. I take it out and let it warm for a half hour. I use parchment to roll it out on and spray it with olive oil--like Pam. It's not sticky and it's not all coated with flour. I have a handy little silicone roller I use, but I don't think that is essential. I prebake the crust at 425 for about 15 minutes and then lower the heat to 350 to finish the baked pizza. Good luck! I have three kids, so making pizza IS essential for us.
  13. I've been having them for a while now. Iron injections aren't too common here in the US anymore. Before every infusion, they gave me two Tylenol and two Benadryl. The first one I had was iron dextran and I had a reaction. I started itching and they stopped it and gave me more Benadryl. It was fine, the reaction stopped, but I had to have a different drug. The second one I had was iron sucrose (Venofer). It takes about an hour and half to infuse. I would have to have one a week for 6 to eight weeks depending on how low it was. After it was over, I waited 6 weeks and had my level drawn. Sometimes I would have to start a new series right away, sometimes I would come back in six more weeks to check it. The newest drug they've tried is Fereheme. No pre-meds, and it's pushed in over a minute. I had two of them one week apart. It can lower blood pressure, but it only lowered mine slightly. I have to say I feel a remarkable difference with this drug. I haven't had a H/H yet, but I notice a big change. The downside is this drug is more than three times the cost of the others. Venofer was about $800 for eight treatments and Fereheme is $2700 for two treatments. But I have very resistant anemia, so if it can resolve it I guess that's what I'll have to use. Hope that answers your questions some.
  14. Unless you are really underweight, don't worry about the first trimester. Make sure you take your prenatal and whatever helps it get down and stay down. I ate a lot of Skittles with my first child and he came out fine. It can be difficult, but drink all you can. Being dehydrated can make the nausea so much worse, not to mention constipation. Best wishes for your growing family!
  15. This looks so good! I'll be making it this week, too.