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  1. I am now 20, but since I was 15 years old, I have been having terrible "attacks". The always happen at night, usually while I am sleeping, and they wake me up. the pain is excrutiating, makes me curl into fetal position, and is way worse than childbirth, in my opinion. Nothing calms the pain, and in about 2-3 hours, it just goes away. It feels like my whole stomach and back is just in huge knots ans spasms. I hae had tests done, but no test for Deliac disease, someone just mentioned it to me today. I have no food allergies that i know of, and I eat pasta, bread, cereal, etc all the time with no reaction. These attacks only come about once every 6 months. We first thought it was gallstones, but after several unltrasounds found out it wasn't. I can't make any real connection between the attacks and a certain kind of food, or medicine or anything! I am so lost, and the doctors have just said "we just don't know" and make me feel like i am over reacting. I would blame it on childbirth, but I certainly didn't have my baby at 15. Anyone know? Any help would be appreciated!!