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  1. I have a condition known as dermographia (skin writing). Pressure or varying temperature on the skin causes hives to occurr. I have to take antihistimines before bed and when I awaken. Gluten gives me IBS. I've suspected that it may have something to do with dermographia as well, but my dermotologist says "No". I just had a blood test for Celiac and the IgA returned positive. I know there are a number of different IgA readings, so I'm not sure if it means anything ... or what to do next. Has anyone heard of dermographia being related to Celiac? I'm new to this board and would appreciate any response.
  2. My doctor notifed me that my labwork "showed positive gliadin peptide IgA but negative IgG. The tissue transglutaminase is negative." What does all this mean if anything? Is Celiac disease possible? Would further testing be waranted?