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  1. Thanks sweetie and jen. I am really getting into this I just baked a loaf of bread and I had never done that before (gluten-free or otherwise). It looks and smells soooo good. She is doing a little better. She had a really decent stomach today. She had her usual upset but not as bad. We were really excited that this is working already. We have been prepared for the worst since the dx and this is soooo great!!!! Of course we talked about the long road ahead but a little milestone is what we needed right now and we are very happy. In fact she is at her house hanging out with friends tonite. She has cancelled so many gatheriings because she has felt so awful I am really glad to see her doing so well. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind to me during this very emotional and stressful time. bignate
  2. I can't remeber which thread I read about stuffing in, but... I had bought some rice bread (my girlfriend is newly dx'd) and needless to say I found it to be sub-optimal for texture...I thought it felt and tasted stale...but what better use for stale bread than stuffing! I just cubed it and mixed in eggs, margarine, spices and parm cheese and threw it in the oven. I do not have celiac disease, but man was it hard to keep my nibbling hands off of that stuffing. I wanted to save as much as I could for my girlfriend and most gluten-free food is really expensive so I try not to eat her stuff when there are other things around, but man this is good stuff. I guess this is not a recipe since I kind of cook by the seat of my pants, but you could make this too. Just eye it up Oh and to make sure proper credit is given - I read a thread here that talked about making stuffing out of gluten-free bread. So that author deserves the credit
  3. Wow - thanks everybody! We are actually feeling a little better today. I made some gluten-free stuffing out of rice bread and baked gluten-free brownies. She had some veggies and such for lunch with the above and I have a really big dinner planned. She seems happier already. I hope I didn't come off sounding like I was mad at her. I guess I just want her to be serious about this and she is not entirely ready. But again - what a difference a day makes she was actually laughing a little bit when I told her "no more something or other"...it was a tired laugh, but I'll take it! However - thank you all for your posts, you have all been very nice.
  4. Hello all! I just joined today. My girlfried was diagnosed last week and we've had some stressful times since then. I have been reading furiously and reading labels and surfing the net. I bought a gluten-free cookbook and printed out a lot of recipes on-line. I just got back from the health food store and bought a bunch of gluten-free foods for her. My only grumble is (and I am just posting to vent/sympathize )...she has done nothing about it yet. She *is* reading labels and really just eating fruit right now...but mostly she is complaining about getting screwed with this disease. Not that I blame her. I would be displeased to say the least. And I am trying to be supportive but it would be a lot easier if she could pitch in and help with this huge lifestyle adjustment we are making. I am not gluten-free except when we are together, but she doesn't even know half the things she needs to know nor does it seem like the term "trace-amounts" is sinking in. I hope this is just an initial shock phase and she comes around to understand the severity of her disease...I mean god, she has been so sick for so long and now when we can finally "fix" it, she has crawled into an irritable depression. I can only assume she will feel a lot better when I get all the gluten out of her. Ok I feel better now...time to make gluten-free brownies for TV nite tomorrow. Take care everyone!