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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. My daughter's abdomen took about six weeks to go down, and it took about a year for her to feel consistently fine. Cutting out most overt dairy really helped at first. We did notice and improvement after about a week, but it has taken a long time for full health. She was 10 when she was diagnosed. HTH
  3. I can't eat much rice, especially brown rice. I can eat rice flour and some rice pasta. It seems the more it is processed, the more I am likely to cope eating it. I get sick, irritable and constipated! We now have lots of quinoa and buckwheat. Yum!
  4. Opinions From Horse Lovers/owners

    With our daughter and her ponies we practice strict hygiene rules. She washes her hands and under her nails straight after mixing feeds and gets them checked by me. Disposable gloves were ok for a while but not good for the environment, and her riding gloves ended up being very messy. I am less worried by it now though as we put our ponies on a gluten free diet to help with any CC that my daughter might get. Our hay is meadow hay and we also no longer use any oat or wheat products in the feeds, but are very cautious nevertheless.
  5. gluten-free Meal When Flying

    We fly with Emirates. Their meal service is very good and their gluten-free meals are really, truly gluten free. Oh and absolutely beautiful too. Yum, yum. They also do fruit platters and raw vege platters for the gluten-free vegetarian.
  6. I would, if I was you, get tested through Enterolab. Then I would get a new Dr. It sounds like your current Dr is not taking you seriously and would probably poo hoo Enterolab's results anyway. You could just do an elimination diet but it sounds like you need to know 'for sure' what your dietary issues are. I am the same where my kids are concerned, but am now gluten-free through elimination diet and then gluten challenge. (not pretty!!) Good luck in finding some answers.
  7. Throwing Up?

    I throw up when I have been well and truly glutened as well. Not so much when I haven't had much gluten.
  8. My daughter's staple was bread too. Sometimes I wonder if we eat what we shouldn't because our body craves it like a drug. She felt so great being gluten-free that she forgot about bread for the most part. Everynow and then she comments on how much she would like a 'soft' sandwich but her replacement food is just as nice and a whole lot better for her.
  9. You are most definately NOT CRAZY! My 11yo daughter reacts to less food than yours but has definate reactions which I am just now getting a grip on. She has been gluten-free for nearly a year and now after eliminating gluten I can finally see what it is she is also having trouble with. We have just been to a cafe that serves wonderful gluten-free food and she had a chocolate almond torte for dessert. She is well and truly reacting by pitching fits, telling me and her sister she hates us and generally being very emotional. I am now 100% certain she reacts to chocolate and by tomorrow she more than likely will have brain fog, be very lethargic and also have really bad acne. She also reacts this way to sugar and beef and rich tomato sauces. For what it's worth, I think it sounds like your daughter has a tremendous diet and it is great you can sneak in the B12.
  10. Hi Carrie. I also have a daughter similar to yours. She has never been a toe walker though, more a heel stomper! She (pre gluten-free diet) had emotional meltdowns, lived on bread and was not interested in any activity other than riding her pony. She also has sensory issues with clothes, noise and lights. My daughter was also diagnosed mild aspergers as well. We have had her gluten-free for 11 months and I would say that only now she is completely better from her high gluten, bread loving lifestyle. We noticed improvements almost straight away, but it has taken this long to fully recover. She is now a lot happier in herself, she still has the odd meltdown but they are short-lived and nowhere near as frequent. Her sensory issues are still there but she can now handle them. Her sore tummys are gone, she finally has grown (23cm in six months!) and she loves being gluten-free. She has also taken up karate, which I would never have believed this time last year. Stick with the gluten-free diet, don't cheat at all, anywhere, anytime. It really is worth it.
  11. Just Diagnosed & Work In A Bakery

    Until you can quit, can you wear a mask? Like a surgcial type mask, that will limit your intake of gluten?
  12. Sore Joints After Going Gluten Free

    Hi. I think it possibly could be happening because you are detoxing from gluten. It happened to me as well and took about a month to come right.
  13. Dyslexia?

    Hi. My daughter (11yo) is dyslexic, dysgraphic and possible Aspergers. She has a genius IQ too in spite of her zero digit span score and zero rote memory ability. She was diagnosed gluten intolerant six months ago and just last week was diagnosed dairy intolerant too. Since going gluten-free her learning has made a miraculous about-turn as has her behaviour. She still has foggy moments and her memory is not good, but overall her improvement is remarkable. Before her gluten-free diet her learning had started to decline and her behaviour was a shocker! Michele (new to posting on this board but a long time reader)
  14. Hi. I am a long time lurker, first time poster. My daughter bites the inside of her cheeks and lips. I have put it down to the mouth ulcers she used to have until the gluten intolerance diagnosis.