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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Chestnut Flour

    Google Lee Williams of Moses Lake, Washington he sells chestnut flour and other chestnut products, his quest to propagate the chestnut tree on his Trails End Ranch in the Northwest quadrant of the United States. Sorry I am on vacation and have a slow internet connection other wise I would give you more info.
  2. I went to see a homeopath and she immediately put me isocort but without taking a blood test, I have decided to stop taking the Isocort (I started taking Dec 11th it is now Dec 16th) I am having blood tests on Friday Dec 19th. My question is will the Isocort effect my blood test results. Chris
  3. Be aware that 7 days may not be enough you may go through withdrawal (flu, chills, headache, body aches) for 8 days like I did, so you may consider 12 days, I felt like a new person on my 9th day. As far as testing I chose Dr. Fine
  4. have been gluten free for 16 months and when I make a mistake and get sick exercise exacerbates the pain, I can't get out of bed for 7 days without a wave of nausea and pain coming over me, the second week I can't sit in a car or at my desk and have to stand, the 3rd and 4th week I still have problems with fatigue and pain, all of it is related to my guts being pinched from being bent over of the movement from exercise. With that being said I try to get back to my exercise as soon as possible, I can only imagine what you are going through if you have not been gluten free yet.
  5. China Travel

    I thought I might share some of my experiences traveling in China on a gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free,corn free, rice free, walnut free, sesame free, etc diet. It is possible!! I am seven days into a 16 day trip that will take me to most parts of China. My tricks are cans of sardines in olive oil for the just in case meals For those days you are stranded and the long plane trip and a good English speaking Chinese agent ($25.00 day). The whole reason for this short story is to start a conversation with Celiacs who confine themselves to their homes. I will not let my diet problems limit my travel !!!! Good luck and God Bless
  6. [ The good news is my husband was diarrhea free after 3 days on the diet. He had a few beers 5 days into the diet and now says he will never drink another. He had cramps, nausea and the diarrhea was back. My overwhelming fatigue is almost gone. I was having trouble getting through the day at work and I would have to go to bed as soon as I got home. I'm hoping this will help the psoriasis also. I think, my daughter must be feeling better too because she is right into looking up foods and will not eat anything with gluten in it. Has anyone had remission of the arthrits or psoriasis on the gluten free diet. Right at the moment, after 10 days gluten free, I am almost feeling that I am having a flare of my psoriasis. It is geeting very red and painful. But it might just be the cold weather. Any info on RA or psoriasis and celiac disease is appreciated.
  7. Consider sugar and a yeast problem to be connected and try reading on Candida and the use of a probiotic along with avoiding sugar for a few weeks to a month. In addition I can tell you that I experienced all your symptoms and more and they have all gotten better or are gone on a gluten-free diet.
  8. I have been for the most part gluten-free for 11 months and have been having weeks that I feel better than I have for 22 years, however I accidentally consumed some gluten two weeks ago and the abdominal pain I had was intense, so bad that if I sat at a chair or drove my car I would get a wave of pain that was debilitating. I don't know if anyone else has this happen but all I can tell you is what happens to me.
  9. Has anyone suggested www.enterolab.com for tests my family has had good results. I have friend who took his daughter to Seattle childerens hospital where his daughter finally got a diagnosis, the doctor then tested the whole family, the mother and another daughter were also positive. Trying the diet for at least two weeks is the best test.
  10. I know it's hard but I would also eliminate other possible problem foods for at least two weeks since you could not only be having gluten problems but others also. Go to www.finerhealth.com and read. If you have some positive results and want some professional help then make an appointment with a registered dietitian as it helped me. If you want some tests I and my family have had good results with enterolab. Just remember tests can only rule the disease in not out. Diet will be your best test.
  11. My cousin's acne cleared up on a gluten-free diet it was an unexpected bonus, she now looks like the Dove lady. In addition My uncle (her father) and my brother have had other skin problems clear up on a gluten-free diet.
  12. I had my doubts about the test and the low scores I received but the improvements in my life after finding all my food intolerances has been dramatic. Gluten being the most severe. I believe elimination of gluten for at least 4 weeks will confirm Enterolab results. The person who mentored me is the President of the Montana Celiac society; she told me that the diet would be the best test. I needed more so I did Enterolab and waited seven weeks to start the diet until I got the results back; in retrospect I suffered needlessly and should have started the diet immediately after sending in my test. I went through 8 days of withdrawal and on the 9th day started feeling better.
  13. I believe all oats are contaminated with gluten except I believe seeing a from a company in Ronan Montana that claims to be gluten-free.www.amazinggrains.com/ My cousin and I are not able to tolerate even these oats. My list looks like yours but just a little longer. (add sesame seeds, onion powder, and strawberries etc..) Good Luck