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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Fabulous French Bread Recipe

    I made it and it came out pretty good. Could use a little more salt for my taste. It wasnt quite as airy and chewy as I was hoping for. From what I understand the tapioca flour will help with this. I ended up using 1 cup of the bobs red mill all purpose stuff in place of it (didnt feel like opening the potato flour) lol. Do most asian and indian food stores carry bulk flours? I just got another fridge, so Im wanting to make a crapload of baked goods and freeze them!
  2. Fabulous French Bread Recipe

    I'm going to try making this today. I don't have tapioca flour so I'll be using potato starch. lets hope that works! I also just bought white rice flour from the ethnic section at my wegmans. The bags say produced in a facility that produces wheat products. I can eat the walmart seasoned fries that say this too, with no reaction. Anyone have issues with these flours? I plan on hitting up my asia food store and seeing if they have the flours I will need. I got lucky and bought out a closing health food store on mixes @ 50% off! Bobs red mill mixes were $2.25 a bag! I got like $80 worth of them lol. Ill report back later.
  3. Ive had the price chopper rice crips.. Me and my gluten-free love the cheddar and the sour cream and onion.. They make some interesting sandwiches too! The other brand.. not so sure about. I also noticed price chopper has "crispy crowns" the flat looking tater tot things.. those are pretty good with a bit of taco seasoning or season salt sprinkled about.
  4. Unemployed, Unable To Work, And Stuck In A Rut.

    Thanks, Im eating my sorrows away with a grilled turkey sandwich covered in jalapeno jack cheese! and some tomato basil chips.. MM I have a meeting tommorow with dss! How do you guys take care of the late night cravings? Sometimes I get incredibly hungry.. and dont "fill up" Im a big guy 6'7" 185lbs and (was) fit.
  5. For the last 10 months my life has been extremly hectic. The last day I worked was jan 1st I resigned from my job on 3/6/07 I have been unable to work, or do much at all due to chronic fatigue, chest pains, muscle aches, and ear aches. Im going to assume these are related to mono/cfs and celiac. Because of this Im writing this post over a period of a few days (easier on my head) I supported myself for two months after resignation.. then my now x gluten-free who happens to be wealthy supported me up until now. I was denied disability two months ago and dont have the energy to file an appeal.. Im finally on food stamps, and should be receiving medicare starting this week. My rent should be paid for the next two months (shes being nice and still helping). Im just overly concerned about my health and wellbeing. Saturday I was woken by the x.. complaing that she cant do this anymore (the minimum payment on my CC bounced in her checking account and she couldnt pay for breakfast with her new "rich" bf) I ended up on the crisis hotline for my city an hour later. Which, I had to keep some stuff bottled up b/c I cant afford any more bills. In the past three months ive become depressed due to inability to work, or maintain some form of schedule for a week. Im always tired, will sometimes sleep for 14 hours, or 4 hours. I want nothing more than to wake up tommorow, and be f***ing normal. I went from living a upper/middle class lifestyle to not having a vehicle, being on food stams, medicare, and hopefully temporary assitance. Its difficult for me to grasp the way my life has changed. Im stuck in a three bedroom apartment that is too big for one person. Im extremly disgruntled at the fact this is being so hard for me to get some form of insurance, and assitance.. Ive been needing vitamins for the past three months which I cant afford. Sometimes I only eat twice a day due to the depression... Anyone know if vitamins can be purchased with food stamps? Whats the quickest way to get assitance/disability. I dont have family in new york state, all reside in kansas. Im curious if any of you are on disability because of chronic fatigue syndrome and celiac.
  6. Copper Turret - Morrisville Ny

    The Copper Turret in Morrisville is an excellent place to eat! My girlfriend goes to suny morrisville for equine sciences... She mentioned the copper turret was ran by the restraunt management students. I called to ask if they would be accomadating. I quickly found out they have a number of gluten free customers! I bring my own bread/buns Ive had burgers, grilled chicken, and ceasar salad with chicken. The french fries are hand cut and fried in a dedicated fryer! Ive had fries a dozen or so times! They are excellent!
  7. Good Celiac Doc In Upstate Ny?

    Exact location is Binghamton NY thanks!
  8. Good Celiac Doc In Upstate Ny?

    Im gonna need a new doctor. I left my old one when I lost my insurance, from my job. I read the list of reasons to get a new one.. Thought it was rather truthfull. Where can I look for one?
  9. New Celiac ( I Think ) Need Help!

    Peanut oil. To clean a wok you can use a bamboo whisk or a plain old sponge. Never anything abraisive or any soaps.
  10. New Celiac ( I Think ) Need Help!

    Carbon steel wok is great, Ive got a hammered wok Ive made omelletes in it before. I would just use a fine steel wool and hot running water to wash it. If you have a gas stove available burning a high temp oil on the wok is the best seasoning method. Otherwise a few hours in an oven with oil rubbed on it often is good too.
  11. New Celiac ( I Think ) Need Help!

    Alright Im struggling with some items Should I be concerned with high quality olive oils? Fresh cheeses? proccessed cheeses? helluva' good cheeses? I dont drink much soda, but I love root beer. gluten-free soda? Mayo, condiments? Cocoa mixes? What are items I shouldnt be concerned about? My gluten-free (Edit: Har har, supposed to be girlfriend. Not gluten free) and a friend had some cocoa the other night, they used coffee mugs that I use also, A thourough cleaning should be fine? Im ocd when it comes to cleaning stuff..... I would assume I cleaned my plates, bowls, and mugs well enough? Lastly, I do have a stand mixer I use for mixing things. It was used to mix stuff w/ gluten. I have scoured my steel bowl very heavily. I would assume its ok? (Also cleaned attatchments etc) Hopefully I will make a list of gluten-free items I need to keep about for cooking. This will make my shopping so much easier! Sorry for the disorganized posts, I was out bowling all night! (woohoo)
  12. New Celiac ( I Think ) Need Help!

    Ugh, another 11 hour night of sleep. Still tired NoGluGirl, As far as the chinese good goes, if you miss it alot make some! A decent round bottom wok can be had for $20. Get yourself some gluten-free tamari sauce, sesame oil, and your ingredients.. I make huge batchs of diffrent dishes and freeze them for later. So far its working very well. I dont miss fast food. Havent had it in 4 years or so. Speaking of quick meals, Its probabbly time I buy a microwave Yep, Im the one insane american who doesnt own a microwave. Now that I thought of the gluten being in fresh meats. Most bulk boxes of chicken and pork have the meat resting in a water solution. As for beef products that are whole, and not processed I have never seen a water brine. They are usually cryo-vac'd. I used to purchase all my meats from large food vendors in bulk. I think Ill be doing that again. Heh, I remember a few weeks ago when I started giving stuff away I wouldnt be using. I gave away about 25# of diffrent flours, cookie mixes, bread mixes, etc. etc. My friends were happy My task next week..... gluten free corndogs! Hrm, Im also going to need a new fish breading... I used to use crushed up frosted flakes.. sounds weird.. but it was yummy. Emcolby: My gi doc, or my general doc. Didnt know much about celiac either. Do we have any conventions or get togethers? where ideas / recipes are swapped? food is shared? Id love to go to something like this.
  13. New Celiac ( I Think ) Need Help!

    awesome little list! I started one myself, So far the only thing I really miss is breads, and eating all sorts of diffrent goodies. Is gluten really in things like fresh meats? Whats a good generic brand of rice cereal? I was getting some stuff from the health food store but its expensive. Most things I make from scratch, salsas, dressings, etc. Rice cakes are those gluten-free? (Ill cry if I cant have them with peanut butter. Im probabbly in the wrong section to keep asking this stuff, so Ill make another post what exactly causes celiac? Stress? Heres my two cents, Im irish, I love to drink on stpattys day. I dont drink regularly, Maybe a bottle of wine every other week. I woke up at 7am for eggs and keggs at a local pub in scranton. I drank all day. Stayed hydrated and was eating.... Is was the beginning of busy time at work, So I was very stressed, one of my coworkers was out for a few weeks, more stress. I had just started cycling into work 20 miles in, 20 out. 200 miles a week going to work. stacked onto my weekend rides. (only 50 more than usual) drinking? stress? eating alot of gluten foods? I didnt feel bad until around that time. I would get sick 3-5 times every winter for the past 4 years it seemed. Do more women have it then men? (the majority of you replying seem to be women) What about your friends, and what they eat? I have alot of get togethers. Usually somebody orders a pizza. If I just stay away from it? Have them use paper plates? Gah!!! This is more work than yelling at a prep cook! Lastly, Is it possible for celiacs to work with gluten? Ive got the bad feeling Ill never set foot in a "gluten kitchen in a restraunt" again. Ok, now im getting hungry! Im off to eat some gluten free enchiladas I made!
  14. New Celiac ( I Think ) Need Help!

    Yes, I had the biopsy results about a month ago. I dont use non stick pans. I did replace all my stainless. I cleaned my wok and reseasoned it. Still need to get some new cast iron. But I havent used it. What about me washing her gluten pans? She has two nonstick pans that she cooks in.. I always do the dishes, Do I need to wear gloves? Use diffrent sponges? Just tell her if she eats it, she cleans it? I havent really checked my soap n such... Wow thanks for the quick replys Its starting to affect my personal life too, I never want to do anything. My other half complains alot thinking I just dont wanna go bowling, etc. I m just too tired and achy. As for feeling better w/o glutens. I dont have the abdominal and chest pains that feel like Im being impaled on a broomstick Ill need to follow my diet better. I had some pizza last week, and snagged a bite off some breaded chicken from my fiance. Im thinking I should ask her if she would do it with me. Ive started making ALOT of food at once and keeping some frozen. I have a high metabolism and eat alot, all the time. So I used to eat alot of cold salads, and sandwiches. Which is tough now. I need to find some snack ideas. I usually eat some kind of beans, or fried rice as a snack. What are your sorethroats and achy glands from? currently, Its going on 3 weeks gluten-free, with two gluten "accidents" How can I get her to better understand that I just dont feel good at all? Lastly, Once I get better - I might look into opening a gluten free bakery and restraunt. Anyone in upstate NY?
  15. Anyone Around Albany Ny?

    Im in binghamton NY. Close enough.