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  1. I tried multiple antibiotics and in the time that it took me to give them a chance to work, my acne went from terrible to just plain disgusting, and I still have scars all over my face and shoulders to show for it. I'm curious what your dermatologist cited as reasons for not prescribing it to celiacs? I was dx with celiac when I was 15, started Accutane right before I turned 18. I'm now almost 21. Just wanted to give you a time frame reference. Accutane is not a joke. The side effects are real, especially the joint pain. I used to wake up in the middle of the night feeling like my shoulders and hips were on fire. That being said, although the experience was rough, I would not even hesitate in the slightest to do it if I could do it over again. My dermatologist has literally put of thousands of people on Accutane, with 0 extreme complications. The change in your son's life will be well worth the ordeal. People just don't treat you well when you have severe nodular acne. To give you the other side, I have become more sensitive to certain foods since coming off Accutane. But I don't know if this is causation or correlation. About 4 months after I finished Accutane (and they say it stays in your system and continues working for months after you stop the actual pills), I started having weird stomach issues. I did a colonoscopy/endoscopy and they found one abnormal biopsy consistent with Crohn's Disease. They later retracted the diagnosis and said it was an immune response to an infection that had been cleared. So basically, I think Accutane was one of the best decisions I ever made. My mother believes it gave me Crohn's and arthritis (I had hip surgery last year, but I think that was because I had a longstanding running injury from cross country). But the fact that people aren't afraid to look at me anymore, the fact that no one turns away in disgust when they see mountains of hardened pus spewing all over my face under 2 inches of makeup, is worth it to me. Combine that with the fact that it has been proven that people discriminate against prospective job candidates with bad skin during interviews, and it is a risk worth taking in my opinion. Hope this helps you somewhat. Feel free to ask me more if you want to hear more from a teenager's perspective.
  2. Thanks so much for all the replies! I was really interested to see that other people have had the same reactions as I have. I think I might stop drinking alcohol (as much as it pains me haha) because it's just not worth the suffering. I am positive that my drinks are gluten free (I make them myself, in my apartment), so this just might be the way I will have to go on. If there's a truly special occasion, I might just pop some Immodium and go for it. If anyone has any other suggestions/similar experiences, I'd still love to hear them.
  3. Every time I drink alcohol, be it just a couple glasses of wine or a more greedy portion, I seem to get sicker. When I first started drinking, this never happened. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 4 years ago and have been on the gluten-free diet ever since. I should note that my reactions to everything overall seem to be getting worse (accidental CC, dairy make me feel much more awful these days than they did just a year ago.) Each time I drink alcohol, my body's response is more extreme. I'm in college, and I would like to be able to go out with my friends and have a good time. My response to alcohol is a tiny bit different than that to gluten. I get the same bloating, cramping, headache, stomach pain, and diarrhea as I do with gluten. However, my stools are a different consistency and less odorous after alcohol consumption (sorry for the gross details, but I really want to figure this out!) Last week, I drank on Saturday night and I did not start feeling normal again until Wednesday. I know there is no gluten in what I drink. I am very careful. Last week I had Bacardi rum and Cuervo tequila. A few weeks before that, I had white wine. The time before that, it was vodka. All of these are gluten-free, yet made me sick. It has gotten to the point where I am scared to drink, and it makes social events awkward. If anyone has had a similar experience, or has some idea of what's going on, I'd appreciate your input!
  4. My family and I went to the University of Florida hospital. They know what they are doing, did my endoscopy fine and diagnosed me right after.
  5. Blood Tests

    Hey all, I just started college this fall. I go to Johns Hopkins and all freshmen are required to buy a (really expensive) meal plan. Since I am spending so much on it, I try to eat almost everything at the dining hall. However, I feel like I am getting a lot of cross contamination by eating there. They keep rice waffles and rice bread for me, but I have to use the same toaster as everyone else, as well as the same ingredients for my sandwiches (lunch meat, cheese, veggies, etc.). I know that the Boar's Head meat and cheeses are gluten-free. I try to only eat things that I know what's in them (fresh fruit, veggies, plain rice), but it would not be hard for stray crumbs or flower to make their way over. I just feel generally crappy a lot of the time.I get some similar bloating and stomach pains that I used to before my diagnosis, only not as intense. I also have never lived in a fully gluten-free home. My mother didn't really believe that even a little bit of gluten could make me sick, and so she never got me separate butter dishes, toaster, etc. But I did feel a lot better when I lived at home and cooked all my own food. What I want to know is, is there a blood test that I can get to measure my gluten levels? I want to know if what I am eating is making me sick, or if something else is going on. Do I need to see a doctor to get this figured out? Can I get the blood test without a doctor's visit? Last year I "graduated" from my pediatric gastroenterologist - they said that I only needed to come back if I had any complications. But that doctor is back home. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Maya
  6. i don't have much time to work on getting a group together, but i would also love to attend a meeting. i live in gainesville as well.
  7. So I think I accidently got glutened today, but I'm not sure. My sister dropped her roll in my soup, but I ate it even though I thought I saw a few crumbs in it (I was being lazy and didn't want to go get a new bowl). I have stomach pains and I'm a little bloaty/gassy now, but I'm not sure if it's because of the gluten, or becaues I do actually get these symptoms occasionally for no reason. I started getting the pains about 2 and 1/2 or 3 hours after dinner. I'm not sure how long it takes for the body to start reacting to gluten. So I'm wondering if I have pain because of the minute amount of gluten I ate. If so, I will definitely try to be more careful in the future. Any insight would be great. Thanks guys!
  8. hey marta, i have an aim but not msn or icq. i have been thinking about getting msn though, so i probably will soon. I have been to England, France, and Russia and might visit Germany for a week this summer. My mother pointed out the other day that since we don't live in a really large city, you might get a little bored. Gainesville is only about 120,000 people or something like that. but we are 2 hours from Orlando, 2.5 hours from Tampa, and 1.5 hours from jacksonville. My parents are still considering whether or not they would let me do the exchange. My email is maya918@gmail.com. If my parents decide they will let me do it, and if I don't have a job, I would love to do the exchange. Talk to you later Maya
  9. I was diagnosed when I was 14, so it wasn't hard for me to handle on my own. My sister, however, was younger. My parents talked to her teachers before the school year started and explained about the diet, and not to let anyone give her food. When they knew she was having a class party or something, we would bake gluten-free cookies or brownies the night before and give her some of those to take. I don't think other kids would intentionally slip your son gluten if they knew about his problem. Some of my best friends, who are 16 and 17 and know all about celiac, forget all the time and just hand me food. So I suggest you teach your son not to eat anything he doesn't get from home. Good luck!
  10. My mom is Indian and we go visit every couple of years. I've met other celiacs, but never other Indian ones! well, I'm 1/2 Indian, but still. I've gone to India once since I was diagnosed. Basically I avoided most types of bread. But some North Indians use bajra (I'm not sure what that is in English, or if I spelled it right. It's a flour that a lot of poor people in India use, so my nani thought it was funny that I was eating it). Or I've also had chapatis made of corn (I think that's a Panjabi thing). Both of those taste pretty good, but the textures aren't the best. Dosas are gluten free too, if I'm not mistaken. Last time I went to visit, my aunt searched everywhere in Delhi for gluten free foods, but pretty much found nothing. Luckily you can eat dhal and rice and vegetables. I would also check online. If the shipping prices aren't too bad, you can get virtually anything mailed straight to you door. Hope this helps!
  11. Hi Marta. I am 16 also and I live in Gainesville, Florida, US. I'm a celiac too. I've taken 3 years of Spanish in school and I am on my 4th. I really love learning Spanish. I might be interested in the exchange. But I won't know about my summer plans until around February. It depends on whether or not I get the job I'm applying for. I don't know if February is too late to plan, but if you don't find anyone before that, and if I'm available, I would love to do it. Maya
  12. I was diagnosed with celiac over a year ago. although i got much better, i never went back to feeling completely normal. I frequently get extremely bloated and have stomach pain whenever I haven't eaten for about 3 hours. Or, if I eat a lot, I still get the bloating and pain. I now eat very small portions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and about 3 large snacks/mini-meals a day. This only limits the pain a little, it's still pretty bad. And I'm not sure if the way I'm eating is healthy either - should I be eating 5 or 6 small meals a day? Is this a part of celiac disease, or should I be worried? My MD says that it's probably nothing, but to be safe I took a hydrogen breath test last week and the results came out normal. My next appointment isn't for a month and I was wondering if anyone experienced/knew of these symptoms and how to treat them. Thanks.
  13. does anyone know of any other colleges with gluten-free dining options? i know it shouldn't matter, and my mom says that the place i choose should be based on other stuff, but it would be nice to have gluten-free food already cooked for me every day.
  14. Similar Interests?

    hey i like art and swimming as well. also i run, play soccer, and surf.
  15. yeah i feel really bead whenever we're eating out and the waiter has to go back and forth to the kitchen asking questions 50 times. do people really ask guys to brush their teeth before kissing? i didn't know that that could make that much of a difference. my doctor has never mentioned it. (i'm glad though because discussing dating and kissing with him would be incredibly awkward) is it a huge deal if i just let it slide?