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  1. Just Need To Vent

    Thank you all so much for your replies. My husband took my test results to a doctor he works with(he works in medical records in a hospital) and the doctor said the IgA level was negative and that the ranges beside of it wasn't the right ones to go by but the ones to the IGG. My IGG was positive 33 and my IgA just has <20 so it is negative. The doctor said I may have had something for a while from both pregnancies and am now its going into remission and it could be nothing but simply pregnancy, that it can cause all kinds of weird things. Also he said I should request to have the test to determine exactly what may be causing my anemia. I've had it for years and never knew I could do that but he said they only do it if you request it. He said I may just not be absorbing iron. I am surprised the GI didn't even mention IBS. I always thought that if everything came back negative then that was their usual diagnosis. I still don't know what is wrong but I'm feeling better. Again thanks for all of your help!
  2. Just Need To Vent

    I called the doctor back and she said all of my labs were fine other than the anemia. I know better. Both gliadins where positive. She said no IBD on colonoscopy, no food allergy, just anemia and that I am fine. I know better. I think I may start the diet on my own and see for myself. I am so upset right now all I can do is cry. I'm right back to where I started, sick and no idea why. I can't afford to lose anymore weight. I am already underweight and depressed. I eat all the time, love food so something is going on. I have no idea what ingredients or things to avoid on the diet so any help right now would be appreciated.
  3. It has been two weeks since I had my blood work done and I called the GI's office Wednesday and she still hasn't called me back to let me know what they are or mean. I am getting very frustrated and depressed. I feel like I will never find out what is wrong and will always suffer. My appointment to follow up with her isn't until May 25th! I cannot and will not wait that long to find out if I actually have a disease or not. My opinion is if you can't be courteous enough to give a patient a call back about theirs results then do not tell them they may have a disease they will have for the rest of their lives! Its crazy and stressful for us. I guess I vented enough for now. Thanks for anyone that listens and hope your day is going great!
  4. I read somewhere I think yesterday about someone with Celiac or maybe just an intolerance that has to read the same paper about five times. I also do this except instead of doing the page a lot I have to re-read most sentences and if I travel with directions I have to read the paper the first 3-4 times I go to make sure I know where I am going. I never use to have to do this and I have been reading books constantly since I was about 12 and I am now 23. All of my symptoms started after I had my first child 2 years ago. Also starting a couple of months ago my left elbow will hurt and get real sore for days and this past week my right knee has been the same way. I have anemia, weight loss, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pains and cramps, headaches and sometimes in bed at night my left leg will tingle but not like it is going to sleep, and I get the urge to jerk it constantly. My GI thinks I may have Celiac and after blood work came back both of my gliadin antibodies were both high, not extrememly but high enough for a moderate positive. My antiendomysial came back negative. I think I read I can still be Celiac but if not then with both antibodies high that I more than likely have a gluten intolerance. Any replies would be greatly appreciated and I hope everyone is feeling well today!
  5. Hi jewlr22. I am not yet diagnosed but my doctor thinks I may also have celiac disease. I had both antibodies come back positive but the endomysial was negative. I'm still waiting on a call back from my doctor to see what this means. I have been reading a lot on this and I think there is a board about eating out and also you can go to the restaraunts websites and some have gluten-free menu's. The places so far that I have found with online gluten-free menu's are Wendy's, McDonalds, Outback Steakhouse, Chili's, Chik-fil-A, Steak N Shake and Burger King(has I think items containing wheat on their nutrition menu, not an actual gluten-free menu). If I do go on the diet my husband already says he will go on it with me. I think someone mentioned it is healthier than any diet. I am currently in a depression because it has been two years and even though I feel closer to finding out what is wrong with me, I also feel like we will never find out. I guess with the high antibody levels that I at least have a gluten intolerance, if not celiac. I hate the thought of going on the diet, but at least it is an answer and will get easier with time. Good luck and even though I don't know much, I hope I helped you some! Take care!
  6. Thanks for your replies. The doctor hasn't said anything. My husband got the results himself because he works in the hospital and has to pull patients labs all the time for their records. The doctor or her office has not called to let me know the results are back or what they are. I do not see the doctor again until May 25 which is a long time away for me. I may give her office a call tomorrow or Wednesday if they do not call me and ask if the results are back and what they mean. I just don't understand that if I have Celiac and it is bad enough for the antibodies to leak into my blood stream and be detected that the endomysial didn't detect anything. I guess it happens but it definately has thrown things off. I read that if its not the disease but just a food allergy then usually your Globulin will be high (or low, can't remember which for sure) but she had mine tested and it is within normal range, as is my albumin. Everything on my blood work is fine other than the anemia, and the Gliadin IgA and IGG. Thanks again for your replies...I just hate the wait when the appointments are so far way, its silly. Hope you are all doing well!
  7. Sorry but I forgot the major symptom...weight loss. My normal weight was always around 135-139lbs and my last doctor appointment I was 117lbs, 2 lbs less than the month before. Thanks again!
  8. I am new here and I have a few questions. I went almost 2 weeks ago for a colonoscopy to test for Crohn's Disease but the GI said before the procedure began that she bets I have Celiac and wanted blood work done. The colonoscopy came out fine, no Crohn's. I just got my blood work back...which was sent to Quest this time and not Promethus like my IBD blood tests were. There were: GLIADIN AB IgA - <20 H REFERENCE RANGE (0-5) UNITS GLIADIN IGG - 33 <20 units Negative, 20-30 units Weak Positive >30 units Moderate to Strong Positive Antiendomysial - Negative I know the endomysial is the best test for Celiac Disease but I also though that with both high levels of Gliadin could also mean you have it. My symptoms have been some diarrhea but not daily, constipation, stomach cramps, bloating, some rectal bleeding but bright red and not very often, painful bowel movements, iron-deficiency anemia which is currently down to 9.8, stomach tenderness (no one can put any pressure on my lower abdomen) and loud stomach grumbling. I honestly was expecting the endomysial to come back positive because of the other two high levels but in a way I am glad it didn't, but also I'm kind of upset that it didn't because now I may be back to square one of not knowing what is going on. I was dying that the thought of the diet and giving up my favorite foods but at least I would have finally known what is causing my problems. I don't see the GI again until May 25th. Anyone know if there is anything else that causes the positive Gliadins other than Celiac? I know its still possible that I have it but just curious. Thanks!