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  1. Hi, I know there are a couple of support groups in St. Louis and Kansas City, MO, but living in Columbia we are half-way between both of them and it is a two hour drive either way. Does anyone know of contact people or support groups elsewhere in mid Missouri. I was diagnosed in December of 1997 and can't help but be so grateful for all the advances I have seen taking place in the six years I have been dealing with this. My adult daughter self diagnosed after several months of noticing similarities of her symptoms with what I had gone through, but our family dr. insisted celiac disease was so rare that she wouldn't test until my daughter in frustration just put herself on gluten-free food and found so much relief. So we have each other to bounce ideas off of, but another person or two would be nice. Claudette
  2. On the subject of cornbread, I just use the recipe in my old Betty Crocker cookbook and substitute corn flour for the wheat, add 1 more egg or egg replacer and some xanthium gum. Corn flour is like corn meal only finer and works well. Claudette
  3. This is the first time I have entered a message board although I was diagnosed 7 years ago at age 50. There are still days I walk past that doughnut and figure I am going to try it just this once, but I never do. Those first several months were really hard until I started collecting recipes specifically for us and after seven years of teaching myself how to cook all over again, my neighbors no longer make strange faces when I offer them some baked goods. You find out just how good those friends are at times like this. Mustn't give up. There are undoubtedly hidden glutens you are ingesting. I still can't believe how long it took to dawn on me that I couldn't eat malted milk balls!! A month is not long enough for you to see what a difference it will make...hang in there. Claudette