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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. "The bun costs an extra $1.15 and comes individually packaged. Customers will have to assemble their own sandwich because Chick-fil-A kitchens are not gluten-free and this is the only way that chain can prevent cross-contamination. " The bold is mine. With this paragraph I don't think I will be trying anything there. Are we supposed to bring our own fillings?
  2. I think you need another GI. What did he say those positive, STRONG positive results were from if not celiac? If your GP is a good one you could ask if he will give you an official diagnosis if you go gluten free and those numbers go down. Your body is making antibodies in response to gluten. IBS, being overweight or being female doesn't cause those antibodies to go up. You mentioned that he is a military doctor, do keep in mind if you are active duty a diagnosis may result in a medical discharge.
  3. Try not to be too concerned. I am also in that group as are my adult children. Last nights BBT with Sheldon trying to decide on which game system to buy really hits home in a way that is much more humorous than was felt when dealing with it in reality. It is the differnces in people that make the world more interesting. Embrace yours without apology.
  4. Barry I am sorry some folks are giving you such a hard time. You are correct that this is not a group for only those who are celiac. It is a board for people to learn the ins and outs of being gluten free with celiac or gluten intolerance and their freinds and family That said I came back to this post because after giving it some thought I remembered I do have different reactions to barley malt than I do to wheat gluten. How did I find this out? By drinking a few sips of gluten beers after mowing my lawn a few times. After I was finally diagnosed. Was that a bit foolish of me, sure it was but the days were hot and the beer was there. Long story short, barley malt does not upset my stomach quite as badly as wheat gluten but it does something that a bit of wheat CC doesn't, it gives me terrible tooth and jaw pain. So yes it is possible that the symptoms you got from those couple of beers are different from what the symptoms might be if you ate a piece of cake. It took a while to get used to the taste but I find Redbridge to be toleralble and have tried a couple of the Green's beers. I didn't care for the dark one but the pale one was drinkable though expensive. The ciders like Woodchuck are also nice so perhaps give those a try. The ciders may be a bit easier to find.
  5. You may see some improvement in that time but the real test will be adding gluten back in if you do. I hope you do get some relief quickly and that your biopsy shows clear results. Do keep in mind that damage can be patchy and get missed so if the diet helps don't give up on it if the biopsy says no damage.
  6. OP Please don't let this scare you. If you feel the need do mention his thoughts to your doctor so the doctor can set your mind at ease.
  7. Your statement about painless D really resounded with me. For many years my D was painless and with no warning which caused a great deal of anxiety. Eventually the D did end up being preceded by cramps that increased in severity and would wake me almost every night. My GI stated that the waking with D in the middle of the night was a hallmark sign of celiac so if this is happening to you please make sure your doctor is listening when you tell him/her. IBS does not wake someone out of a sound sleep. I agree with the previous poster who advised consulting with a good endocrinologist. It is quite posible that you have more than one thing going on. I hope you get some answers soon.
  8. As a celiac my reactions to gluten are pretty consistant. The exception to that is when a gluten ingredient is combined with something else I am intolerant to for example soy. Perhaps you have more than one intolerance?
  9. Unless you have open sores on your scalp or the shampoo or dye gets in your eyes or nose you wouldn't be glutened by them. Did you ask your stylist if you could read the ingredients of the products she used? They may have been safe anyway. Sorry you are having such a hard time. Your plan to go back to eating just whole foods is a good one. If you eat gluten-free oats you may want to drop them for a while. Some of us will react to those even when certified gluten free. Hope your feeling better soon.
  10. Great that you found a good doctor at last. Hopefully you will heal quickly and do read the thread that C-lady advised. Ask any questions you needed. The gluten-free lifestyle can take some getting used to but the board is here to help you through the rough patches.
  11. You also could be having issues with casein which is the protein in dairy. After you have been doing well for a bit you could try adding in just hard cheeses daily for a week. If issues come back then likely casien is the issue as well as. or instead of the milk sugar, lactose. Hope you continue to improve it can be a puzzle at times when we have other intolerances thrown in with the celiac.
  12. With a gliadin result that high yes you are celiac. If your doctor is doing a biopsy keep eating gluten until that is done. If your doctor feels a biopsy isn't needed or you have chosen not to have one you can start the diet. Welcome to the club you never wanted to join and I hope you are feeling much better soon.
  13. Have they done an MRI on him yet? If so did they find white spots on it? These are suggestive of the lesions with MS but a spinal tap will not have the bands that are found with MS. I wonder if that is what they want to rule out. As far as the genetic testing goes there are research studies that have been done that show DQ 9 to also be a Celiac related gene. I had severe ataxia and I have 2 copies of it. Research on the white spots called UBOs (unidentified bright objects) and DQ 9 can be found on peer reveiwed sites. The research is fairly recent so your doctors may not be up on it yet, even though IMHO they should be. I would have been diagnosed years before I was if mine had known.
  14. Wegmans is great at gluten free. They have celiacs in the family and really know their stuff. Karen is correct that just plain meat will not be labeled gluten free. They also check carefully that their store brand items are safe. I once found a small container of nuts that had the gluten-free label but the large one of the same nut didn't. I called and asked why and was told they came from different sources and the large one had a chance of CC. So glad Wegmans is in my area!
  15. With your high blood results and villi blunting that could be seen even before the biopsies have been read you now know you are part of the club that no one wants to join. At least now you can go back to being gluten free and start healing. I hope you heal quickly and it must be a relief to now know what is going on.