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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have issues with certain foods which vary, that make my stomach gurgle. I have celiac, so have been gluten-free for four years,eat very little lactose, and am very active. The issue occurs more frequently in the evening when lying down, or sometimes when I am in quiet meetings. I tend to not eat if I know that I will need to have a quiet stomach, which does help the issue. I'm not even certain there is a pattern to which foods cause the gurgles. Drinking hot peppermint tea seems to alleviate the issue sometimes. I am taking a probiotic daily and I am on the minipill for birth control. Is there any supplement I can take to alleviate this symptom? It is really a struggle for me! Thanks!
  2. Endometriosis

    Hi, I had a laparoscopy as well and a course of lupron. I did have two children and the symptoms returned shortly after the pregnancy hormones went away. The lupron really helped me the most. If it's bothering you enough to wake you up at night, getting it checked out is a good idea.
  3. Well, I'll experiment and see what I come up with....wish me luck! If it turns out I ll message the recipe!
  4. Hi, I would like to make scones, but I'm not much of a baker. Does anyone have an great recipes for scones utilizing an all purpose flour such as Bob's Red Mill? I'd love to mix fruit into them. Thanks!!
  5. Have you tried the coconut milk creamers? They are sold under the "So Delicous" label. I really like the flavor as a creamy substitue and have to have the bit of sweet in my coffee as well! http://www.turtlemountain.com/
  6. Tazo Tea

    I've never had trouble with any of their teas, and I am extremely sensitive. Have you eliminated dairy? That can be troublesome while you are healing for most people.
  7. Name Brand Foods Please....

    Flavorings is the red flag imo. I would call on that one.
  8. Glutened!

    I am 1 year into this and have been doing remarkably well. I think I've gotten too brave, because yesterday at Germanfest I asked about the brats (they were Usingers) and whether or not they had been boiled in beer. They were, but the manager offered to cook me one that wasn't in the beer. He came back, put it in a bun and handed it to me. Then I told him I couldn't have it and why, and he cooked me another one. Sure enough, in the middle fo the night last night I thought I was going to die!!! Major cramps and then D and sweats. I woke up this morning with a huge headache, but mostly better. I just want to be somewhat normal and eat fun food sometimes that is safe!! Any thoughts??
  9. Hi there, I am seriously considering going back on the SCD after about a year leave from it. I have celiac and found it to push me over the edge in the ehaling process last year. I was diagnosed about two years ago now (hey, my anniversary just passed!) and found ti so helpful. I am experiencing vague intolerances again. The motivation to go back on this diet is weak, though. Help!
  10. I have to agree with this post. I have endometriosis and it is alot like you have just described. I am on Nuvaring for three months on, 1 week off in order to control the symptoms. I did improve when I went gluten free, but the endometriosis still exists and can be quite painful to deal with. The only thing that keeps me regular is being on bc. I hope you figure this prob out! Molly
  11. That has happened to me and I have never linked it to gluten, but it was certainly during more stressful times of my life. I've seen spiders and bats. I'm not even scared of those things! Although the spiders have been pretty big! Interesting!! A also have not had one of those dreams since I have been gluten-free!
  12. I drink alot of peppermint tea, it seems to calm my stomach.
  13. Hi, I have made a recipe called "Cemetary Cake" for the second time now, and it falls in the middle. It comes out of the oven looking great, and in the next few minutes sinks in. Is there an ingredient to add that would make this not happen? I can post the recipe if that helps. It is delicious regardless, very moist. I used Pamela's baking mix for the flour and there is no dairy including eggs in it. Thanks for any help the baking divas/divos can provide! Molly