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  1. I'm so happy to find this thread .... I was diagnosed with celiac disease in Sept. 2003. I've always struggled with weight but since starting gluten-free my weight has gone up considerably. I was diagnosed after a severe reaction (paralyzed stomach, daily vomiting, diarrhea, etc). I attributed my initial weight gain to just being able to keep food in me after two months of not being able to. But, the weight gain hasn't stopped. I'm looking for a good solution. When I spoke to my GI in February about my concern about my weight, she told me it's hard enough keeping gluten-free and I shouldn't worry about trying to diet on top of it - just to eat gluten-free grains in moderation. I tried and my weight still shot up. I tried Atkin's, figuring it was a good gluten-free solution. Initially I lost weight, but before the first two-weeks I hit a plateau. Worse than that, my boughts of diarrhea came back. I was pretty careful about avoiding gluten, so I was confident that gluten wasn't the culprit. I searched my Atkin's books and the Atkin's website and couldn't find references to Atkin's induced diarrhea. I finally gave up on Atkin's and gained back the weight I lost plus some. My next plan of attack is to find a nutritionist . . . but I'm not sure how to go about finding one that is knowledgeable about celiac disease. I'm finding that I tend to educate my doctor's about celiac disease more than they're educating me. Any suggestions on finding a celiac disease-knowledgeable nutritionist? Or, any other suggestions? Melissa