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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Birmingham?

    I have beee Diagnosed since i was 2ish but i gave up the diet when i was 8 due to lack of infomation from the doctors to my parents, but i started again about 3months ago after a spell in hospital i never knew how serious coeliac was i was foolish not to be on the diet for so many years (17 of them). I've luckly not had to avoid dairy but i agree cross-contamination is so hard to avoid especially at work i now have my very own special toaster so i can avoid it. Have you found it easy to switch to the diet?? I did at the start but im getting there now i have even started baking cakes!! they taste so yumm...... Hope your feeling well..
  2. Wagammas (in Birmingham Uk)

    That sucks, I hate going into a restaurant and not being able to eat anything or only being able to eat the the most basic thing, Try Metro Bar and Grill the food is amazing and they have a massive range you could eat. Its down colemore row near the city center.
  3. Eating Out In Birmingham

    Hello, Last week my lady and i went out for a evening meal and a few bottles of wine, I have foud the most amazing restaurant its called METRO BAR AND GRILL they knew so much about the gluten free diet i could eat lots off the menu and if there was something i wanted such as beer battered cod & chip's they were willing to make fresh corn flour batter. I had steak and chips with fresh made pepper sauce my lady and sword fish both were gluten free streight from the menu they even had a triffel on the dessert menu that was safe to eat. If you live in the midlands i suggest trying it you will not be disapointed.
  4. Hello people hope everybody is doing well, Is there anybody from around birmingham on this site? im struggling to find gluten free beer in a bar is there such a place?
  5. Eating Late

    i've been on a strict diet for around 1 month and every time i eat late on a night about 7ish i wake up feeling sick and tired has anybody else had this problem or is it just me??? i try to eat early but working late and eating dinner at my desk does not help
  6. Maize?

    Indeed thank you both very much
  7. Employer Doesn't Get It

    Bosses are the worst i was in hospital this due to celiac and only had two day's off work first day back today and i have had a warning! because they thought i went out and got drunk yea i had a few drinks but i was tucked up in bed by 10:30. they just dont undertand do they
  8. Just Starting To Get Un-glued

    4th day here too it i'm finding it so hard just found some gluten free hair products they are helping with my head aches. Hope it starts getting better for you soon.
  9. im stuck on this one is it safe to eat maize and modifed maize starch?? i've looked every were and cant find anything out about it PLEASE help its in lots of things i eat??
  10. Beer, Lager?

    Thanks im on the way there now, gluten free beer im willing to try anything once.
  11. where do i stand with drinking beer? I know someone who is wheat intolerant and he drinks Budweiser. Does anyone know?
  12. Chinese? Can I, Cant I

    it is going to be a hard thing to get use to i tend to eat everything in sight. I think i will call up before i go out and see what the diffrent chinese's can do for me.
  13. Chinese? Can I, Cant I

    Is that a uk branch??
  14. Cross Contamination

    oh my god just read your advice i never knew cross contam was that bad, is that just for people that get really bad symptems or everybody??